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With The Advent Of Long Holidays, There Are Few Transactions In The Market. How Does It Change After The Holiday? When Does Demand Increase?

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Market Quotation

Market brief

In September 29th, 11029.311 tons of resources were sold out of the cotton reserves, with a turnover of 7110.643 tons, with a turnover rate of 64.47%. The average transaction price was 11728 yuan / ton, up 44 yuan / ton compared with the previous trading day, and the price of 3128 yuan was 13043 yuan / ton, up 114 yuan / ton compared with the previous day. Xinjiang cotton trade average price of 11893 yuan / ton, Xinjiang cotton discount 3128 price 13174 yuan / ton, Xinjiang cotton price increase 592 yuan / ton. The average price of real estate cotton is 11505 yuan / ton, the price of real estate cotton is 3128 yuan, 12866 yuan / ton, and the increase rate of real estate cotton is 284 yuan / ton. From May 5th to September 29th, the cumulative turnover of cotton reserves totaled 986 thousand and 200 tons, with a turnover rate of 85.73%.

Yesterday, Zhengshang closed the market, entered the National Day holiday, the market wait-and-see sentiment led, expected after the zhengmian concussion finishing. Spot cotton prices are still weak, some of the quotations are still declining, and the market turnover is relatively low. Recently, Xinjiang's machine picked cotton has been on sale. At present, all the ginning plants in Northern Xinjiang have already started to scale, but the price of lint is weak. Enterprises are worried that the profits will be affected due to the continued decline in the latter period. Part of the domestic trade dealers began to link production companies with warehouse receipts, and the number of futures warehousing warehouses has been increasing. In order to avoid the risk of falling down, the ginning factory generally appears to stop and stop. The turnover rate of reserve cotton has also declined again, and the cautious mentality of the industry has continued to increase. The market atmosphere has not dissipated. There are still many uncertainties in the short-term market, and cotton prices are liable to fall and rise.

The price of acrylonitrile is narrow, and the spot market supply is scarce at the end of the month. Merchants are mainly on the sidelines of the market. The current offer is mostly for reference to the price of goods during the national day, and the price of the goods is continuous. The reference point for the East China port is 12500-12800 yuan / ton for the time being, and the spot market offer for Shandong is 12700-12800 yuan / ton. The firm negotiated the transaction. The long holiday is coming. There are still some restrictions on the transportation in some areas. The price of acrylonitrile will remain narrow and warm. Acrylic fiber staple keeps horizontal finishing, terminal demand performance is temperate, although upstream raw material price is upward, but the scope is smaller, acrylic fiber cost pressure is not reduced, manufacturers smooth operation mainly, the market continues to wait and see raw material trend, short term holiday is coming, it is expected that acrylic fiber prices will maintain stable consolidation.

According to the weather forecast, from September 29th to October 2nd, the northern part of Xinjiang will have obvious cooling, rain, snow and strong wind weather, which will be unfavorable for cotton picking, spring corn harvesting, winter wheat sowing and livestock production. At present, most of the cotton areas in Xinjiang are in the bloom stage, and the cotton fields begin to gather cotton in large quantities. Most of the spring maize has matured; most of the summer maize in southern Xinjiang is milky, and winter wheat has been sown in parts of Northern Xinjiang. Apple, jujube, pear and other forest fruits are in fruit enlargement or maturity. The heavy rain and snow and strong winds and frost in Northern Xinjiang have adverse effects on winter wheat sowing progress, spring maize harvest, cotton picking and livestock production in Northern Xinjiang.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary founding of new China, the three exhibitions on the 27 day of the Shanghai textile and Fashion Museum were held on the 27 day of the exhibition: "the costumes of the southern ethnic minorities," the costumes and customs of the Silk Road, "the dress restoration of the Tang Dynasty and the contemporary Western landscape", "technology and fashion - the impressions of Donghua design".

