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"Cloud Fried Shoes" Has Become The Wake Of Many 00 Years' First Financial Practice Lesson Shoe Circle Leek Waking.

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In 2019, the venture capital market was deserted, but this did not mean that irrational investment behavior was no longer staged. "Cloud fried shoes" became the first financial practice class after 00.

In September 26th, nice, a sports shoe trading platform, issued a notice on the 24 due to the activity of reducing prices. It said that some commodities "flash buying" prices fluctuated unreasonably, and a small number of users were malicious to drive up the price of flash buying. Therefore, the platform banned 68 users, and proposed to further consolidate the behavior of fried shoes.

However, the announcement was not only unconvincing, but even in the comment area, many netizens called the nice a "thief calling to catch a thief" and "taking the lead to cut leek", conniving the speculators to drive up prices and increasing GMV and income, and then closing the relevant commodities in the name of "shoes not wearing fried", so that high priced disks could not be shipped.

No matter what the original intention of nice activities is, the retail investors are beaten by a sore stick. After nice fully implemented the atmosphere of the fried shoes, and shouted "ill will" when the interests of the retail investors were damaged, the eating phase began to make the participants disappointed or even angry.


When the wool party is woollen, where can we reason?

In the announcement, nice accused the "wool party" of building its own trumpet, selling itself and buying and selling two pairs of mobile phones, which caused the false impression of the shoes and forced the price up.

However, after media investigation, it was learned that in September 24th, the nice platform launched the "full field spot flash sale of goods with a full 1500 reduction of 50 yuan, a full 2500 reduction of 75 yuan, each user has 4 discount opportunities a day, 7 days a total of 28 times" full discount; if the user opens multiple accounts, the brush will be able to profit from it.

What is unthinkable is that some of the cheap commodities on the weekday have been pushed up to the incredible price, for example, the Connor Rigg key chain sold at 4.9 yuan, the price has soared to more than 1500 yuan; the supreme parachute accessories of about 100 yuan have rapidly risen to more than 2000 yuan; the brand name joint machine cat doll of about 200 yuan has been fired to over 2300.

Is it the stage that nice is so fast that everything can be fired? Or perhaps the platform feels that this operation is too obvious. At about 12:30 in September 26th, nice shut down the comments and transaction records of parachute soldiers, machine cats and other commodities, and banned a number of malicious speculation accounts.

"Nice is a shoe sawing platform," its founder Zhou Shouceng said in the studio. But now the shoe platform has started to fry shoes account, which is a "short" signal for the retail investors who have been trapped in it, so retail investors are selling frantically and smashing the price of panic.

The latter may remember that some of the exchanges have to believe in the bitcoin of leeks and the relatively strong currency of the leeks. They used to cut off electricity and line up directly in the transaction to create a hacker money theft event. In fact, what nice did in the early stage was the community's fried shoes atmosphere, which was "pull the plate", and its flash buying and other kinds of planning activities had more or less the smell of the net. The so-called "leek" or gamblers are often lost to the underpants only when they know that they have been fooled into the trap, but those who accused the platform as "brush" of the "wool party" not only to the wool, but also be raked, but nice's "righteous words" really can stand?


Is nice flash buying involved in "cloud fried shoes" activities involving legal risks?

Nice started positioning in the picture social networking community. In 2018, it looked at the "hot shoe" transformation as "Chaozhou community + trading platform". After entering the Bureau late, and under the intense competition of the market, nice is a bit "unable to sit". The author consulted the fried shoes in nice APP, and made the K-line chart and the index analysis. The mini version of "stock market" is only a basic principle but not a listed company, but an asset securitization "shoe".

Why is nice so radical on fried shoes? Unlike the "depositing" mode of general shoe trading platform and charging service intermediary fees, the characteristic of nice is "flash purchase", that is, after the merchandise is sold, it is regarded as the completion of the transaction. If the user wants to sell the goods again, it can be directly sold on the platform, so that it does not need to complete the process of warehousing, logistics and re warehousing, which simplifies the resale process, and can even be sold again without the buyer checking the goods. That is to say, transactions only need "cloud operation", and whether shoes are used for wear is not so important.

Nice's "flash buying" mode opens the door for professional fried shoes makers. As long as they have the capital to take the lead, sweep the low price at the beginning, then hang up a high price and wait for the next person to pick up the plate. When more people rush in, the volume of transactions will increase, and even the cycle of selling can be continuously bought.

This blatant encouragement of "financial speculation" is the "certificate trading" activity that transformed the "electricity supplier" platform sale into the two tier market. The workers' daily economic news warned that this mode is suspected of financial offences and alerts users to be vigilant.

Because fried shoes have some entertainment characteristics for shoes and dogs, some people even feel that their hobby has evolved into a mass carnival, and they are so excited that they ignore the legal risk of the shoe itself. Flash buys this electronic spot mode, where is the risk?

