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2020 Fashion And Innovative Design Help Spinning Expo.

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Textile ExpoFashion And Innovative Design

For the upstream and downstream enterprises in the whole industry chain of textile and garment industry, the grasp of the trend of the 2020 spring and summer trends can be seen as a whole. This Textile Fair will enable textile people to better understand the new trend of the current textile industry. At the same time, it will further strengthen the deep integration of fashion week. The international fashion authority, China Textile Information Center, WGSN, COLORO and other domestic and international authorities will hold the "2020 fashion innovation design exhibition" at the International Exhibition Center during the Expo September (28 - September 30th). Next, please follow the steps of journalists and feel the charm of us together.

Popular trend release area

This is the "2020/21 autumn and winter Chinese women's clothing fabric trend", which is developed by China Textile Information Center and national textile product development center, of which textile fabric accounts for over 60%. According to the reporter's understanding, the fashion trend is centered around the core concept of "adaptability" for the overall image. The space design is deeply integrated with the three major themes of the trend: "humanized nature, melting freedom, and changing interest". It has beautifully presented 600 fabrics of China's popular fabrics. It has provided a professional direction for the future development of fashion, color, design style, technology, brand dynamics and so on. It also shows the new development of Chinese women's clothing fabrics in a multidimensional way.

Innovation and technology exhibition area

Want to know next season technology must see. There are 50 innovative products that have been awarded the title of "ten major textile innovation products from 2017 to 2019", including functional products and intelligent textiles, such as graphene intelligent heating products, intelligent ECG monitoring products, ultraviolet photochromic products, carbon fiber flexible heating products, electromagnetic shielding shielding products, etc., fully displaying the unique charm of the integration of technology and fashion of the selected products and the innovative strength of the textile and garment industry.

Original design docking area

In the middle of many Holdings Limited, step cloud museum culture and media limited liability company, song song Jing Textile Co., Ltd., and design as exhibitors, they fully displayed the original fashion design, original design, original fabric design and other fashionable and innovative products through the brand special image. Among them, Zhong multi holdings, step cloud Pavilion, and song song Jing Textile Joint designer released the brand show in fashion week.

Brand clothing is the local fashion brand born by the creative building. The main products are wool and cashmere coats. All the design stands are tailored to make a fine wool and cashmere coat.

Block design

Central holdings

Textile industry

Stepping into the cloud Pavilion

Through the static display and trade interaction of garments and fabrics, we bring the latest trend of international textile trend information, textile technology products and original innovative design for the textile and textile enterprises and the exhibitors and purchasers. Fashion is perishable and style is perpetuating. Every era will have the fashionable elements of every era. In today's era, the clothing market is the core of this era.

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