This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. With the approaching of the eleven national day, the demand for the national flag is increasing. In the Zhejiang Sheng Fa textile printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., located in Changxin, Zhejiang, the order of five star red flag exceeds 260 million meters. The workers are working overtime to make the national flag and send them to all parts of the country. "We don't rest on Saturday, just to drive the flag, there are too many orders." A worker in the workshop told reporters that he processed more than 200 flags at most one day. At present, there are 6 kinds of flag sizes produced by enterprises, and 90% of the total orders have been completed. These flags have been sent to all parts of the country.

"99.72%, the quality of aromatics products is up to standard." 27 days late at 23 o'clock, with the latest test results, Sinopec Hainan refining and chemical 2# aromatics isomerization device was successfully delivered once, and China's proprietary million tons aromatics plant was commercially run. So far, the national science and technology progress award has been upgraded to the 2 edition. The project plus 600 thousand tons of aromatics plant (independent aromatic 1), which was commissioned in 2013, has already produced p-xylene production capacity of 1 million 600 thousand tons / year in Hainan refining and chemical industry, and has become the largest aromatics production base of Sinopec. According to the introduction, aromatics is an important foundation of the chemical industry. It is widely used in three synthetic materials as well as medicine, national defense, pesticide, building materials and other fields. PX, commonly known as para xylene, is one of the largest aromatic species, and constitutes an important part of the "gold industry chain" of petro polyester polyester textile. 1 tons of PX can produce 1.5 tons of purified terephthalic acid (PTA), 1 tons of PTA can produce 1.1 tons of polyester (PET), and then make chemical fiber and other "necessities" indispensable materials. Today, about 65% of textile materials and 80% of beverage bottles come from PX. At present, China's PX capacity accounts for only about 40% of the world's total capacity and about 48% of the demand gap.

On the morning of September 28th, the labor exchange meeting of the private enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta and the professional skills competition of textile workers opened in Keqiao, Shaoxing. The theme of this event is "join hands with the Yangtze River Delta to build a new era". It is sponsored by the Federation of trade unions of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui, and is sponsored by the Federation of trade unions of Zhejiang province. A total of 400 people from three provinces and one city participated in labor competition experts, enterprise representatives and representatives of the participants. It is reported that the skills competition consists of three projects, namely, textile design, garment production, printing and dyeing proofing, and 107 teams from 9 cities and three provinces. The competition will be held for two days, with the theme of "green, fashion and high-end" craftsman salon, Yangtze River Delta private enterprise labor competition on-site meeting, China Institute of Industrial Relations Yangtze River Delta college landing signing ceremony.

Dr. Amanulla Kassim Machiyara, chairman of the Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA), urged the federal government to immediately introduce tax relief for imported cotton to support domestic industries. Amanullah asked: "the federal government should immediately withdraw the 3% regulatory tax on imported raw cotton, 2% additional duty and 5% sales tax, so as to enable the textile industry to meet its requirements." He said that the latest cotton statistics of Pakistan cotton rolling Association (PCGA) and domestic cotton prices show that compared with the same period last year, the current arrival volume is very small. He added: "the price of raw cotton is now higher than that of imported substitutes. If this trend continues, the textile industry will lose competitiveness and directly affect our exports."

Because domestic cotton prices are higher than the international market, traders in India are unable to sign a new cotton export contract. The reduction in India's cotton exports may provide support for international cotton prices and increase exports to rival Asian cotton producers, including Vietnam, Bangladesh and Pakistan. An exporter in India said that because of the uncompetitive cotton prices in India, foreign buyers are now buying Brazil cotton and American cotton. At present, India cotton 11-12 month installed Bangladesh and Vietnam CNF offer 77 cents / pound, while the United States cotton and Brazil cotton only 70 cents. As international cotton prices fell to the lowest level in 3 and a half years, India raised the MSP price by 38% in two years, and the government tried to keep cotton prices artificially strong. This year, India cotton is expected to have a bumper harvest, which may cause pressure on cotton prices to restore cotton exports, but it depends on whether CCI is buying large quantities. In 2019/20, cotton production in India is expected to grow by 20%, reaching 37 million 500 thousand packages, the highest in nearly five years, due to the increase of planting area and increase of unit area yield. To support domestic cotton prices, the acquisition of Cotton Corp in India may reach 10 million packages, almost ten times that of last year.

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