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Tribute To The Founding Of New China 70Th Anniversary Visionstreetwear Parade Memorial Limited Series Released

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On the occasion of the 70th anniversary founding of new China, the famous skateboard brand VisionStreetWear joined hands with the "70th anniversary parade Memorial badge" to launch the 70th anniversary parade review limited series of new China. Each section contains a T-shirt specially designed according to the "70th anniversary parade guard badge" and a "70th anniversary parade guard badge" worn by officers and soldiers participating in the grand parade. The restricted series was officially put on sale in October 1st. The purpose of this series is to offer 70th anniversary tribute to VisionStreetWear, and also to express the salute of young people's favorite skateboard Street brand to the aspiring youths who dedicate their motherland to all fields.

"WORK HARD, SKATE HARD" is one of VisionStreetWear's beliefs. It represents contemporary youth's solidarity and perseverance. Just like the officers and soldiers in the parade square team, they are mostly post-90s. In order to present the most perfect state of the national day, they are training on top of the hot sun, but even though they are bitter, they have not given up. This spirit of "persistence, perseverance" fits perfectly with the concept VisionStreetWear wants to express. VisionStreetWear has always been striving for life and striving for the brand concept. It conveys the attitude of contemporary young people with a sense of national pride.

This 70th anniversary restricted series T-shirt, the design style and LOGO EMBLEM perfect combination, front printed directly logo logo, behind the classic LOGO hue to fit the 70th anniversary celebration gold and red is the main, the border with auxiliary design, the overall design is biased towards the modern fashion style, to maximize the New Oriental aesthetic tonality, is the fusion of contemporary Chinese youth pioneer spirit and patriotic feelings.

In celebration of the 70th anniversary celebration of the founding ceremony, officers and soldiers of the parade team wore "celebrate the establishment of the 70th anniversary parade special emblem". The "7" glyph and the "0" glyph of golden cloud constitute the word "70", which means that the people's Republic of China is set up in 70th anniversary. The meaning of the people's army is always like iron and steel, protecting the people's Republic of China and the national transportation; the dragon like the head of the dragon, symbolizing the soaring of the Chinese nation and the revival of the nation; the opening "0" auspicious clouds imply that the Chinese civilization is open and inclusive, with all the rivers and streams, and the mutual learning of civilization; and the words "1949-2019" inscribed on the Huai table and the inscription on the upper hand, meaning the celebration of the October 1, 1949 and the 70 years after that, all have solemn testimony of the "harmony". The elements in the badge include flags, hems, watches, clouds and auspicious clouds.

VisionStreetWear this 70th anniversary series of cooperation with the commemorative badge of the parade is a fusion of the spirit of patriotic emblem and the spirit of maintaining peace, openness and communion, all rivers and streams, and mutual learning of civilization. It is also a tribute to the establishment of 70th anniversary. The 70th anniversary restricted series was officially launched in 34 stores in the major cities of China, such as October 1st, China, and so on. There are 1000 sets in the country, priced at 398 yuan per set, including a T-shirt specially designed according to the "70th anniversary parade guard badge" and a "70th anniversary parade Memorial badge" which is worn by officers and soldiers participating in the grand parade. It is a special 70th anniversary product commemorating the founding of new China, which has great collection value and value.

VisionStreetWear originated in 1976 as a street skateboard brand, which is deeply rooted in subcultures such as skateboards and music. Now it has more than forty years of brand history. It is recognized as the earliest street fashion style and has always adhered to the development and attitude belief of subculture. Now it has become one of the most respected street brands in skateboarding. Vision redefines skateboards and street style by boldly using exaggerated visual patterns on skateboards, T-shirts and shoes. Today, many classic visual graphics are still used by the VISION brand, and have become the most popular and admirable symbols in skateboarding and street culture.

In the future, VisionStreetWear will continue to be deeply rooted in the Chinese market, bringing more young people's attitude and original spirit and design, enriching the Chinese youth trend market, and even more concentrating the belief that Chinese young people should unite as one and be positive.

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