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Visual Feast Again Staged 2020/21 High-End Warp Knitted Products Popular Trend Released

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2020/21High-End Warp Knitted Products

In October 6th, the joint industry experts of the city of Yasheng province and the city of Yiwu Knitting Co., Ltd. released the trend of 2020/2021 high-end warp knitted products industry. Representatives from relevant enterprises such as warp knitting, clothing and raw materials, experts from textile institutions, design institutes, R & D institutions, and leaders of trade associations and industry departments participated in the press conference.

The theme of this issue is "integration and innovation", including three levels: first, the combination of conventional structure and multiple uses; second, the combination of warp knitting technology and new materials; third, the integration of traditional technology and design innovation. The release provides the basic material of design: the upgrading of conventional products is mainly socks; the expansion of related applications is mainly clothing; and the integration of molded products is mainly clothing accessories.

In 2015, experts from the Joint Industry Association, textile institute, industrial chain enterprise and internationally renowned design organization organized the product warp product design and Research Center, involving three levels of technology, product and market.

1. the level of technological progress: the implementation of raw materials application, equipment improvement, technology improvement, process and production management; implementation of research and development of a single series, combined series of programs, in order to facilitate the combined design.

2. product design level: the development of the mainstream color, style design, variety and specification of the molded product is put forward; the innovative design points from fabric design to finished product design, details and overall design are put forward.

3. market orientation: research the trend of demand at home and abroad, especially domestic production and market trend; put forward new design ideas and achievements, mainly applied to the future research and development of clothing, and form specific categories.

The release of high-end molding products lasted 5 years. In the past 5 years, the warp knitting industry is often a product cycle, that is, the growth of technology driven products, and the promotion of product consumption growth and slowing down. Molding technology is the traditional technology and characteristic technology of knitting, which has been continuously deduced and applied rapidly. The warp knitting technology is characterized by rough, delicate and many other styles. Its product occupies a large quantity and the product cycle is over 5 years.

The participants agreed that the continuous annual publication will witness the development of molded products. Positioning molding and positioning jacquard, separation technology and trimming technology, piecework products and series products, intelligent design and manufacturing are all implemented in warp knitting industry. The refinement of the product is embodied in the molding details and the overall effect of the parts. Molding has integrity, such as clothing and accessories, clothing, pants, skirts and socks, gloves and other organizational structure can be consistent, using raw materials can be different, flower pattern coordination, forming charm and echo each other.

Chen Ziyi, a member of the former expert committee of the China knitwear industry association, said: "the high-end fashion warp knitted products are involved in the design and application of specific products. It is very rare. The Association experts have said that the issue is to teach" colleagues "what to do and how to use it downstream. The innovation of this model has provided a very useful reference for the fabric product release, which can provide a valuable reference for the industry release. The popularity of high-end warp knitted products is the first priority in the research of popular colors. This is a great progress in the research of fashion of knitted garments. This year's publication put forward the idea of "fashion color, collocation and collocation, color and pattern coordination" to provide guidance for clothing production and consumption.

Wei Zizhong, member of the former expert committee of China knitwear industry association, said: "weft knitted products seem to have more products, such as traditional circular knitting machines and flat knitting machines. As experts point out, the advantage of warp knitting is that it is fine in rough, which is recognized by the market. The realization of molding structure and specifications is technically difficult in two aspects, one is the molding process, the other is the product performance (such as the comfort of clothing), and the development needs to be long-term. A small number of enterprises in the country have invested great efforts and have been leading the way, so the protection of intellectual property rights is very important. There is no difference between the famous brand products in the world and the production of superior products in China. However, the domestic research is lagging behind, and the research and epidemic research of the butterfly products is advanced internationally.

Chu Guoping, general manager of Yitai Yiwu Knitting Co., Ltd., pointed out that the development of the molding products in the knitting industry has been over 30 years ago. The mechanism of joint design has been established at home and abroad. The trend of the research is to study the market on the basis of the joint mechanism, innovate the thinking and explore the potential. The annual release of high-end popular trend normalization has already formed some international influence, and the design concept has been widely recognized and highly recognized because the wisdom of industrial chain is embodied. Design ideas and popular elements, as the leading research and development of series products and continuous improvement, require a certain cycle, which is a great effort. Many new product development of Yi butterfly is also a sword for decades. This product can often open up in the international market. In the future, it will continue to integrate the design resources at home and abroad, and promote the consumption of products.

First, the combination of conventional structure and multiple uses: for warp knitted products, the type is woven first and then is worn out. Knitting needles, needles, changing density, modern technology and modern technology can be realized.

Second, the combination of warp knitting technology and new raw materials: the realization depends on raw materials, weaving and dyeing and finishing; we must start from the use of conventional raw materials and the use of differential, functional chemical fiber, natural fiber, to ensure the health while producing fine products.

Third, the integration of traditional technology and Design Innovation: underwear, jacket, casual wear, skirt, socks, accessories, etc., from the beauty, leisure, sports, personalized use requirements to find popular elements, design new products.

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