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Women'S Fashion Trend Forum In-Depth Analysis

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Fashion For Women'S Wear

Fashion is beautiful in autumn and winter. Women's clothing is always an important example. In particular, the fabric factor can't be underestimated. In the complex fashion circle, how to grasp the trend of women's clothing in real time, September 29th, 2020/21 autumn and winter fashion forum for Chinese women's wear fabrics In the CBD- wisdom Museum, we hand in hand together with experts from home and abroad to give a wonderful answer: in China, when we are in the autumn and winter, we will understand the trend of fashion and discover the essence of the trend from a professional perspective.

In this forum, Li Xiaofei, director of Design Department of China Textile Information Center, and luxury brand strategy consultant, brand development consultant Jean NASCIMENTO In the form of theme sharing, we will give an in-depth interpretation of the trend of China's 2020/21 autumn winter dress and the development trend of the 2020 international fashion brands. During the 2019 week of fashion week (Autumn), we will focus on the key points of the future trend of professional foresight.

Authority, professionalism and fashion are important features of this forum. Under the guidance of the China Textile Industry Federation, the people's Government of the municipal government has organized the activity. The professional trend of the fabric trends is released by the China Textile Information Center and the national textile product development center. At the same time, China Textile Information Center, the national textile product development center, and the central business district development and construction management center of China Light Textile City, Guangzhou City, are jointly hosting the China fashion fabric project and Coloro special support.

2020/21 what are the fashion trends of women's clothing in autumn and winter?

For the fashion trend of 2020/21 autumn winter dress, Li Xiaofei said that in the autumn and winter of 2020/21, the trend direction and corresponding coping strategies of Chinese classic wisdom and philosophy were discussed at the bottom of the logic, namely, the essence of the book of changes -- adaptability. In color, the overall appearance of new natural environmental tones and individualized vitality and hue, and the appearance of colors used to be used in spring and summer seasons; on the one hand, the material quality of fabrics is characterized by extremely comfortable texture and inner functionality; on the other hand, it is characterized by personalized surface visual effects and touch.


In Li Xiaofei's theme sharing, the analysis of fashion related events incorporating the lifestyle content, covering many aspects of culture, economy, science and technology, and so on, from consumption data to hot trend, is analyzed and summarized one by one. It is interpreted as the trend of autumn and winter with the core of "adaptation" as the core, pointing to the three main themes of 2020 /21 autumn and winter, the separation of human nature, the melting of freedom and the realization of interest.


From the international perspective, what are the key points of women's fashion brands?

From the international perspective, Jean NASCIMENTO shared the multidimensional thinking on women's fashion: sustainable development, innovative ways and sales models. First, it refers to the concept of sustainability, and then extends to the analysis and construction of new sales situation from the thinking of different methods and application dimensions of fashion innovation. Especially in the sustainable dimension, "Sustainable Fashion is not a Trend, It is the Future", he said, from the supply side of the industry chain to the consumer side are pursuing the traceable fashion products and concepts, and the brand gold content has also been changed by various new designers for sustainable exploration, these are constantly affecting the entire fashion field.


In Jean NASCIMENTO's The future of Fashion themed series sharing, we briefly and clearly outline various possible development trends and various driving forces of fashion. Combined with Stella McCarteney, Kering Group, LVMH, Kering and so on, we inspire the creativity and innovation of R & D and production of textile fabrics.


Rich content materials and cutting-edge fashion views are presented. This forum fully promotes fashion thinking and integrates the fashion trend of 2020/21 autumn and winter Chinese women's clothing fabrics, and adds the connotation of the trend of textile fabric optimization. In the fashion week (Autumn), the theme idea of "changing the fabric" is the guiding principle for the forum to build innovative thinking from the applied level and the creative level. Based on the development advantages of "one piece of cloth", the forum will promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, showing the fashion confidence and development strength of the Chinese textile industry from the professional level, and interpret the beauty of adaptability and vitality.

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