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Personnel Trends Victoria Beckham Promoted Female Executives To CEO

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  Tod 's
In September 27th, Italy luxury group Tod 's announced the appointment of Alessandra Domizi, former executive of technology giant Google (Google) as the chief Digital Innovation Officer (Chief Digital and Innovation Officer) to accelerate the digital transformation of the group.
In October 14th, Alessandra Domizi will officially take office. He will work together with Tod s chairman Diego Della Valle and chief executive Umberto Macchi di Cellere to formulate and implement the group's digital strategy.
Alessandra Domizi graduated from Universit di Bologna (University of Bologna) and served as head of Google fashion and retail department. Prior to that, she also worked as a retail and online business manager at NOKIA mobile (Nokia).
In order to attract more young consumers, Tod 's has been carrying out digital reform in recent years, and digital marketing and online business have also become the main development core of the group.
  Victoria Beckham
British fashion designer Victoria Beckham (Vitoria Beckham) founded the same name fashion Brand Company announced that the company's brand and product general manager Marie Leblanc de Reynies will replace the previous Paolo Riva to become the chief executive of the brand, the appointment takes effect immediately.
Marie Leblanc de Reynies will maintain close ties with brand chairman Ralph Toledano, board of directors and executive committee, and promote and implement the company's business growth strategy. After the completion of the handover, Ralph Toledano, acting as CEO of Paolo Riva after leaving office, will continue to lead the company's future development as chairman.
Marie Leblanc de Reynies joined the Victoria Beckham brand in May 2018. Previously, it was responsible for women's clothing and brand positioning business in Paris Spring Department Store (Printemps). In addition, she has done design work in French designer brand Isabel Marant and Sonia Rykiel, and has been engaged in product development in luxury brand Celine.
In July this year, she was promoted from the product director of the company to the general manager of brand and products. The promotion of CEO is the second major promotion she has experienced this year.
Ralph Toledano said that since joining the company, the strategic vision and leadership of Marie Leblanc de Reynies have impressed the board. They hope that Marie Leblanc de Reynies will help brands expand their business and open up new chapters in the coming days.
In July this year, "gorgeous ambition" reported the news of Paolo Riva leaving Victoria Beckham for personal reasons. (see historical report: personnel trends Chanel first diversified and inclusive global director; Estee Lauder's first female vice-chairman; Victoria Beckham CEO quit)
At the beginning of this month, the Victoria Beckham brand launched the beauty makeup series Victoria Beckham Beauty. The series is mainly sold through direct sales, and consumers can buy them through the brand official website and flagship store in Dover Street, London.
British maternity dress brand Seraphine announced that chief operating officer David Williams will succeed the brand founder C cile Reinaud to become the new CEO of the company.
David Williams formally joined Seraphine in September 2017, after which he served as the director of the ASOS Customer Intelligence and digital experience Department of the British fashion business.
Overseas is the main market of brands, and about 70% of Seraphine products are sold overseas, of which 40% are sold to Europe. In the future, David Williams will continue to help the brand continue to expand its international business.
David Williams said it was a great honor to take the responsibility from C cile Reinaud. At present, the brand business is developing very fast. 2019 in the first half of fiscal year, sales of online e-commerce platforms increased by 40% over the same period last year. He believes that brands have the ability to expand new markets quickly and efficiently, and have great market potential. In the future, they will target the target consumers accurately, expand their international business through digital marketing and low risk.
C e cile Reinaud said that during the COO period, David Williams helped the company speed up the pace of international business expansion, and also enhanced the competitiveness of online e-commerce channels.
Seraphine was founded in 2002 by C e cile Reinaud, headquartered in London, England. The brand is dedicated to providing fashionable and practical clothing and shoes for expectant mothers and mothers during postpartum recovery. Although the quality of clothing is excellent, the manufacture is all done in the UK, but the price is very approachable. The price of the brand skirt is between 49 and 149 pounds, and the price of jeans is between 50 pounds and 60 pounds.
Seraphine has many celebrity fans, including Princess Kate, American actress Anne Hathaway (Annne Hathaway) and Czech supermodel Karolina Kurkova (nickname "KK"). At present, brands have flagship stores in London, Dubai, New York and Hongkong. In April 1st this year, their flagship store in Delhi opened in India.
In the 2018/2019 fiscal year, Seraphine's sales increased 25% to 22 million pounds compared with the previous year, while EBITDA (interest profit before depreciation and amortization) increased by 35% to 3 million 200 thousand pounds compared with the previous year. Thanks to overseas sales, sales of brand online sales increased, accounting for 65% of total sales.

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