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2019 Shenzhen Senior Dress Custom Skills Competition Results Announced

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In November 16th, the 2019 Shenzhen skills competition - the advanced dress custom career skills competition final. The dynamic performance of the ready made works was held. The 50 finalists who came to the finals were showing off their skills. After intense competition, Chen Yanhong and No. 23 player Li Yanfei won the first prize at last.

The scene of dynamic display of clothing works.

Under the guidance of Shenzhen vocational skills appraisal guidance office, this competition is hosted by Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association and Shenzhen garment industry training school. It is supported by Wuxi City Lan Jing Textile Co., Ltd., with the theme of "new era, new skills and new dreams". This year's competition selection of senior dress is mainly due to the fact that with the increasing consumption level and aesthetic concept, the "senior dress custom" has become a trend.

Zhou Shikang, President of Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association

Zhou Shikang, President of the Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, said that since the successful launching of the first Shenzhen clothing vocational skills competition in 1993, it has not only stimulated the enthusiasm of the vast number of builders and staff, but also discovered, nurturing and training talents for the Shenzhen garment industry in the past more than 20 years of history.

Over the years, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security has also attached great importance to the Shenzhen clothing vocational skills competition. It has promulgated a series of supporting skills reward policies to build a knowledge-based, skilled and innovative workforce and carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen. We hope that the majority of the competitors will seize the opportunity to study hard, compete in style and compete to achieve their own value.

Ms. Luo Ying, Professor of art and design, Shenzhen University, read the grading rules.

Subsequently, the referee of this contest, Professor Luo Ying, Professor of fine arts and Design School of Art Department of Shenzhen University, read out the grading rules for this competition.

Chen Yanhong, the first prize winner

Chen Yanhong's dress works

Li Yanfei, the first prize winner

Li Yanfei's dress works

2019 Shenzhen skills competition - Senior dress custom skills competition consists of two parts, preliminary and final. The theoretical knowledge of preliminaries is examined, and the computer theory is used to check the system. The actual operation of the final examination is divided into two stages. The first stage is to check the pattern design and the stereoscopic cutting. The field is the second stage, and is performed in the form of the dynamic display of the ready-made works.

At the scene, the finalists brought 36 sets of exquisite dress works with beautiful shape, smooth lines, exquisite tailoring and exquisite workmanship. In the end, No. 40 player Chen Yanhong and player 23, Li Yanfei, won the first prize in this competition by virtue of their excellent technical skills, outstanding aesthetic ability and good psychological quality. They ranked first and second in the overall performance.

Zhou Shikang, President of the board of directors for general manager Li Hongyu.

At the end of the competition, in order to thank Wuxi Lan Jing Textile Co., Ltd. for its strong support for this competition, Mr. Zhou Shikang, President of the Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, issued the "fabric support unit" plaque for general manager of Wuxi Lan Jing Textile Co., Ltd., Li Hongyu.

Theoretical examination site

Practical exercises (item two) assessment site

It is understood that the competition will be qualified and the top seven players will be awarded the "Shenzhen technical experts" title by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, and the certificates will be issued. Meanwhile, the competition will be set up with 2 first prize, two prize, 4 prize, three prize, 6, and the Shenzhen human resources and Social Security Bureau. The participants will be awarded the honorary certificate of "2019 senior dress designer" by the Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association.

Leading guests to take a group photo

Take photos of competitors.

All the leaders, guests and contestants will take a group photo.

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