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Can "Product + Culture + Experience" Capture More Consumers' Hearts Again?

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When YOUNGOR group was founded 40th anniversary, Li Rucheng, chairman of the board of directors, said in the letter to shareholders: "the forty are not confused". In the prime of life, YOUNGOR, our young team is describing the vision of the next 30 years at the same time, summarizing and reviewing the course of development in the past 40 years. We will never forget our original intention. We should take "creating international brands and centenary enterprises" as the grand goal of enterprise development. We must uphold the business philosophy of opening up and strengthening the balance, combining tradition and innovation, giving consideration to efficiency and fairness, and bringing together talents and undertakings. In the hundred years of the world change, we will give full play to YOUNGOR's strengths and build YOUNGOR into a world-class fashion group around the trinity of "intelligent manufacturing, intelligent marketing and ecological technology".

To build YOUNGOR into a world-class fashion group is another new goal that YOUNGOR established after 3 years ago when Li Rucheng shouted "five years of reinvention of YOUNGOR".

Towards world-class fashion groups

Before that, YOUNGOR has accomplished many small targets: from the cooperation with 5 top world fabric producers, to the YOUNGOR intelligent factory last year, to build the leading digital suit shop in Asia, and to build a smart sales platform, to connect online and offline, and to join the A100 strategy at the beginning of this year. The two sides have fully co operated from three main lines of business, technology and intelligence, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanshan business in May this year. In June, they opened the first "workshop shop" in Hangzhou.

"The biggest change of YOUNGOR this year is to return to the main garment industry." Hu Ganggao, executive deputy general manager of YOUNGOR group, talked to reporters about the group's work over the past year. As an old textile and garment enterprise, YOUNGOR has formed the three pillars of brand clothing, real estate development and equity investment as its main business. A few years ago, YOUNGOR had proposed to return to the main garment industry, which is now proceeding in an orderly way. YOUNGOR listed companies have begun to divestiture real estate and investment projects in the past year, retaining only some long-term strategic investment projects such as Ningbo bank. The new investment projects no longer enter the listed companies, and the listing sector is very clear about the operation of fashion brands.

"In the future, YOUNGOR, a listed company, is a pure garment enterprise." According to Hu Gao Gao, on the basis of nurturing and developing 5 brands of YOUNGOR, MAYOR, Hart Schaffner Marx, HANP and CEO, YOUNGOR also intends to acquire some European and American international brands. The future planning is very clear, and we will continue to develop in the future. We will boost YOUNGOR to build a world-class fashion group through multiple efforts.

Continuously optimize the layout of hemp industry chain

In today's increasingly diversified consumption and differentiation, the core competitiveness of YOUNGOR lies in its complete industrial chain, from raw material production, fabric weaving, garment processing to terminal sales. Especially in the development of raw materials, hemp is YOUNGOR's own research and development of green environmental protection materials, has been the group's key promotion products.

According to Zhang Guojun, chairman of Ningbo hemp Biotechnology Co., Ltd., since the end of last year, there has been a burst of speculation about the concept of industrial hemp in the capital market. But the hype of the concept is only temporary. The development of hemp is a long-term undertaking. We need to constantly develop and perfect it, and let the public recognize its role. Hemp is a treasure body with broad market prospects. Over the years, YOUNGOR has grown up in the field of hemp and has developed a complete set of equipment for the extraction and improvement of hemp fibers. It has built the world's only hemp whole industrial chain, breaking through many technical bottlenecks restricting the development of hemp industry, and gradually being recognized by all sectors of society.

When it comes to YOUNGOR's layout of the hemp industry, Zhang Guojun said that after 10 years of exploration, YOUNGOR's application to hemp will not only be in the field of textile and clothing, but also will enter into home decoration, plate and other fields.

First, "workshop shop" to explore new retail

In shaping the core competitiveness of the road, YOUNGOR actively explore the first "workshop shop". According to Wang Qing, the brand director of YOUNGOR fashion department, the name "workshop shop" was originally used to highlight YOUNGOR's exquisite workmanship in product manufacturing and the high cost performance advantage brought by the whole industry chain production.

As we all know, YOUNGOR starts with the production of traditional business clothes, compared with other brands in the fashion trend and popularity speed control, the biggest competitiveness of "workshop" is embodied in the technology and connotation of products. "Whether it is product design, version, or fabric, craft, etc., YOUNGOR is in a sincere heart, with high quality products to create the price of close to the people to attract and retain consumers." Wang Qing said.

Distinguished from previous YOUNGOR's traditional stores, the first shop YOUNGOR&SPACE of "workshop shop" is located in recent years, which is popular with "80" and "90" favored shopping mall. It integrates space, display and experience as an integral whole, trying to create a new platform for consumption experience.

According to the product design of the shopping center store, there are men's wear, women's wear, and Gao Ding series, which include YOUNGOR, YOUNGOR, MAYOR, Hart Schaffner Marx, hemp family and women's wear brand YOUNGORLADY. In particular, in order to provide the most expensive business attire for young consumers who enter the workplace, YOUNGOR also has the corresponding dress code for various business occasions to facilitate consumers' choice.

At the same time, with the construction of YOUNGOR intelligent platform to open up the online and offline channels, consumers can choose online offline stores to try on fitting clothes, and deliver products online to the home online, or online ordering.

So far, YOUNGOR has opened 5 "workshop stores" in Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places. With its exploration and practice of effective operation mode in the new retail market, the follow-up will expand more widely.

IP cooperation brings brands into the younger generation

In terms of brand recognition, YOUNGOR tries to change its traditional image to attract more attention from "post-80s" and "post-90s". This year, YOUNGOR completed its first IP collaboration in history and first launched the lion king series with Disney.

Turning to this IP cooperation attempt, Feng Jia Hao, manager of YOUNGOR apparel holding market operation Department, said that through the joint attempt of IP, the brand will combine more fresh products with higher cost performance, so that more people will walk into YOUNGOR and enter the workshop. He said that YOUNGOR is a product and its biggest advantage is its product. In recent years, the economic effect of fans driven by the new consumption main force is increasing. The brand combines high-quality products with high popularity IP and integrates IP characteristics into product design. It can not only bring about effective sales transformation, but also get a lot of fans' favor, enrich the brand image, and put the brand new impression into the younger generation.

To this end, after deciding to use IP to play together, YOUNGOR has also been very careful in selecting many popular IP. After careful selection, it has finally chosen many of the classics of "post-80s" and "post-90s" - the lion king, one of Disney's masterpieces.

In Feng's home, the "love" and "growth" emphasized in the story's core are very much in line with the brand spirit of YOUNGOR, and as people's consumption of clothing gradually shifts from single product function to spiritual needs, with more personalized choices such as design, personality, culture and so on, YOUNGOR will launch other IP cooperation products in the future, and capture more consumers' hearts through "product + culture + experience".

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