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Under The Autumn Coat, Let You Lovely And Charming.

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A SweaterBelow

Autumn is a season for wearing a sweater. I believe that many girls have more than one or two sweaters in their wardrobe. Many people have black, white, and many other kinds of colors. But how do they match well? This is where many people are entangled.

Wei Yi is a relatively casual style, if it will only wear jeans, then it is a bit too monotonous, but if well matched, you can also wear the effect of fashion reduction age, so today Xiaobian summed up several kinds of sweater dress matching method, let's look at what the beautiful mix.

Early autumn is a good time to wear short skirts. In October, the weather turned a little cooler, but the wind was not particularly sharp, so it was just fitting for this time. Many people like to wear some tight clothes on short skirts.

However, although this is quite attractive, the crash rate is relatively high. If you use a skirt to match a sweater, you can actually wear a different effect. Such a collocation not only looks casual, but also has a full sense of fashion.

Of course, the age reduction effect of the clothes is usually very good, so the whole match looks pretty good, and in this way, the shoes are better matched, either wearing short boots or small white shoes.

Jeans and jeans are even more common, though they are the most comfortable ones. Although it is better to wear them, the most important thing is the comfort.

When wearing a pair of jeans, Xiaobian personally feels that the casual style is more beautiful. Casual jeans can cover some O legged legs or girls whose legs are not straight, and the thin effect is also good.

With a more relaxed sweater on top, it seems to be a sport style as a whole. The wearing of old shoes or small white shoes as a whole is all compared with the effect of reducing age.

Shorts are often seen in many girls' wardrobe. Many people choose to wear shorts in hot summer. But in fact, wearing shorts in early autumn is also more appropriate. The clothes on shorts can choose some expensive clothes to wear.

This method of wear has been quite popular in recent years. If you happen to have a perfect long legged leg, you must not miss such a figure.

In the following match with retro boots, it will appear that the whole person is more handsome. If it is fitted with the age reducing canvas shoes, it will also appear to have a student's feeling. The age reduction effect is really very good.

The spinning skirt is the favorite style of many beautiful little lollies. In summer, many people like to match a beautiful short sleeve on the top of the spinning skirt. But when it comes to early autumn, it will inevitably be cold, so you can put a short paragraph on the top of the spinning skirt.

This shows your waist line very well and looks very high. It also looks full of vitality and full of maiden feeling. Xiao Bian feels that such a pair of underwears is wearing a small white shoe or light colored canvas shoes.

In this way, the whole will match, but nothing is absolute. If you have a better way of matching, it is also very good. After all, it is more important to wear good looks.

The way to wear the above kinds of sweater is summarized by Xiaobian today. Wei Yi is a more colorful clothes. Actually, there are not only these kinds of wear methods, but also some good styles like the autumn ones, which are more popular with the outer coat or windbreaker of the sweater, or directly wear a longer expensive dresses.

The proportion of each person's body, including the style they like, is different. The most important thing is to wear nice looks. What other styles do you want to share with others?

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