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Change The Real Controller! Orient Is Becoming A New Boss.

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Zhao Chunxia team out, Dongheng is becoming a "new boss", can the continued loss of shares be able to retain the identity of the listed company?

After months of struggle, the dispute over control of shares has come to a close. This represents the two change of shares in 3 years.

In September 27th, *ST, or "002569.SZ", convened the second provisional shareholders' meeting in 2019 to consider the motion to nominate the independent directors of the Fifth Board of directors of listed companies, to consider the motion on nominating the fifth independent directors of the Fifth Board of directors and the motion of nominating the non staff representative supervisors of the Fifth Board of supervisors of listed companies.

According to the result of the vote, Wang Chunjiang, Du Xin, Zhao Yuhua, Wu Yanbo, Wang Xiaokang and Cao Xuefeng were elected the fifth board directors of the company. At the same time, the resolution adopted by the shareholders' meeting resulted in the change of the controlling shareholder and the actual controller of the company, that is, the change of the controlling shareholder of the listed company to the East Heng Zheng, and the actual controller changed to Wang Chunjiang.

According to the financial information center of Seven finance and economics, we know that in the evening of September 16th, the company issued three announcements in succession, mainly related to the resignation of chairman Zhao Chunxia and others. Among them, Zhao Chunxia resigned from the chairman, chairman of the board of strategic committee, members of the board of auditors, nomination committee members, remuneration and assessment committee members.

Similarly, Li Xin, Meng Fanqi, and non staff representative supervisor Pan Yi and Han Jiajun resigned for personal reasons. In addition to sealing the snow, the other directors will not hold any post after the resignation of the company. It is understood that Feng Xue still holds the post of general manager of the company.

Zhao Chunxia team out, Dongheng is becoming "new boss".

Statistics show that Zhao Chunxia, Feng Xue and other 6 former independent directors of the shares and 2 incumbent supervisors were trained by Zhao Chunxia during his tenure and joined Zhao Chunxia in the board of directors. However, with Zhao Chunxia's exit, most of his team left.

It is noteworthy that in August this year, the shares were also pointed out in the announcement that its chairman Zhao Chunxia had already been on the run, and at the same time, many factors such as the change of the largest shareholder occurred. The group of shareholders, the Sanwei Investment Advisory Center, the Zhang Xingliang, Meng Xianglong, and the 5 investors asked for the first temporary shareholder meeting of the listed company in 2019, demanding that the relevant personnel be removed.

In this regard, the largest shareholder of the company, Dong Heng Zheng, said that it agreed to represent the "Convening of the provisional shareholders' meeting and the motion to dismiss the relevant directors and supervisors", and nominated Wang Chunjiang, Du Xin, Zhao Yuhua, Wang Jian, Chen Xianyun and Wu Yanbo as the fifth independent directors of the board of directors of the Fifth Board of directors, and nominated Deng Da Feng and Gao Peng as the non staff representative supervisors of the company's supervisory board.

However, in the announcement of the evening of September 9th, the joint stock exchange issued by the company and the East Asia Heng Heng technology and Trade Co., Ltd. and the Company Limited (limited partnership) issued a joint statement. They said they would reach agreement on major issues such as the follow-up governance of the listed company as soon as possible, and hold the stock east conference to consider the related matters, so as to push the completion of the general election of directors and supervisors of the listed companies.

Now, with the completion of the election, orient Heng is fully stationed in the board of directors of the joint-stock company, becoming the controlling shareholder, and the Zhao Chunxia team has handed it in. However, according to the securities times earlier report, Dongzheng Heng vice chairman Du Xin said in an interview, Zhao Chunxia Xiang Dongfang Heng Zheng asked for 150 million yuan.

Statistics show that Zhao Chunxia officially took over and controlled shares in 2018. Prior to November 2017, the company announced that it was willing to buy a 16% stake in Rui's assets held at a cash price of 1 billion 66 million yuan, so as to promote the transformation of the company's shares to financial technology companies. At the same time, the voting rights of the remaining 13.68% listed companies (19 million 400 thousand shares) held by Rui Ying assets will be entrusted to the security technology.

In March 26, 2018, the company's actual controller Zhao Chunxia proposed to acquire a 13.86% stake in the company's listed companies through the partnership of the holding company, technology and security company.

Under the control of Zhao Chunxia, Busen shares gradually transformed into financial technology companies. In fact, the company started to promote the development of financial technology business in 2016 and plans to set up a network small loan company. In November 22, 2017, the company terminated its participation in the establishment of a network small loan company.

The situation of love investment is unsolved.

According to the Internet Financial Information Center, Zhao Chunxia is not only an actual controller of the technology, but also the founder and chairman of P2P network loan platform. Earlier, the company said that after the completion of this transaction, shares, Rui Fei assets and security technology will work together to create a financial technology platform.

As of August 1st, the number of loans invested by AI was 95 thousand and 800, the balance of loans was 12 billion 909 million yuan, the overdue amount was 11 billion 110 million yuan, and the total amount of compensation was 5 billion 484 million yuan. In addition, a number of media reports said that love investment has been put on file for investigation by the police. Among them, the vice chairman of Dong Heng Zheng, vice president of the company, has said that he has been confirmed by economic investigation orally and that love investment has been put on file.

However, the company insists that AI investment platform has not been investigated by public security organs. In addition, the company said it had independent investment with AI investment and had no business dealings or capital exchanges, so there was no significant impact on the day-to-day operation of the company.

The whereabouts of Zhao Chunxia is still a mystery. In June 13th this year, the Securities Regulatory Commission issued a supervision inquiry letter to the shares, asking the shares to explain the general manager's change, Zhao Chunxia's related situation and love investment and operation. According to the SFC, in August 15, 2018, the regulatory authority decided to meet Zhao Chunxia, but Zhao Chunxia has not yet participated in the talks.

However, the company said that Zhao Chunxia was being treated overseas because of his health reasons. He failed to participate in the talks in person, but maintained regular and timely communication with the SFC regulators. Zhao Chunxia did not have a permanent residence and returned home as soon as the treatment was over.

It is understood that in the joint statement of Tomo Kojun and Rui Fei assets in September 9th, the parties involved have basically reached internal reconciliation. After that, a series of movements of the shares were also clear, including the establishment of wholly owned subsidiaries to engage in financial technology business and the acquisition of third party payment licences.

The latest news shows that the directors elected by Dong Heng Zheng are more than half of the board members. That is to say, Dongheng Heng gained 284 million yuan from the transaction price and gained the shareholding of 22 million 400 thousand shares of the controlling shareholder, and became the largest shareholder of the listed company after 4 months.

At the same time, the actual controller of the company was changed from Zhao Chunxia to Wang Chunjiang. According to the performance forecast issued by the shares, it lost 35 million yuan to 40 million yuan in the first three quarters of 2019, and the loss increased year by year. In 2017 and 2018, respectively, net profit was negative, with a loss of 33 million 800 thousand yuan and 193 million yuan respectively.

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