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Twelve Hours And 135 Million Yuan! Changshu'S "Strict Selection" Taobao Records

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Changshu'S Second Cross-Border E-Commerce SummitE-CommerceChangshu Clothing City

The rise of the new retail era and the direct seeding economy brings about the innovation and transformation of the business mode. As the largest clothing market in Changshu, the garment city of Changshu is catching up with the times and the pulse of industrial development. With Taobao's live broadcast on the new retail development road, it is innovating and striving for breakthrough. Once again, a disruptive industrial live broadcasting activity is launched to help the transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry in a comprehensive way.

Chinese style Brilliant results! Create a number of records in one day!

12 hours, 7 Theme markets, more than 60 anchors and 135 million yuan sales. Changshu live broadcasting industry A perfect answer was sent to the double 10 live autumn and winter awards. As an important producer of down jacket and autumn winter clothing, Changshu garment city insists on strict selection of brand, with high requirements, high quality and high standard. Brand clothing It has won the welcome and love of the hosts and fans. On the day of the activity, the 7 big markets were strongly linked, and the best clothing in autumn and winter was selected. No complaints were recorded, the refund rate was far below the average level, the viewing volume was close to 18 million 500 thousand people, the number of orders was nearly 700 thousand, and the turnover amounted to 135 million yuan, which once again created a number of industrial live broadcast records.

Chinese style Super head anchor new force strong rise!

What is worth mentioning is that this Changshu industrial belt host group "strong rise", many anchors broke through the personal highest record, for the industrial belt direct examination 1st Anniversary big tests, has handed out a beautiful transcript. Among them, Changshu's well-known head anchor "Ke Ke _baby" clinch a deal 16 million 300 thousand, "Huang Xiaomin" clinch a deal 11 million 580 thousand, respectively successfully reached the top 5 of Taobao TOP, has become a veritable super head anchor new force!

TOP1 is born.

Since the development of Changshu, the live broadcast industry belt has always been the benchmark for the owner of the national costume boss, and has successfully hatched a host of TOP100 owners. In this year's Taobao live industry with double 10 live autumn and winter awards, "Ping Mei Mei" became famous in the first World War, and traded 1 million 842 thousand in a single field. It became a real owner of China's TOP1, which combines design, production and new retail sales.

Solid wholesale + live direct supply is the top spot in the industry.

With the full coming of the 5G era, the direct seeding industry belt is showing explosive growth. The demand side of the live broadcast will further drive the rapid transformation of the supply side of the market stalls. As the leading transformation of Changshu's clothing market as the representative of the state-owned capital market, the garment industry has already been the forefront of the nationwide clothing and apparel market, and the total sales volume of the industrial belt has been the top of the national industrial belt. At the same time, Changshu Garment City adheres to the two wheel drive mode of "solid wholesale + direct sourcing". It is not only the deep integration of online and offline industries, but also represents the endless extension of the future consumption development trend, and promotes the integration of new retail and Changshu textile industry, constantly welcomes and develops new market and brand sales channels, so as to inject fresh vitality and vitality into Changshu's textile and garment industry.

Liu Ya, director of the live broadcasting Office of Changshu Industrial Zone, enters the live room and hosts fans interaction.

Growth and Transformation: high-quality industrial belt + powerful supply chain!

He recalled the October 18, 2018 industry band live day activity, with only three supply chains with group cargo capacity. This year, Taobao's live broadcasting industry has double 10 live autumn and winter appreciation activities. Through the early effective resource integration of the live broadcast Office of Changshu Garment City, the Changshu direct broadcast industrial belt now has nearly 40 supply chains providing "live bags". It can take over 100 head anchors at the same time, and has the outstanding strength to undertake any large-scale live events. It is because of such a strong base and supply chain support that it has achieved the perfect result of this event.

The birth of IP, a new industrial belt in Changshu, was born.

On October 11, after the close cooperation, Changshu garment city actively organized various markets, anchors, agencies and supply chains in the region to participate in the "Taobao live industry with double 10 live autumn and winter appreciation". This event has comprehensively linked several thematic markets in the clothing area of Changshu, such as men's wear center, shopping mall, shoe industry center, children's wear center, NSS new foreign trade village women's clothing city, women's world, world clothing center, etc., giving full play to the advantages of industrial belt supply chain, and creating a new industrial belt IP with strict selection in Changshu through the excellent and excellent selection of the major markets and the supply chain.

The future is coming, the future can be looked forward to, deep integration and continuous efforts.

The clothing city of Changshu is not only a 100 billion professional clothing market in China, but also an important source of goods in the country. Its depth and breadth are equally important. The price and quality are combined and the huge supply chain system is the most important part of the development and attention of the industry. It is also the mainstream of the future business mode.

Relying on such rapid development momentum, Changshu clothing City We will continue to work with Taobao industry to conduct more in-depth and continuous cooperation and integration. At the same time, we will join hands with many head anchors to promote effective links between various links in the industrial chain through breakthroughs and innovations in business models and brand marketing. We will move forward to the new economic era of Changshu and continue to empower new retail formats. This will help push forward the transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry in Changshu and further promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry, and open up a brilliant door to the new business mode and retail channel.

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