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Shops That Are Easy To Continue To Achieve A Long-Term Profit Need Skills.

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   As time goes on, the clothing store is not only More and more, and more and more diversified, in such a competitive environment, if you want to open a women's clothing store, you have to have a distinctive dress shop that has its own characteristics, so as to attract customers' attention and stand out in countless flowers and plants.

Zhang Xiaolei is a student. She graduated from Tsinghua college of fine arts. She worked in an advertising agency. She worked as an office worker for nine to five days. She said she was the most fashionable company in the company, and many colleagues who asked her to buy clothes and jewelry were trusted by her.

Many years ago, in the Apple community near CBD, a Hoozaa clothing store was opened, and most customers were female white-collar workers who worked in CBD.

At the beginning of the week of July, it was not yet nine o'clock in the evening. Several girls in the clothing store had finished two bottles. They were going to have a meal in the nearby night snack shop, and then drank a little. Very few people will get drunk or get drunk. They must have been particularly unhappy. Fortunately, everyone was having a good time that evening.

Other people's home opened late night dining room, Zhang Xiaolei said he was driving late night women's clothing shop, clothes are also like wine, clothing store story is the truth of drink.

After the stability of girls' careers, the trouble of life has not decreased, especially the emotional problems of men and women. When women have economic dominance, this sentiment is relatively easy to break up. At this moment, they are most anxious to be heard. "I am going to go to the United States to freeze eggs. At this stage, I do not want to think about my feelings any more. Finding boyfriend is too much trouble. I am not enough to bother myself."

A frequent girl in the shop drank a few cups with Zhang Xiaolei on the rooftop and talked about the new ideas that she had come up with. After her last relationship, she returned to be single for a long time. She no longer had much expectation of her affection, but still looked forward to having a child. Frozen egg became her choice.

She is rich in material, and the daily driving is 911. The pressure of work is still constant. She can not distract herself from raising children. As an oriental woman, she hopes to have a child to make her life more complete.

Once a customer suddenly faced a divorce. At the beginning of her divorce, she had nowhere to go. She had to come to the clothing store for a while every day.

"Even if they have worked very hard to work and live, women will still face many difficulties, and there will be untold worries behind their success."

Zhang Xiaolei has seen many girls' fragile side. When she works, she can be strong, but in private, she often meets sad and tears. "I am like a sponge, listening to you talk about the negative energy, and I can digest it."

Zhang Xiaolei was not negative because he heard too much talk. In the window of the clothing store, she and her daughter were taken together. She didn't want to mention her past life, and it probably belonged to the negative energy that had been digested.

High salary, independence and love for oneself are three characteristics of Zhang Xiaolei's frequent customers. "To say low, most of the customers in our shop have at least six hundred thousand salaries a year, and more." Zhang Xiaolei did not shy away from talking about the income of the customers in the store. The customers who came from the store naturally formed a small circle.

The clothing store has been open for ten years, and Zhang Xiaolei has witnessed many girls growing up. Many girls, from the beginning of their lives, have lived with fear and fear, earning two thousand or three thousand a month, working overtime day and night, and improving their careers to become an important member of the company without losing men. Zhang Xiaolei was lucky to have opened a clothing store and met many wonderful women. They are very busy on weekdays, and do not have much time to think about dressing up, but as career women, they have additional clothes to cope with the needs of various occasions. So Zhang Xiaolei became their image consultant.

She estimated that dozens of customers who needed her one to one service were VIP in the store. Such customers may buy more than a dozen or even dozens of clothes and a bunch of accessories every month, consuming two or thirty thousand per month. Zhang Xiaolei said that women like this have a lot of pressure on weekdays, and shopping is a kind of release. "Some clothes may wear people once, but they will not do so."

To provide services for high-income women, Zhang Xiaolei summed up a very important point: "to help them save time", this group of people rarely consider the price of consumption, as long as it is not too outrageous, it will buy, to make themselves happy is most important.

Wearing new clothes on one's body will help them to see themselves more beautiful in the mirror, which will help them forget much pressure and trouble. "No matter they are single or in love, they tend to like themselves. They speak more comfortable, and more importantly, they do not need to care about the feelings of the other person. They do not need to consider whether to buy cheap or make them feel bad. After experiencing many things, they will know how to be good to themselves."

Looking at so many excellent girls around her, she often sighs of what is wrong with the society.

Girls do not want to be in love, but are unable to meet the right person. When women succeed in their careers, she wants to find someone who is stronger than herself. Age and single people, like girls, are too busy to be in love. They have time to spend time in the company.

Every weekend, she sent her friends away, and Zhang Xiaolei returned to the same room that she rented in the Apple community. She decided to stay here for the sake of working convenience. At the same time, she renovated the living room of the room for shooting simple dress samples and offices. Her weekends were all reserved for her daughter, but she could only see her children on Sunday, and there was a pile of work waiting for her.

The clothing store has two hundred new clothes on average every month. She can only shoot new models constantly, and then let her employees put on their new clothes. Besides, she has arranged many short videos recently, and she wants to provide high quality clothes for more independent women.

In fact, she has gradually become an independent woman in her own mouth. She was in a cooperative factory, and recently arranged to talk about new cooperation. But the time was pushed and pushed back, and two votes were returned because of the fact that there were too many friends coming to the shop.

CBD's traffic is too heavy and too big to run for one or two clothes. Fewer friends are willing to spend time shopping. In order to save time for customers, she opened another store three years ago. The size of the familiar guests is recorded. After they order, the clerk will modify their clothes according to their sizes, and then express them to the customers. In this era of women becoming more and more independent, many women have been able to experience less twists and turns in their lives, and love themselves and themselves better.

Entrepreneurship is no longer just a dream, it is very difficult, but it can be achieved, as long as you are willing to do, to work hard, to change, to persist, success is not far away from you.

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