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The Yellow River Fashion City Enters Its Brand: Beloved --SEEVIA Of New Age Women (Xi Weiya)

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The Yellow River Fashion CitySEEVIA (Xi Weiya)Fashion

   SEEVIA (Xi Weiya) - fashion, elegant, outstanding high-end women's clothing


Fashion, elegance and excellence. Urban petty bourgeoisie, European aristocrats, elegant life every day.

This is the fashion brand SEEVIA (Xi Weiya) women's wear, a young and dynamic professional women's clothing company, which combines costume design, production and marketing.


Fashion brand SEEVIA (Xi Weiya) women's wear. It comes from the fashion capital of the world, adhering to the spirit of fashion, elegance and excellence. We will develop high quality fashion ladies with an international standard design team. We will provide fashionable women's clothing products that highlight the connotation and personality for fashion ladies who focus on dress taste and quality.


SEEVIA women's clothing is always at the design center of international fashion city (Hongkong). It always grasps the design trend of international fashionable dress, and deducts the charming life of Oriental women with international standard design, fabric and craft.

"Sylvia" is rich in style, which fits the trend of international fashion and works well. It shows the maturity, elegance, fashion and personality of women. It emphasizes the function and comfort of clothing, and combines the fashion beauty of women with the requirements of dress. It has become the new favorite of women in the new era.

Company profile


Dongguan Xi Wei Ya Garments Co., Ltd.

Xi Weiya (Hongkong) International Fashion Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2004, under the industrial foundation, the company set up its brand "SEEVIA Sylvia (International)" and "SUBO". It specializes in fashionable and delicate women dress series. It has 5 brands in all parts of the country and has nearly 100 brand stores.

The main brand "Xi Wei Ya" emphasizes personal taste and shows the beauty of fashion. It has both the succinctness of professional women and the gentleness and charm of traditional women. In addition to meeting the seasonal change of dress needs, she is also the most important symbol of her personal style, so that women can charm themselves on different occasions and express their own style. They are fresh every day.

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