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"Slash Hot Mom", "Ai Ma", The Fans Of Asian Fast Fashion Women'S Brands.

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She is the latest designer in the field of fashion. She is the most incisive and the most intelligent. In October 26, 2019, Zu Ai will bring her original brand "ZUAI (Zu Ai)" to the central hall of China International Fashion Week, and release the world's first show of ZUAI 2020 spring and summer. Being able to be invited to such an authoritative event is also enough to prove that she has become the leader of the original designer and women's clothing brand recognized by the fashion circle.

"Fast and fast" challenges the fast fashion field

In the past few years, fast fashion has always been an endless sight. In the Chinese market around 2010, the domestic original brand is still in its infancy. The electricity supplier's clothing sales are not as hot as it is now. The brand with high cost performance is not much optional. This makes H&M, ZARA, UNIQLO and other fast fashion retail brands fire up in China, and also serve as a shortcut for young people to understand fashion. Fast fashion brands greatly stimulate consumers' desire to buy goods because of their characteristics such as fast delivery time, close price and close trend.

At the same time, the drawbacks of "fast fashion" are also beginning to show: at the beginning, fast fashion was due to the low price fashion route, sacrificing the quality of products first; in order to follow the fashion design that followed the trend and blindly repeat the design of the other fashion brands, the "same money" that could be met across the street, in order to maintain the extremely high update speed, retailers seemed to be more and more unaware of the quality of clothes, and the fast fashion brands from Europe and America were repeatedly trapped in the quality gate in China.

"If the material and durability are considered within the consideration of price performance, these brands are really not as good as those of the explosion." A Post-80's white collar said. Fast fashion brands are bigger, and for fast new rates, fast fashion brands use all kinds of online sales channels to accelerate sales of off-season goods and unmarketable goods during the season. In 2012, she began to perceive the rise of electric providers and the impact on physical shops. On the basis of the original "Zi AI" brand, the brand of fast fashion women was soon created, and the time frame for designing shelves was shorter. The frequency of updating three times per month was maintained, and the product was updated more than 30 times per month, and the control period was 15 days. The "brand burden" and the serious backlog of inventory are in contradiction.

  From the life mentor of millions of fans to the global trend judge

Under the trend of "thousand faces and thousands of noodles," the trend of female consumption is that she can accurately give the fashion trend. First, it relies on the consumption data of the first purchasing power and repurchase from the female consumers. Two, it is a familiar way to predict the consumption trend of Oriental fashion women by professional competence. The three is the consumption habits and preferences of single female consumers about clothing, cosmetics, maintenance, adornment, mother and baby, and so on. This makes us more precise and specific about the age structure, family structure, consumption preference and consumption behavior of female consumers.

Her bottom line is from another important identity of her mother, who is the head anchor, "she is a mother". She runs a brand named Gao Ding women's clothing "ZUAI". Her customers are mainly fans. In addition to the original design features of the independent design, for each new dress, she tries to wear the camera on the side, introducing the color, material, design details and the feeling of wearing on the clothes. At the same time, it will remind the fans how to match the clothes, or recommend the appropriate size according to the shape of the fans.

Day by day experience accumulated and big data provided her with a deeper understanding of female fans in the long term dealings with women, and accumulated enough experience to make more targeted planning and adjustment of live content. She said that after three years of live broadcast, the trust and tacit understanding between her fans and her fans almost allowed her to quickly assess whether a product could be sold in its own live room. In her studio, every time the new product was instantly exposed to seconds, she was refreshing her own record at an incredible speed. In the whole year of 2018, only a small live studio of "Ai Ai Ma" created a "miracle" of more than 1 billion 400 million transactions, including sales of hundreds of thousands of "repeat customers". Such carrying capacity has far exceeded the effect of some celebrity endorsements. And anchor himself, like a star, has his fans.

Over time, she had a keen touch on the flow preferences, and had a detailed insight into the trend. Today, she is no longer a simple net anchor anchor. It has already won the most valuable brand value, and has more than 20 commercial awards such as commercial value. It has become the IP leading brand of maternal and infant fashion life. Why do you say so? Because of her appeal in many cross boundary categories, she has been involved in the whole life line from the original footwear, parent-child dress, snacks, make-up, skin care, jewelry, general merchandise and so on. However, the original dress is still her top priority.

Original designer of fashion women's wear

However, unlike other halfway players, Zai AI is a real "professional girl". Before he did live broadcast, he went to France to learn fashion ideas. After returning to China, he started a studio and began designing clothes, matching fabrics and accessories. After making live broadcast in 2016, although most of the time was put on the live broadcast, it had not abandoned its brand dream.

In 2012, she started the road of entrepreneurship, and invested in the clothing industry that could give full play to her personal advantages. She chose the brand still named "ZUAI", the main fashion of fast fashion women's clothing, from design to production, "self-produced and self marketing". At that time, all the fast fashion brands were still competing in the Chinese market and competing for market share. There was still a large gap in the fast fashion of the domestic original brands, and Zu Ai and Zu Ai were keen to seize this opportunity.

"The fashion industry can hardly guarantee the patentability of the design, and the designers themselves start by imitation. Learn to imitate, then imitate well, imitate well, imitate and change, innovate, this is the growth process of the designer. An industry veteran said.

But her mother did not agree with her. She insisted that "though a fabric is inanimate, it must have a soul." Between words, she picked out a red sweater from a pile of clothes at her hand and showed it to us. This dress looked plain, and looked at it, but it could be found to be different: the details of stacked thousand fold collar, the geometric pattern of sleeves, and so on, better reflected the unique design charm. The designer's inspiration is not to look at other shops, but to go around the world and buy them. After the popular information and big case studies, they will improve their homemade designs.

Fast fashion brand products change rapidly, making net red easy, Changhong is very difficult. Every year, the popularity of the market is constantly iterated, and the classic money left by the market is rare. "Net red" curtain call is a matter of time. Those who really know how to succeed are those who know how to make changes in the times. As well as innovation and innovation, she has been walking in front of the times. She even wants to be a "life style tutor", who is a fashion designer, fashion designer, a million class fans. At the moment, she cast her eyes farther, targeting the international fashion stage, and the life experience museum under the line is also in the planning layout, although it is only a blueprint in the brain at present. Yu Zu Ai Ma, the brand development after the TOP anchor is just beginning.

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