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A New Round Of Technological Revolution And Industrial Transformation. "Fabric" "Go Out, Bring In"

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In the past 70 years since the founding of new China, China's textile and garment industry has made rapid progress. At the same time, with the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation forming a historical intersection, the development of China's textile and garment industry has undergone profound changes.

Wise men, seek to take advantage of the situation and take the initiative. Known as "famous silk town in China" and "famous textile town in China", the concept of "ancient Silk Town, textile city and fashion capital" has been put forward in recent years. While consolidating the industrial foundation, Textile and garment industry Under the guidance and promotion of the local government, we actively take the initiative to "go out and introduce", carry out activities such as "weaving thousands of miles into the fabric", "thousands of customers and thousands of businessmen entering the market" and so on. The Textile Expo has been thrived in just a few years and enjoys a good reputation in the whole industry. It has effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry.

Gather and polish the silk.

Finding the right direction is the key to success. The exhibition is the best opportunity for industrial cluster and industry to realize business docking, industrial exchange, fashion publishing and refreshing influence. Focusing on the target of "Silk Town, textile city and fashion capital", we actively enter the exhibition at home and abroad, and through the innovation mode of "going out and introducing", we will polish the new business cards of silk.

At the end of September, it became the most popular "holy place" for the textile and garment industry in the world because of its collection of the top industry and business representatives, buyers, designers and so on. Among them, China's international textile fabrics and accessories fair, which shoulders the lead in the industry trend, grasps the overall direction and guides the future development mission (hereinafter referred to as Intertextile surface accessories exhibition), is more "Yan" and "material".

As the backbone of Intertextile surface accessories exhibition, for many years, we have joined the exhibition in a cohesive manner. We have launched the "gold lining" brand in the world's most influential and influential exhibition platform. This year is no exception.

This year, the exhibition hall has gathered more than 140 elite enterprises such as Hengli, Fuhua, Lixin, Amethyst flower and Xin Wu. They have prepared fist products, will show their latest technology and latest design, and highlight the brand appeal of "Chinese fabric look at".

The Intertextile surface accessories exhibition is the first exhibition of the domestic textile industry. It is the most important platform for the textile and textile enterprises to carry out business docking and realize the exchange of industries. Here, the enterprises in the exhibition group will be exposed to the distributors, garment enterprises, designers and other groups with the demand for fabric procurement, and a short acquaintance can lay a solid foundation for the future cooperation between the two sides.

It is worth mentioning that the products of this exhibitor company have their own characteristics, so that the entire exhibition group has a full range of fabrics to meet the diverse needs of different customers. After years of word-of-mouth accumulation, the brand image of the fabric has gradually spread. With the gradual deepening of the "going out" and "Introduction" mode, the development trend of the textile industry will be more comprehensive.

Go out and show the real power of fabric.

In recent years, Sheng Zejing, quality, superior and beautiful fabric products have gradually entered the market at home and abroad. There is no lack of a strong display of the original strength, original quality textile industry strength.

It is worth noting that the "fabric and miles" is a heavy activity launched in recent years. With the opportunity of famous international exhibitions, we are carrying thousands of miles of textile enterprises into the industrial clusters, trade exhibitions and key enterprises at home and abroad to show the world the fashion, innovation and beautiful fabrics. At the same time, the way of direct docking between suppliers of origin and clothing buyers is deeply recognized by both suppliers and suppliers.

At the beginning of the new year in 2019, the "ten thousand miles of fabric" activities continued to enter the United States and France. In January 21st, China's Eastern Silk Market organized 10 textile enterprises to appear at the twentieth China Textile and clothing trade exhibition (cum) and the American Apparel Fabrics exhibition. Then, on the 11~14 th of February, China's Eastern Silk Market again organized nearly 20 textile enterprises to participate in the China Textile and clothing trade exhibition (cum) and international garment and apparel Procurement Exhibition (spring), showing the charm and strength of the fabric in the world fashion capital.

