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The Smashed Shops Are Facing A Vacant Crisis.

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Market And Clothing Market

Israel's innovative garment maker Bagir's revenue has risen 32%.

In the six months ended June 30th, Bagir, an innovative clothing manufacturer in London, surged 32% to $32 million 800 thousand, and gross profit margin increased to 11.9%. Adjusted EBITDA was $1 million higher than last year's loss of $1 million 700 thousand. The company expects revenue to reach US $95 million this year. It is noteworthy that Bagir also revealed that the new date of its acquisition with the group was already finalized, but no other details were disclosed.

International shares rose nearly 27%, hitting a new high in recent years.

According to the fashion business news, footwear retailer international shares rose 26.67% to HK $0.475 recently, a record high in the past year, up 191% since the beginning of this year, with a market value of HK $780 million. Yesterday, the group announced that Han Bingzu was an independent non-executive director of the company, the chairman of the audit committee, the Remuneration Committee and the nomination committee, and has entered into force since September 25, 2019.

Shopping shops are facing a vacant crisis.

According to real estate agency Midland IC&I data, due to turbulence in the retail industry, 102 of 2087 shops in August were vacant, and the vacancy rate is expected to rise to more than 600 next year. To help shops maintain business, HKRMA, the Retail Management Association, called on landlords to halve the rent by six months. According to the data of the Tourism Development Bureau, if we calculate by the 40% decline, the number of visitors to the port in August will be "evaporated" by 2 million 360 thousand passengers, with only about 3 million 540 thousand people remaining. The estimated economic loss in the single month is about 12 billion yuan. It is noteworthy that the luxury brand Prada will close its largest flagship store on the street, which is due to expire in June next year due to the continuous reduction of passenger traffic. The two sides have decided not to renew their contracts. This is the sixth shop opened by Prada, which covers an area of 15 thousand square feet, with a monthly rent of HK $9 million and a conversion of 300 thousand of the daily rent.

The founder of the trend changed the market value of HYPEBEAST over I.T

According to the fashion business express, HYPEBEAST, the trend youth media, rose 39% last week. Its market value as close to 23 is HK $3 billion, which is more than HK $2 billion 700 million of I.T, which means that HYPEBEAST founder Kevin Ma takes the place of I.T founder Shen Jiaweicheng. Earlier, analysts said that although the two areas were different, I.T's discourse centered power in 90s was faced with the danger of being replaced by the global media centered media in the millennial and Z generations.

Due to continuous losses, the Pathfinder will be delisted.

Domestic outdoor clothing brand Pathfinder announced that the company lost its stock for 2017 consecutive years in 2018 and continued losses in 2019. According to the semi annual report released in 2019, the net profit of the pathfinder was 82 million yuan in the first half of the year, and net profit of 0.97 to 102 million yuan was expected between January 2019 and September. Pathfinder has said that the decline in performance is mainly due to goodwill, investment and asset impairment, and other business losses in the main business.

It is hard to see that the fashion brand Esprit parent company has fallen from HK $170 billion to 2 billion 800 million.

Companies that experience big ups and downs can be found everywhere, but there are probably not many companies like the big gap. As a fashion brand with a peak market value of more than HK $170 billion (the same market value), the global market value of Si Jie is now almost 2 billion 800 million yuan short of a year's net loss. In the whole fiscal year ended June 30, 2019, the global revenue reached 12 billion 932 million yuan, down 16.3% compared to the same period last year, although the loss in the period narrowed 16.1% compared with the same period, but it still amounted to 2 billion 144 million yuan.

Tso Bo, a sports apparel retailer under the banner, has raised IPO financing to US $1 billion 200 million.

According to the news, China's largest footwear retailer, international sports shoes and apparel retailer, 24, is open for public offering in October 10th. It is expected to officially land on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 10th. The scale of financing is up to US $1 billion 200 million. It will sell about 930 million shares with a price range of HK $8.3 to HK $10.1. The amount of financing is mainly used for business technology innovation, working capital and other general corporate purposes.

