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China'S Chemical Fiber Navigator "Multi Faceted Tung Kun": 100 Years On The Road

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Multi Faceted Tung KunChemical Fiber

This is located in the town of Chau Chau Chau. Thirty-eight Private chemical fiber enterprises operating in the past year. Issued by the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association Two thousand and eighteen In the year of China's chemical fiber industry output ranking, he ranks first in the comprehensive rankings, and at the same time the following three subdivision lists -- polyester civilian filament (excluding) DTY Polyester fiber POY He also ranks first in sliced spinning polyester filament, which is still the top spot in the world. He is the Tung Kun group (hereinafter referred to as Tong Kun) - the world's largest polyester filament manufacturer.

What does the status of the world's largest polyester filament manufacturer represent? Two thousand and eighteen Chemical fiber output in China Five thousand and eleven 10 million tons, accounting for nearly all of the world's chemical fiber production. 70% And this is one of them. 80% It is polyester, and the proportion of filament production in polyester is more than half. It is not necessary to talk about the leading position of Tong Kun in the global fiber industry.

The accumulation of silicon is not even a thousand li. Today, Tong Kun's industry status relies on yesterday's accumulation. However, the "big volume" - this barbaric label can not fully outline Tung Kun. Behind his huge volume, what we see is a clank of flesh and blood, sentient beings, righteousness, impetuosity, and no exaggeration.

Tung Kun's "temperature":

To commemorate the unforgettable history.

Can you imagine? "Tong Kun" -- such a name in today's global chemical fiber industry like thunder, has come from a sad and moving story.

The predecessor of "Tong Kun" was founded. One thousand nine hundred and eighty-one It is the first township enterprise specializing in the production of chemical fiber filament. At the beginning of the founding, the Xian Xian chemical fiber factory enjoyed a good day to earn money due to the imbalance between market supply and demand. However, the good times are not long. One thousand nine hundred and ninety In 2003, it became the number one enterprise in the province's chemical fiber spinning industry.

It is difficult for enterprises to continue. Two hundred A number of workers jointly sent a letter to the Party committee and government of Chau Quan Town, calling for the adjustment of the leading bodies of enterprises. When he was the deputy factory director of Feng Ming chemical fiber factory Twenty-eight Chen Shiliang, a year old, has taken on the task of revitalization of the chemical fiber factory. When Chen Shiliang took office, he made an internal reform and actively expanded production capacity. One hundred Ten thousand yuan. However, Chen Shiliang was not satisfied with the current situation. He began to aim at the growth point of the next market when he was in peace and danger. Polyester filament has become the target of adjusting product structure of Tong Kun for its superior performance and wide application area.

But where do we want to go for technological transformation and development? It was difficult to raise funds for technological transformation through financing channels such as banks. As a result, the company went to the market to win the support and trust with sincerity and a practical and feasible cooperation plan. The San San Shan group bought an annual production on credit. One thousand ton KP431 The polyester spinning machine, which is followed by the chemical fiber equipment factory, has reached an agreement with the newly developed two annual production. Two thousand Tons SKV102 The polyester spinning machine is tried out in the chemical fiber factory by trial production.

In this way, the original demand Three thousand Ten thousand years of capital and several years of transformation and technological transformation projects were completed successfully in only one year. In order to make the enterprise remember this hard won entrepreneurial course, at the same time, we express our gratitude to the San Su Shan Group and the chemical fiber plant. One thousand nine hundred and ninety-five In the year when the company formed a group, it was officially renamed "Tong Kun".

A Tong Ming Kun, who has a name and affection, has just embarked on a healthy track after that. from One thousand nine hundred and ninety-one So far, Tong Kun has miraculously achieved "five no" in the industry: no annual loss, no external guarantee loan, no sales receivables, no product backlog stock, no production stop production. Even in Two thousand and eight In the year of financial crisis, Tung Kun also went against the tide and invested heavily. Twelve  Billion yuan started the world's largest single line production of melt direct spinning projects. Two thousand and eleven  year Five  month Eighteen  On the same day, "Tong Kun shares" was successfully listed and launched a new blueprint for development. Today, Tong Kun has become the largest manufacturer of polyester filament in the world. Six hundred and twenty Million tons polymerization Six hundred and seventy 000 tons polyester filament, Four hundred and twenty Ten thousand tons PTA Annual production and processing capacity, there are five major series. One thousand The production capacity of many polyester filament products exceeds the product differentiation rate. 60% From 50D reach 1000D Almost all sizes of polyester filament can be produced. It is called the "polyester" of China polyester filament industry.

