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It Is Another Style For Ladies To Dress Formally On Formal Occasions.

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Many fairies think that suits are a style that can be worn out on formal occasions, but they are not. It can only be said that the girls who think this way will not be too strong in fashion sense or will not match their clothes. In our impression, Western-style clothes are often worn by men. Later, girls wear boys' suits. There is a feeling of boyfriends' wind. Now, girls wear their suits as a commuter suit, which is regarded as a daily dress in school or in the workplace. They not only add their own aura, but also experience a different kind of themselves.

Today we are going to wear some suggestions for girls who will not wear a suit coat, so that you can change your dressing style into another style of yourself.

The first set of collocation, a very common set of everyday wear, a dress with a suit coat. This style looks more mature, with a pair of high-profile shoes on the feet. This dress can rely on the quality of the dress to change the style. For example, if you want to go to Yujie fan, you can choose the dress of silk fabric. If you want to commute a little, you can choose casual and loose dress fabric, match it with black or white suit, and make it fashionable. You can try it!

The second match is a classic suit coat. If you want to be casual and not serious, you can choose a suit trousers. Stepping on a pair of sneakers at the foot, the mixture of the wind immediately came out and felt that this match was very old. But it is not recommended that the girls of the college try it, or suggest that the girls who have just entered the workplace wear this way. This match makes you look good and lively at the same time.

The third set of collocation is somewhat retro, and the younger sister who has recently gone back to ancient style can refer to it. As we all know, jeans are a magic device, so matching a suit coat is no exception. You can step on a pair of small leather shoes on your feet, khaki or brown can do it. At this time, it is suggested that your suit coat can choose the elements of the lattice and have more leisure elements, so it doesn't look so serious.

The fourth set, with a skirt, does not like to wear a dress, but also can choose to wear a light colored half skirt. First of all, everyday life will be more convenient and visual impact will be greater. On the choice of half skirt, pleated skirt, cake skirt or skirt with front fork can be chosen, so the legs will become thin in vision. It is very simple to wear clothes to give people a visual impact.

Have you learned all these collocations? When you are young, buy some beautiful clothes and wear them.

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