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Opening Up A New Chapter In Global Strategy: Ready For WEY

2019/11/26 17:30:00 34

Global StrategyNew ChapterWEY

"Silver ten" has passed, but the car market is still cold, especially for independent brands.

According to the data released by the China Association of automobile manufacturers, in October 2019, sales of self owned brands were about 770 thousand, down 9.6% compared to the same period last year, accounting for 39.9% of the total sales volume of the passenger car market. In the first 10 months, sales of independent brands were about 6 million 672 thousand, down 17.5% from the same period last year. Compared with the time of market share of nearly 50%, the independent brand is now facing more intense competition.

The great changes of the new era have swept the global auto industry, car market downhill and independent brand pressure. Many independent brands are struggling on the brink of bankruptcy. At the most difficult time, WEY has begun a new round of "upward".

The WEY brand, which was born in November 2016, has been created and led in three years. It has broken through its rising sales volume and good market reputation to break its own brand's upward ceiling and won a place in China's high-end SUV market.

Only those who are forward-looking can they meet Fang Hua early. In the past 3 years, the WEY brand spanning 300 thousand cars has gone astringent and young, and began to think about how to enter the world arena from the Chinese arena in the great changes of the present era, so that Chinese automobile can write a new chapter in the global automobile pattern.

From China WEY to world WEY

"WEY brand plan entered the European market in 2021, entered the North American market in 2023 and expanded to other markets in the world. In 2025, WEY was built as the world's leading intelligent luxury brand with 300 thousand marketing challenges and a major breakthrough from China to China. In November 20, 2019, the chairman of the Great Wall automobile, the founder of WEY brand and the chairman of Wei faction company, on the night of WEY 3rd Anniversary brand, with the theme of "new horizons and new world", announced that the WEY brand officially opened the prelude to globalization strategy. Wei Jianjun,

WEY brand has always been implementing the value proposition of "wisdom forward". With the mission of "letting the luxury be at hand", we build products based on intelligence, safety and luxury, and build the differentiation of WEY brand. We are committed to bringing more luxury to China and bringing Chinese contemporary luxury to the world.

Among them, VV5 relies on Yan Chi pioneer's product strength to bring new experience to the young consumer groups. VV6, under the empowerment of Collie technology brand, promotes intelligent safety to a whole new height. VV7, VV7 GT and PHEV versions continue to break through and become China's luxury SUV strength. As of October 2019, WEY's VV5, VV6, and VV7 three cars have sold more than 300 thousand vehicles.

It is worth mentioning that, based on the accumulation of intelligent technology and the profound insight of future travel, the first Collie smart shepherd security system based on intelligent security technology was built by WEY in July, covering life safety, property safety, information security and environmental safety. This marks an important step forward for WEY brand's intelligent security strategy, and is also the best interpretation of WEY's premise that security is all luxury.

Data is the best reward. Winning 300 thousand consumers is not only a manifestation of the strength of WEY products, but also a proof of the successful establishment of its luxury SUV status. But WEY did not stop at the immediate results.

"From today on, 3 years and 300 thousand have become the past. Our goal is to achieve a comprehensive brand development in the next stage. We will build WEY into a user centered, technology driven, world-class luxury SUV brand and a China automotive smart benchmark brand.

Wei Jianjun has always been confident of WEY brand from his surname to the chairman of today's Wei Wei company.

He believes that globalization is a must and no option. In the long run, if we don't get out of China, we can survive, but it is not sustainable for enterprise development, so we must go out. " In his view, in the face of the new environment and new pattern, only the most innovative brands can survive. Only a brand with a higher strategic structure can develop, and WEY must speed up.

Where is the bottom?

Based on the ultimate vision and brand mission of globalization, WEY has accelerated the journey forward, and has taken the lead in products, technology and talents to realize the coordinated development of globalization and promote the overall advancement of the brand.

Thanks to the principle of "over investment, over R & D and over allocation" for a long time, Baoding is the center of R & D system in the European Union, North America and Asia, and has established overseas R & D centers in Japan, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Austria and India. The R & D pattern of "seven countries, ten centers and one center" has been formed. The sole proprietorship factory established by WEY, Russia, has been put into operation in 2019. In the next few years, there will be thirty billion scale investment in R & D, the establishment of a world-class engine laboratory, vehicle research and development center and fuel cell research and development center.

In addition, the WEY brand has formed a number of leading edge technology reserves, driven by technology, and continues to innovate in the core technology roadmap of automatic driving, intelligent network, clean energy and shared travel. Among them, in the field of intelligent driving, the automatic driving level of WEY brand cash volume production vehicle has reached L2+. By the second quarter of 2020, the L2.9 level will be applied. In 2021, the automatic driving commercialization of L3 level will be realized, and the automatic driving level of L4 level will reach L4 level in 2022.

In order to create high-quality SUV that meets the diversified needs of the global consumers, in order to realize the challenge to the traditional international luxury brands on the new energy track, the WEY brand will accelerate the implementation of the electric strategy and the comprehensive decarbonization plan. By 2021, all the models of WEY will provide the motorization option, and launch new energy vehicles including HEV, PHEV, BEV and other forms of driving. By 2022, the first fuel cell vehicle will be launched to achieve further landing of energy cleaning.

Wei Jianjun firmly believes that Chinese car companies must "go out". "Auto brands must be globalized and Chinese cars must go out." Facts have proved that this is a prediction of strategists. This commitment passes through the time and space, flows the years, revolves around the opportunity of the global automobile transformation, breaks through the brand upward barrier, is leading the Chinese automobile along the way.


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