With the continuous promotion of activities, the influence of good fabric is constantly being refreshed. In July, the designers of the fashion brands, including fashion brands, fashion designers, designers, artists and designers, praised the fashion elements of the fabric, and many designers exchanged their contact with the spinning and weaving enterprises. Among them, the fine yarn fabric, which is good at producing silk fabrics, can be described as "professional counterparts". At the beginning of the conference, many designers stopped, cutting samples, quotations, and keeping contact with each other.

Then, at the 2019 ROK international textile exhibition held in South Korea in August, 40 textile enterprises joined the exhibition again. One of the members of the exhibition group, the editor in charge of morning warp knitting, said: "this exhibition will not only create a reputation for the enterprise, but also help us understand the market demand, establish connections and tap potential customers."

In September, in charge of the "ten thousand miles of fabric," the head of the apparel company expressed with delight that the arrival of the fabric was a win-win process, and that it was exposed to the first-rate hot fabrics, and the fabric suppliers harvested the customer orders. "This is just the beginning, and our cooperation will start slowly."

In a series of activities, thousands of companies have been able to achieve effective communication and resource sharing through the zero distance contact between many garment enterprises and fabric enterprises, which not only improves the competitiveness and influence of the fabric in the domestic and foreign markets, but also explores the construction of a fast and efficient supply chain and industrial chain.

Introduce to the world and show the achievements of textile industry.

If we say "ten thousand miles of fabric" is the successful case of "going out" and enhancing the competitiveness of the products and the influence of the cluster in a comprehensive way, then, "thousands of customers and thousands of merchants will enter the market" is another innovation to bring in the "import and come" and to display the centripetal force and cohesive force in an all-round way.

As an important part of the activities of "thousands of customers and businessmen," the Textile Expo has strong appeal in the industry. Looking back last year, 43 thousand and 200 domestic and foreign textile and garment buyers, 5197 single intention orders and 1 billion 527 million yuan intentional transaction amount were reviewed. A series of figures shows strong commercial docking and information interaction capabilities.

Recently, the reporter learned from the organizer of the Sixth China Textile Expo that the exhibition will be successfully completed on October 16~18 at the International Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, hundreds of enterprises from all over the country will be gathered here again.

"Textile Fair is rooted in this piece of textile fertile soil, is an important platform for textile enterprises to seek business opportunities and seek development. It is also an important window for the world to show the achievements of textile industry development." The organizers of the textile fair said that since the start of the exhibition, the textile enterprises of all parts of the country have responded positively. Hengli, Sheng Hong, Hua Jia, Fu Hua and Dingsheng textile enterprises have already signed up for exhibitors, and many other textile enterprises will also go to the industry.

He also mentioned that the organizers also offered an invitation to the purchasers of the United States, Germany, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and other countries, and actively contacted with many famous domestic foreign trade companies such as the textile and textile group and the Suzhou Textile Group, as well as the well-known brands of clothing brands, such as rink and silk, fan Ke pin, Han Dasi, and October Ma, and invited them to participate in the exhibition as buyers.

It is worth mentioning that this year's Textile Fair will not only provide an exchange and docking platform for both sides, but will also hold 2019 fiber / yarn and textile new materials exhibition. The official also said that as the new highlight of the current Textile Expo, the exhibition of 2019 fiber, yarn and textile new materials will be held in the form of theme pavilions. With the theme of "technology ecology + green environment", the exhibition will fully display textile products, such as fibers, yarns and new materials, and build a one-stop shopping platform for all fiber yarns.

It has to be said that the innovative exhibition at home and the sincerity of the roving world are not only showing the charm and strength of the fabric, the influence and cohesion of the industry, but also to the whole country and the world. Today's textile industry, based on a complete industrial chain foundation, has successfully realized the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry through the combination of "going out" and "bringing in". It also shows the bright prospects for the development of the textile industry.

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