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The Authority Of The Textile Industry Said So.

2019/10/8 11:59:00 41

Textile IndustryQuality FirstEfficiency First.

Yang Ji Chao

Vice president of China Textile Industry Federation

China's textile industry must adhere to the principle of quality first and efficiency first, adhere to the strategy of innovation driven development, take the structural reform of supply side as the main line, increase variety, improve quality and create brand, and continuously enhance the economic innovation and competitiveness of China's textile industry.

Peng Yan Li

Chairman of China Wool Textile Industry Association

The development of China's textile industry has a new position: technological development, green development and fashion development. There are a large number of small and medium enterprises in the textile industry, and new high tech means should be adopted to achieve the high quality development of small and medium enterprises.

Zhu Ya Wei

Secretary of Jiaxing Municipal Committee and Propaganda Department

The current international economic situation is complicated, supporting the development of small and micro enterprises, and accelerating the development of small and micro enterprise parks. We need new ideas, new models and new kinetic energy. We need the coordinated promotion of all sectors of society.

Wei Qiang Zhu

Members of the Tongxiang Municipal Committee and municipal Party committee

As the permanent venue of the world Internet Conference, Tongxiang should also do a good job of digital transformation and digital high quality development of small and micro enterprise parks. Actively introducing the smart park management system, using big data to drive the industrial upgrading and intelligent management of the park, and strive to build an upgraded version of the small and micro enterprise park.

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