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Textile People Were Invited To Attend The National Day Convention. They Excitedly Said So.

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National DayTextile People

During the 70th anniversary National Day of the founding of new China, some representatives from the textile industry were invited to Beijing, and participated in the celebration activities with honor.

As a national model worker, Yang Pu, a machine operator of the textile machinery group, was invited by the National Federation of trade unions to attend the National Day 70th anniversary celebration conference held on October 1st in the square square.

Yang Pu, who boarded the balcony, was excited and excited. He said excitedly that the honor was not only his own, but also the national textile worker. He belonged to Yanzhao children. He belonged to a textile worker. Only by starting from the beginning and building up a new era, could he afford this heavy glory.

After 80 years, Yang Pu has been pursuing the dream of textile power in his post. He has been sweating over the weaving machine for 19 years, and has won many awards. He has won numerous honorary titles such as the national labor model, the Eleventh China skills award, the Chinese youth 54 medal, the Chinese textile craftsman, the advanced individual, the provincial and provincial outstanding communist party members, the provincial and provincial gold medal workers and so on. She was elected honorable to the nineteen major representatives of the party, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League and provincial Party committee, enjoying the special allowance of the State Council.

Wang Xiaojing, Minister of textile work of China finance, trade, light textile and tobacco trade union, was elected as the "model example" in 2017.

"I was born in 1969 and spent half a century with new China," she told reporters. When I was 35th anniversary, I was a member of the capital youth wreath square. In those days, with endless passion, we cried again and again, "long live the motherland" and walked through the square. This year is the 70th anniversary time of the founding of new China, and I am honored to be on the stage. I grew up with my motherland, and I made progress with my motherland. Now, standing at the new starting point of the new era, I would like to shout again from my heart: "long live the motherland!"

She said she wanted to be born in a great era, devote herself to great cause and build a great motherland.

Zhang Guoliang, the chairman of the provincial Eagle travel Textile Machinery Group Co., Ltd., as a representative of the scientific and technological circles, was invited to attend the National Day convention. He told the China textile daily reporter that he was excited by the early morning's departure from the station, reflected in the sunlight and onto the stand on the Jinshui bridge, and sincerely felt the importance attached by the party and the state to the scientists and technicians.

In the process of parade, he was particularly focused as a research and development worker of high and new materials. When he came out with military equipment made of high-tech materials, he cheered with many scientific and technological workers around. "This is the pride of the motherland and the pride of the scientific and technological workers."

Zhang Guoliang said that we sang together to sing the praises of our motherland. We felt extremely united and proud. Every face was filled with a sincere and happy smile. He said: "I have contributed to national important science and technology projects, and I feel steadfast and proud in my heart. I am determined to continue to work hard in the future to make good contributions to the country and make new contributions to the country.

Zhang Guoliang is both an entrepreneur and a technology worker who has long focused on product development and technological innovation. He has made outstanding contributions in textile machinery, carbon fiber, complete sets of carbon fiber equipment, carbon fiber products and textiles. Presided over the completion of 7 major scientific and technological projects in the country, as the first adult of the carbon fiber project, won 1 first prize of national science and technology progress, 2 first prize of science and technology progress at provincial and ministerial level, and the scientific and technological innovation award of Ho Liang Ho Li fund.

On the evening of September 29th, the chairman of the Party committee of the red bean group and chairman of the board of directors and CEO, were invited to attend the National Day 70th anniversary cultural evening party hosted by the Great Hall of the people. In October 1st, he ascended the hall to attend the ceremony to celebrate the 70th anniversary celebration of the founding of the people's Republic of China.

It is understood that, on the evening of 29, the 70th anniversary National Day party, the representatives of private entrepreneurs, such as Liang Wengen, Ren, and so on, were invited to attend. He said that this is exactly what the general secretary said, "private enterprises and private entrepreneurs are our own people". This is a cause for all private entrepreneurs to be excited and encouraged.

The 70 year of the founding of new China is the 70 years led by the Communist Party of China to lead the Chinese people in a concerted effort and struggle to overcome all kinds of hardships and twists. Today, under the leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Hu as the core, we are closer to realizing the "China dream" than ever before.

As an excellent party worker in the country, he always forgets his status as a party member. He said, now the second batch of education that has not forgotten the mind and remember the mission has been carried out. After going back, he will give all the staff members' experience and feelings to participate in the celebration of the 70th Anniversary Series celebration activities, and listen to them, strengthen patriotic education, and let red beans live up to the title of the advanced grass-roots party organizations in the whole country.

At the same time, he is very proud of the progress and development of the great motherland, and is full of confidence in realizing the bright future of the Chinese nation's great revival of the Chinese dream. He said that the predecessor of the red bean group was founded in 1957. It can be said that the enterprise that grew up with the founding of new China has witnessed the great changes that have taken place in New China and become stronger and stronger. At the time of the 60th anniversary founding of new China, he became the only representative of Chinese township enterprises and boarded the "agricultural achievement" floats and cruised the square. This year, he was invited to attend the 70th anniversary series of activities of new China and invited to the ceremony. It is not only the glory of red beans, but also the glory of all the private enterprises, because the red bean group, which has a history of more than 60 years, is a miniature of thousands of private enterprises.

He said that in the new historical period, private enterprises should firmly follow the party's belief and love our great motherland. Every red bean people should be a powerful force with the founding of new China 70th anniversary. We should not forget our hearts, bear in mind our mission, and strive for the success of building a well-off society in an all-round way, realizing the people's yearning for a better life, winning the great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and realizing the Chinese dream of Wei Dafu, the Chinese nation.

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