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Group Customized Clothing Sales Hot Custom Business Or Will Become A New Trend.

2019/10/8 12:34:00 0

National Day

In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary founding of new China, all walks of life spontaneously organize group activities to celebrate the motherland, and the group customized garment industry has come to a hot sales period.

The Chinese Commercial Daily reporter recently visited a number of e-commerce platforms and found that the sales of customized clothing were hot. A custom-made clothing store customer service officer told the China Commercial Daily reporter that the custom-made clothing orders often came from the company group building, school community activities, and so on. Since September, the number of orders for group clothing that customize the 70th anniversary themes of new China has been increasing, the number of orders increased by more than three times than usual, and the unit price of each order has also increased.
At the same time, the customer service personnel told reporters that clothing custom patterns can be provided by shops, and can also be designed according to the needs of consumers. If there are urgent orders, hundreds of products can be completed within a day.
It is understood that the current pattern of printing is generally heat transfer printing and screen printing. According to a number of shop owners, screen printing is to squeeze ink into the product through the screen board, and heat transfer printing is to use a special membrane to heat the film and then stick the content onto the product. In contrast, heat transfer printing is better than silk screen printing, and the color is brighter. Of course, heat transfer printing products are also about 10 yuan more expensive than screen printing products.
It is worth noting that at present, group customized clothing business is mostly stored in online channels. A seller told the China Commercial Daily reporter that the characteristics of clothing customization are to set production and produce on demand, compared with offline stores, there will not be a large number of inventory problems. However, due to the instability of orders for garment customization business, the offline stores occupy a lot of costs, and the profit margins are reduced to online sales because of cost considerations.
In fact, with the upgrading of consumption, consumers' demand for customized garments is becoming more and more intense. Compared with group customized garments, consumers are more concerned about the customizing trend of everyday clothes. At present, the clothing customization business in the market is still in the initial stage, and most of the customized garments are Internet companies. A clothing industry observation expert told the China Commercial Daily reporter that if customized business is to form large-scale and routine production, intelligent and technological supply chain must be launched, so that the design side can meet the customized needs of consumers. The experts said that China's clothing customization business model is still under exploration, with the establishment and launch of the Ministry of industry's customized standards, customized business will become a new trend in the apparel industry.

Source: China Daily News / China business network: Wang Yue

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