Tung Kun's attitude:

Green production practices the social responsibility of the world's strong enterprises

As the leading enterprise of the world's polyester filament production and output, Tong Kun has the necessary pattern and awareness of big enterprises. Tong Kun has always adhered to the path of environmental protection, advancing clean production and green manufacturing, developing circular economy, and driving the chemical fiber industry to make full use of resources, green, low carbon, clean and safe. "There is no trick to save electricity, and turn off the lights at first hand". Tips like this can be seen everywhere in the administrative building and production workshop of Tong Kun group.

At present, clean production and recycling economy have achieved fruitful results: the group has continued to increase environmental protection investment and renovation efforts, and has carried out technological transformation of existing plant areas and existing installations every year. The effect of environmental control and energy conservation and consumption reduction is very significant. The acetaldehyde recovery project of Hengsheng, Hengtong, Hengbang and Hengteng branches of the group has been put into operation smoothly, and the installed capacity of Hengtong industrial and Hengteng solar power projects has reached 13.5MW Annual power generation exceeds One thousand and three hundred Wan Du, a handful in the industry; the waste heat power generation project of the petrochemical waste gas, the energy saving transformation of the circulating water system, the reclaimed water reuse system, the sludge drying project, the waste silk pelletizing project and the dyeing water treatment system in the plant area of the park, Hengda. FDY The oil and gas separation system, Hengsheng company's desulfurization and dust removal system has been put into use. The "green multi-functional differential polyester fiber manufacturing and application technology integration innovation" project, led by Tong Kun group, was selected as the national green manufacturing system integration project and became the first one to be selected as the "national team".

The height of Tong Kun:

Whole industry chain + A world class integrated chemical fiber enterprise with integrated process

Today's polyester industry is "the whole industry chain is king", and Tong Kun is in the early days. Two thousand and twelve In 2003, the whole industry chain began to move upwards.

Two thousand and twelve In 2000, Tong Kun shares listed and invested in SINOPEC. Eighty Million tons of purified terephthalic acid ( PTA Project; Two thousand and fifteen Annual share of Zhejiang Petrochemical Company Four thousand The ten thousand ton refining and chemical integration project is implemented in two phases. Two thousand Ten thousand ton refinery plant has been Two thousand and eighteen year Five The month starts to go into operation. Two thousand and eighteen year Four In the month, the project of coal to ethylene glycol was launched by Tong Kun Laozi, and it was a key step towards the second core materials of polyester filament.

It is commendable that, thanks to the years of trial and error in the polyester industry and the accurate judgement of the future development direction of the industry, Tong Kun started the industry first in the early days of the new project. PTA- polyester - Integrated design of filament and raw materials PX The integrated production of polyester filament production, inspection, automatic dropping, conveying, packaging and warehousing is effective in reducing intermediate links, improving production efficiency and intensive utilization of land, reducing attrition and increasing efficiency and comprehensive utilization of resources.

There is temperature, attitude, and height. As a world-class enterprise like Tong Kun, he is rich, vivid and three-dimensional, but more importantly, he never stops. With the mission of "running the fiber industry and improving the livelihood of the people", Tong Kun is walking on the road to realize the Centennial enterprise's struggle. Tung Kun's dream is to become a "full industry chain enterprise", an "advanced chemical fiber manufacturing enterprise" and a "green intelligent enterprise" with a capacity of over ten million.

How to get to the other side? But don't ask for your future at your feet. For Tong Kun's tomorrow, we are looking forward to it.


The founding of new China Seventy In recent years, China's chemical fiber industry has made remarkable achievements. And Tung Kun can go to the tide of the times today can be said to be a storm, it is not easy. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the road of high quality development of the main chemical fiber industry, and always adhere to the "Li Guo people's livelihood" initial dedication to the development of the industry.

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