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The Demand For Functional Textiles Is On The Rise, And The Keqiao Textile Expo Will Lead The New Trend.

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Functional TextilesKeqiao Textile Expo

With the constant change of domestic consumption concept, textile products with functional and fashionable products are more and more popular among consumers. In order to meet the increasing consumption demand of consumers, developing functional textiles that can meet various needs, personalization and high-end has become one of the mainstream trends in the development of high quality industry.

It is reported that in our country, the production of functional textiles started in the early 1980s, when the varieties were single, such as thermal insulation, antistatic, waterproofing and fire prevention, their materials mainly depended on imports, and consumers were also a few specific groups. With the deepening of reform and opening up and accession to the WTO, China's functional textiles industry has developed rapidly, from independent research and development to large-scale production, has become a new force in the textile industry.

The "2019 China Shaoxing Keqiao International Textile Fair", which is thickly planted in the textile industrial cluster base, was held in Shaoxing Keqiao in from September 28th to 30th. On the basis of many dimensions, this Textile Fair has built a diversified, win-win and dynamic Keqiao textile industrial ecosystem. It has 1400 booths, 552 exhibitors, and an exhibition area of 25 thousand square meters. The main exhibits are textile fabrics (accessories), home textiles, creative designs, etc. Among them, many companies participate in the exhibition with a variety of functional fabrics, bringing the most advanced functional textiles development trend to the industry.

Shaoxing Yu Ming Textile Technology Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: D082) It is a company specializing in the design, production and sale of post process fabrics, and is located in the promotion building on Hu Dong road. The company's main fabrics are: bronzing fabrics, PU fabrics, down garment fabrics, shiny fabrics, fashion fabrics, etc., and have accumulated rich experience in the down fabric technology and post processing field.

The director of the booth introduced the reflective fabric products to reporters.

In this exhibition, Shaoxing Yu Ming Textile Technology Co., Ltd. focused on the introduction of reflective fabrics, PU fabrics and other products, at the exhibition is very eye-catching, on the first day of a good response. The director of the booth introduced to the reporter: "nowadays functional fabrics are popular. Taking reflective fabrics as an example, combining them with the down jacket style, not only has a sense of future fashion, but also has a certain protective effect on the reflective properties."

It is understood that Shaoxing Yu Ming Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly domestic sales, and focuses on the research and development of fabrics after down jacket, of which bronzing and PU are their main technology. The company also has a complete set of processing technology, self built textile factory, fabric dyeing and finishing base, 250 high-speed looms, 30 advanced dye vats.

Shaoxing three Chuan Textile Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: D081) Founded in 2005, it is a modern trading company specializing in developing and selling high-grade and high-grade shirt fabrics and garments. The company has its own R & D team. Its products include: cotton, CVC, TC, Tencel, modal, printing, rotten flower, flocking and so on, and uses its own advantages to develop the shirt garment market.

The person in charge of the booth introduces the clothing products to customers.

This Textile Expo, Shaoxing three Chuan Textile Co., Ltd. brings the functional shirt fabric composed of differentiated fiber fabrics, yeser fiber, coffee carbon fiber, jade fiber and volcanic fiber, and is displayed in the form of ready-made clothes and fabrics. The person in charge of the booth also introduced the latest products: "coffee carbon fiber, for example, has natural and environmental characteristics, feels smooth and waxy, feels soft and comfortable, has a good sense of draping and soft color, and has excellent functions of deodorization, warming up, heat preservation, moisture absorption and breathability. It can satisfy consumers' demands for environmental protection, health and comfort. "

It is understood that three rivers and textiles have both internal and external sales. In recent years, especially in Eastern Europe, South America and other international markets, good results have been achieved. The annual export volume of fabrics is nearly 6 million meters, with sales of nearly 100 million yuan. In addition, the company has worked with Hai Lan home and other fast fashion men's clothing, but also registered three clothing brands in Australia to expand its business layout.

Shaoxing Xun Er Textile Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: A028) It is a foreign trade enterprise which mainly produces jackets, down garments, surfing clothes and other fabrics. Every year, the company is actively looking for new products. In the first half of this year, sales increased by 30% compared with the same period last year.

The person in charge of the booth introduces the hot fabric products to reporters.

It is reported that this is the sixth time for Xun Er textile to participate in the Expo, with an area of 58 square meters. "Spring Asia textile series", "nylon spinning series" and "colorful series" are the main products of this Expo. The director of the booth focuses on the nylon fabric, which is reported to reach 250 thousand meters in May alone. As a new style of fancy and casual fabric, nylon fabric is a good material for developing casual wear. "This kind of fabric is dyed by dyed factories, and then repeatedly calendering with single oil surface to achieve a more luster effect. It has the advantages of new appearance, comfortable clothing, wrinkle free, and soft. At present, we are still mainly accepting export orders, and domestic sales are starting. We expect that the latter effect will be good. "

In addition, he also said that these classic fabrics are mainly aimed at Italy, the Middle East, Turkey, Lebanon and other foreign businessmen, hoping to further maintain the new and old customers with the quality platform of Keqiao Textile Expo, and pave the way for the later development.


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