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Wenzhou Fashion Show Highlights New Model To Trigger New Experience

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WenzhouFashion ShowNew Mode

   2019 China (Wenzhou) fashion custom exhibition and textile accessories accessories sewing equipment exhibition It will be held on ~10 November 8th. Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre (5, hall 6) held in a grand ceremony. At that time, domestic and foreign brands, design institutes, fashion personas, purchasers and national professional market traders will gather in Wenzhou to open a fusion. Upstream and downstream of industrial chain Fashion trip.

The exhibition is co sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce and the Wenzhou Municipal People's government. It aims to build a comprehensive channel, multi-directional and precise platform for the promotion of high-quality fashion customized brands and industrial chain enterprises, and promote the customized features of Wenzhou fashion and fashion. In order to achieve effective linkage in the new industrial mode, it will form an organic ecosystem in the garment customization industry, and help promote the rapid development of "new mode", "new experience" and "new retail" in garment customization.

With the coming of the exhibition, the highlights of the exhibition will emerge, and the new and better mode will bring new fashion experience to the participants.

   Highlights 1. four exhibition area covering the whole industry chain

The exhibition is expected to have an exhibition area of 15 thousand square meters and 150 exhibitors. The exhibition covers clothing custom brand, textile surface accessories, sewing equipment and intelligent manufacturing, service agencies and so on. The four major exhibition areas of clothing brand customization area, textile surface accessories area, sewing equipment area, ODM designer brand area will be set up, covering the upstream and downstream of the apparel industry chain.

Among them, the famous clothing custom enterprises such as Dong Meng, the news bird, and Yun Yun intelligent (AOKANG) and the designer brands such as kupy, rekun, San Carol, soma, vnikha, zimbo and so on will present the latest ideas and new products to the exhibition. The textile accessories enterprises such as GE Ke, cross trade, Zhuang Hai, Fangyuan and dragon Kang, as well as Zhejiang Tianming, Huayuan Western-style clothes equipment and Yongle sewing equipment will present new textile technology, new products and new trends, and will bring vitality to the fashion custom.

   Highlights 2. join together to win together

Wenzhou, as China's first fashion customization demonstration base, has strong clothing industry. At this exhibition, the women's clothing association of Wenzhou clothing trade center will organize 8 enterprises to concentrate on the exhibition, and jointly display the special charm of Wenzhou women's clothing. Wenzhou Ouhai Garment Association will also carry a group of outstanding ODM enterprises to participate in the exhibition, with a high degree of agglomeration to highlight the Wenzhou style of clothing industry.

In addition, it is noteworthy that the 12 Italy brand Italy Pavilion will bring the most cutting-edge fashion design and fashion concept to bring international and fashion innovation factors to the exhibition.

   Highlights 3. colorful activities creative burst

During the exhibition, a series of professional and efficient activities that bloom and up and down will burst forth endless creativity and greatly enrich the connotation and value of the exhibition. 2021 theme sharing of autumn and winter theme trends and planning sharing sessions, women's fashion trends and market future will be concentrated in the exhibition area. In addition, Wenzhou menswear senior custom joint show, Wenzhou professional wear custom show, 2019 Wenzhou fashion show small spokesperson contest model and children's designer Selection Contest Finals and awards ceremony will be held in a dynamic publishing center.

In addition, the Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center will also hold the 2019 China shoe capital footwear procurement Festival at the same time. The two exhibitions will form a strong linkage and complementary trend, highlighting Wenzhou's industrial characteristics.

   Highlights 4. theme forum industry focus

After more than ten years of development and expansion, Wenzhou fashion custom exhibition is no longer limited to providing commercial needs for both sides. It is also a great collision between industry intelligence and the fusion of the frontier trend of thought.

In addition to the wonderful activities on the spot, the "China fashion fashion summit" will be gathered at the leadership of the Wenzhou municipal government, the leaders of the major business associations, the academic experts, the industry experts and the business representatives. The theme of the "fashion consumer shops and consumer new scenes" will be discussed together to analyze the current situation and future trend of the garment customization industry.

  Highlights 5. merchants of precision investment gathered

In terms of investment, the organizers of the exhibition took the initiative to take the lead in the whole industry chain thinking, strengthen the investment in brand enterprises, and invite the excellent enterprises from various industries, including Tai Ming technology, Yun Yun Technology, Shenyang jensheng, Ningbo micro degree, Jordan Gao Ding, to visit and purchase.

In terms of professional audiences, the organizers launched the "group audience excellent service", attracting buyers from Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Keqiao, Shenyang, Haining, Beijing, Ningbo, Shanghai, Quanzhou and other business associations. According to statistics, at present, the number of pre registration people is more than five thousand, which has laid a strong foundation for improving the effectiveness of the exhibition and achieving precise docking.

2019 Wenzhou fashion show, in the new journey with new ideas and bright spots, blending traditional and fashion, wisdom and inspiration, a grand gathering based on the textile and apparel industry chain, a gathering of fashion vanguard forces at home and abroad, and a grand gathering to explore the trend of fashion customization is about to start.

   Let's take the lead.

Popular trend released exhibition area

Dynamic publishing center exhibition area

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