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Eleven How Do You Travel? These 6 Kinds Of Eye Care Match, Who Wears Who Looks Good!

2019/10/6 14:02:00 4915

Wear On National Day Holidays

What are the plans for the holidays? Take a long vacation and go out for a break, relaxing and relaxing the nervous nerves on weekdays!

So this week's state is like this. (is the boss there? I have a good job).

Today, I want to share with you all kinds of outfit for traveling.

The classic tannin element, Hin, is extremely stable.

The short denim jacket matches small black trousers, small white shoes, simple single product and color combination, strength interpretation "less is more", very suitable for daily life.

The loose, medium and long denim jacket has a cool street style, folded in gray short thin coat, quite personality, with army green grandmother pants, street fan full.

In addition to the blue denim jacket, white is also a good sauce for the sauce. It is clean and refreshing with a straight line. It is almost match in autumn.

The fashionable fashion is the way of stacking love, and the cowboy elements can also be integrated naturally. Fold through tide to burst, return rate 100%.

Autumn belongs to the fashion stage of knitting. Various styles and materials must be packed in wardrobe.

White grandma's shirt with black trousers, high atmosphere CP, looks very expensive.

The oatmeal colored knitted sweater matches the Khaki straight pants, and the combination of two kinds of atmospheric colors adds a sense of superiority to the feminine temperament.

In cold weather areas, thin knitted sweaters with small black trousers and pointed top suede boots are also tall and thin, with a coat or a windbreaker or coat, and a casual high street feel.

The knitted sets of stitching money are very witty, breaking the dreary and very natural temperament of autumn and winter, bringing their own autumn filters.

A thick knitting sweater is a mother's warm sweater, but this sweater is not suitable for the fat fairy. It is easy to gain weight.

But for the slim fairy, care is the thickened version of the T-shirt.

Now the twist sweater has already got rid of monotonous and local flavor, and has a lot of elements of design sense, and put on its youthful and vivid image.

The elements of hair ball and flower embroidery are fashionable and careful. Girls are full of sense. Girl is you.

Bright orange is the warm winter in autumn and winter. It makes the whole mood feel good.

I used to be a fairy, and occasionally make a motorcycle. Girl is pretty good. At this time, we need to get our fur lined up.

The brown long leather coat looks Hin expensive, with a white shirt and striped irregular skirt, showing excellent texture and sowing.

If you have a gentle name, it must be a kind of powder. Not strong, not open, low saturation is more capable of highlighting the temperament, with A leather skirt, make you beautiful to bubble.

The brown hooded sweater is very chic with irregular leather skirts.

When it comes to the coat of coarse woolen cloth, you must not lose the coat of Xiao Xiang Feng. The marked weave tweed, mixed with different materials, is very elaborate.

The coarse black dress of the coarse woolen cloth is tailored for our fairies, making it easy to create sweet nobility.

You must be very beautiful in "velvet". The black velvet skirt with the big power, this breast plush, matches the boots, and it is very consistent with her temperament.

The elegant peacock blue, with embroidery and velvet material, is a fashion blockbuster which is very suitable for attending weddings or important party.

Printed sweaters, with velvet umbrella skirts and boots, have a unique sense of fashion.

Black and white striped sweater with black velvet irregular skirt, irregular lace splicing, so that the whole piece of products become eye-catching.

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