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Hip-Hop And Retro Symbiotic Korean Fashion Show MORPYN Fashion Show Strong Appearance CHIC

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In September 26th, MORPYN FASHION SHOW was officially launched at the National Convention and Exhibition Center.
MORPYN this season's fashion show, with black as its main color, creates immersive showroom experience and fully mobilizes various sensory functions of visitors.

Designers use a small number of bright colors to touch and attract people's attention. They both have a sense of design while taking comfort. It integrates the various styles of vintage and street hip-hop, and extends the design concept from the accessories to the clothing industry. This is the ultimate trend.

MORPYN brand CEO Yin Zhengcheng (Alex) said in an interview later that he chose to build this trend brand in Korea in 2016, from custom accessories for Korean artists to later fashion clothing, and gradually spread to China. MORPYN has many entertainers, including RAIN, Zhang Yixing, Huang Zhi Lu, Yu, idols, trainees, and bulletproof Youth League.

When it comes to the "star effect", he thinks that for the light luxury brand, the promotion of artists is a piece that can not be ignored. Whether it is before, now or in the future, the brand will choose artistes to promote the costumes with soul. Especially for the design, it is not the direct output of the traditional clothing design, but to create a personalized image positioning, to give the initiative to consumers, and to enhance the audience's memory and brand awareness in the fashion environment of chic, perhaps this is the charm of this conference.

   As the brand has just entered the Chinese market, Do not rush to open relevant stores under the line, start online, do a good job of promotion and publicity of Xiaohong book, Joule net red and other new media, so that more consumers can get to know morpyn first. 。 Next, Morpyn will have bigger moves in China to show its unique leadership ability in the tide brand domain, give consumers illusion and enhance brand identity. Just.

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