Nike first quarter revenue breaking $10 billion, Greater China region soaring 22%

Us sportswear giant Nike released its first quarter earnings report after 24, which rose 7% to 10 billion 600 million US dollars in the three months ended August 31st, exceeding analysts' expectations. Net profit rose 24% to 1 billion 360 million US dollars. Sales of all categories and regions increased. North American revenue increased 3.6% to 4 billion 290 million dollars compared with the same period. The revenues of three regions in Europe, Middle East and Africa increased by 6.4% to 2 billion 770 million dollars compared with the same period.

Soccer giant star officially launched the same name men's clothing brand Messi, the price is not expensive, new weekly.

In September 19th, Leo Messi, the football player of the year, FIFA player of the year and captain Lionel Messi of the football club, named Messi, officially held the first ceremony in the multi brand clothing store Eulalia Santa. The Messi brand has T-shirts, Polo shirts, hoodies, coats, trousers and so on. The price of T-shirts varies from 40 Euro to 95 euros. At present, there are only 6 garments on the official website of The Messi Store. In the future, the brand will maintain a new rate every week and gradually increase the number of products. In addition to launching the brand, the company also announced the cooperation with the custom brand Richard James. Richard James x Messi cooperation will be sold exclusively in Santa Eulalia.

IKEA sales exceeded Euro 40 billion for the first time.

In the 12 months ending August, IKEA sales rose 6% to 41 billion 300 million euros, and for the first time entered 40 billion euro clubs, of which electricity sales rose 43% to 2 billion 900 million euros compared with the same period last year. At present, IKEA is testing new business such as furniture leasing to seek more performance growth points. It is noteworthy that in recent years, IKEA has become one of the most popular IP brands of luxury fashion brands. In June this year, it also worked with the German sportswear brand Adidas to develop new home fitness solutions and launch a series of products.

Victoria Beckham became the most influential media brand in London Fashion week.

According to the Launchmetrics data of marketing and data analysis platform, the photo taken by British designer Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper is the hottest social media post in London Fashion Week, pushing the brand media influence (MIV) to US $702 thousand, a record high, far exceeding other brands such as Burberry, Alexa Chung, Molly Goddard and so on.

Another Cowboy brand was split and Madewell plans to raise $100 million.

According to fashion business news, J.Crew, the US apparel group, formally submitted its application for the independent listing of Cowboy brand Madewell this week, and plans to raise $100 million. Micheal J. Nicholson, Madewell's interim chief executive, said that the brand would use its initial public offerings to repay its debts and maintain its day-to-day operations. In the second quarter ended August 3rd, Madewell sales surged 15% to $139 million, while J.Crew brand revenues continued to fall 7% to $399 million.

Luxury luxury brand Missoni proposes IPO plan in 5 years

Michele Norsa, vice president of Missoni, recently said in an interview that the group will invest 10 million to 12 million euros to expand the Asian and US market in the near future and will maintain the pace of five to six stores a year, or will be listed in 2023. He further revealed that Missoni will also optimize franchising business, will enter the home industry in the future, develop customized furniture business, and the brand will sign a watch production agreement. It is reported that the FSI Strategy Fund acquired Missoni 41.2% stake last year.

Lululemon will completely shut down its children's clothing brand Ivivva in 2020.

Lululemon, the Canadian yoga clothing and sports brand, has announced that it will completely shut down its children's clothing brand Ivivva. It plans to close the remaining 7 brand stores by the middle of 2020, focusing on men's wear and international business. Ivivva was founded in 2009. The target consumers are 6 to 12 year old girls, the main sportswear. Due to declining performance, lululemon has closed nearly 50 stores in 2017. In the second quarter, lululemon revenue rose 22% to $883 million 400 thousand, while net profit rose 31% to $125 million.

Amazon expands its fashion layout, Puma launches new brand Care Of

Amazon has announced an agreement with Puma, the German sports brand, to launch its sportswear brand Care Of, which has been launched on Amazon platform since September 23rd. Care Of has 50 products, including sports shoes, Bottomwear, T-shirts and accessories, etc., and is made of pilling resistant and anti sweat fabrics. It is worth noting that this is the first time Amazon has collaborated with other companies to create new brands.

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