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2019 Textile And Apparel International Collaborative Innovation Management Forum Held

2019/9/30 9:56:00 0

International Collaborative Innovation Management Forum For Textile And Apparel Industry

On the afternoon of September 29th, the 2019 international collaborative innovation management forum for textile and apparel was held in the eastern landscape. The business elite from all over the world and experts and scholars at home and abroad were deeply involved in the theme of the integration of new bridges in the framework industry.

Zhu Jingzhi, deputy district head, delivered speeches.

The forum focuses on the coordination of supply chain of textile and apparel industry, the synergy of technology and aesthetics, the coordination of new retail and consumption value, and expounds the importance of collaborative innovation management of textile and garment from the perspectives of the role of new materials in the field of collaborative innovation, the trend of fabric development in the global perspective, the color change in the design and supply chain, and the prospect of fashion.

Experts suggest that Keqiao should rely on China's light textile city to actively promote the deep integration of the physical market and the new format and form, and build a planning and innovation system for the industrial chain of Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shanghai, with a multipolar support, and move forward steadily towards the "international textile capital" in the new era.

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