The first big risk is to create bubbles, and the virtual trade of physical separation is easy to form "tulip bubble". The price of the fragrant cow exceeds 13 of the price of the head of cattle. At that time, the "sea carriage driver" had wealth and love to climb. In order to facilitate the transaction, the tulip market was specially established instead of the actual transfer. Soon, more classes joined in the speculation of tulip, and even changed the boat to "tulips". Finally, a tulip was worth 3000 gold coins, so businessmen began selling the bulbs of tulips. Soon, tulips began to be worthless. Countless borrowers or sellers changed their money overnight, and some aristocratic family wealth was destroyed. In seventeenth Century, once rare tulips were sold to the sky, a Golden Tulip. The lesson from history is that people will not absorb the lesson. In fact, the story of tulip is changed into a transaction, that is, "fried shoes" now.

The second big risk is that there is no relevant financial licence to hold the two level market with the essence of securitisation transactions. In view of the fact that the current volume of fried shoes is a little bit bigger than the previous speculation period, the money laundering behavior can be eliminated in general. However, the false appearance of the flash buying mode makes the foreign capital enter, and I am afraid it will fall into the "Ponzi scheme" storm.

The reason why ICO was severely rectified and banned by the state is that the speculation itself is a simulated A share market. Many trading targets can be issued without limit, and the funds are absorbed by retail investors. After retail investors get the token, they will form a social group mode, with "old leek" bringing new leeks to enhance liquidity, but the dealer often runs after pulling the plate, causing retail investors to crash, anyway, many exchange servers are overseas. After entering the big bear market in the currency circle, many banker have actually poured into the shoes circle, even from the operation technique and the technique of speaking with the previous "air currency" and "pyramid selling currency".

Unlike air coins, which are attached to the bitcoin with the value of preservation and increment, the shoe itself is an industrial product. Theoretically, it can be used as a marketing tool for businessmen in terms of joint name and limited amount. The style of the design can also be constantly introduced, which makes the shoe itself easier to be controlled as a brand promotion activity and a dealer's behavior. No one can wear so many shoes, and the frying shoes themselves are also ordinary shoes. Shoes are, in the final analysis, a financial tool and a gimmick.

The third risk is that many young people without risk control capabilities enter speculative operations. If the funding chain breaks down or even liabilities will eventually result in social problems, It is understood that some people complain about nice complaints in black cats. They can only recharge and not present cash, and sellers complain that nice violated the deposit and infringed the normal rights of sellers. In the face of more and more cash withdrawals, nice's capital chain pressure will only increase, and public opinion will also push forward the regulatory intervention. And some of the young people who have a huge loss of fried shoes even have the urge to commit suicide.

There is a saying in the two level market: "when the tide comes out, we know who is swimming naked." and how many fried shoes are there in nice? Because the heat of the fried shoes is still not receding, it is certain that the water is deep.


Will nice really stop frying shoes? Flash purchase is still in operation.

Xiao San's angry voice has begun to gather and ferment, and they seem to begin to understand that flashover activities bring their own traffic and GMV to make nice a "profit" for the "fried shoes". This activity is only nice's extension of the fried shoe model to stir fried small pendants and small commodities, formerly used to cut shoes and leek, and has not yet cut the leek long enough to cut more times with other commodities.

Nice had to make some responses, in which the official number of its issued "in the name of nice officially repurchased in from September 24th to 26th the sale of illegal merchandise and abnormal price transactions designed to buy goods," trying to calm anger. Some media have begun to question the flash buying mode to stimulate the data of GMV and transaction fees. The author found from the nice that some flash buying activities still exist, and the behavior of cloud fried shoes is still not stopped.

It must be pointed out that although the "fried shoes" bring the flow of seemingly prosperous and prosperous traffic, they are quite unfavorable to the long-term development of the true love shoe users and the running shoes trading platform. Only a handful of big makers can make big money.

On the other hand, the characteristics of the commodities being rushed in flash buying are low market prices, low difficulty, usually not accumulating, but selling unreasonable prices, obviously in the "IQ tax", and now the platform is shearing. If this behavior with financial attributes is not prohibited, the risk of financial risks, legal risks mentioned above and the risk of accidents involving young people's life and property safety will be increased.

For the regular footwear trading platform industry, the "fried shoes" behavior of individual platforms is actually introducing the impetuous and cutting leek of the money circle into the 95 and 00 groups of the mentally immature and lacking financial risk control consciousness. It is obvious that the shoes circle is used as the leek garden. This practice of "exhaustion and fishing" is obviously not conducive to the long-term development of the industry. After all, the Z generation brings the future of the Internet, and the potential of this industry is still immeasurable.


Recently, a number of mainstream official media stressed that "shoes can not be fried", insisting that "only when we return to the beginning of the trend culture and create a benign industrial ecological chain, can the trend economy further flourish." When the industry self-discipline can not be thoroughly implemented, if this trend is getting stronger and stronger, the relevant regulatory departments and trade associations may soon stop the speculation of some "fried shoes" platforms.

Nice's official statement and compensation measures are not short-term comforts and prevarication excuses. After all, only by taking the right platform and mindful platform can we qualify as a truly respected Internet company.

Source: titanium media Author: reliable star (Li Xing)

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