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Cai Xingyong: Bardi, Chairman Of The Tigers, Was Elected Chairman Of The First Dongguan Humen Children'S Wear Brand Enterprise Association.

2019/12/12 14:42:00 83

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At 15:30 p.m. on December 9, 2019, Dongguan Humen children's wear brand business association first session , Dongguan Humen clothing and Apparel Industry Association Children's wear branch The second general assembly and celebration ceremony (the "double meeting") was officially opened in Richwood Garden Hotel, Humen.

The meeting read the report on the establishment of Humen children's wear brand enterprise association in Dongguan. After intense election and statistical votes, Cai Xingyong was elected chairman of Dongguan children's wear brand association of Dongguan.

Zhang Junmin, vice chairman of the Dongguan Federation of Commerce and industry, gave the certification to Cai Xingyong, the first president of the Humen Federation of children and enterprises.

As the first president of the Humen children's Enterprise Association, Cai Xingyong, general manager of Dongguan Bardi tiger Clothing Co., Ltd., in his inaugural address, made clear the purpose, vision, guiding ideology and development ideas of Humen Tong Qi Lian.

Purpose: cohesion quality, dream brand.

Vision: leading the fashion trend of children's wear industry and building a brand base for Chinese children's wear.

Guiding ideology: leading, cohesiveness, pioneering and win-win, that is, abide by the laws, regulations and policies of the state, and observe the social morality. Taking "technology, fashion and green" as the industry orientation, we should lead members to unite closely, innovate and drive, create brands, expand the market, integrate resources and share win-win results, so as to promote the sustainable and high-quality development of children's wear industry and enterprises in the member and regional.

Cai Xingyong also pointed out that in the next three years, the Humen children's Enterprise Association will focus on serving the good members wholeheartedly, promoting business with business support, seeking support from the Humen town government, and striving to build Humen children's wear Industrial Park. Through docking professional clothing equity investment funds and other institutions, we can promote the excellent children's clothing enterprises listed in the capital market. Actively carry out five aspects, such as Sharon, forum study, "go out, please come in" and other forms of activities, to help Humen's outstanding children's wear brand enterprises become the benchmark of China's children's wear industry soon. Humen Federation of children's enterprises must be a good bridge and link between the government and enterprises. It will contribute to the development of Humen children's clothing brand enterprises and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of Humen's clothing and apparel industry.

As a famous town of children's wear in China, children's clothing industry has sprung up in recent years and has a strong momentum of development. At present, there are more than 1000 enterprises in Humen children's clothing enterprises and children's clothing supply chain, whose output value and sales account for more than 1/3 of the clothing and clothing industry in the whole town, and more than 80 children's clothing brands have regional influence and popularity. Among them, more than 20 of the country's well-known brands are more than 20. One. Humen children's clothing has won the National Consumers' favor and the industry's admiration for its fashionable fashion, high quality accessories and excellent workmanship.

Therefore, in order to further promote the high quality development of children's clothing industry in Humen, promote the cooperation and win-win progress of Humen children's clothing enterprises, and enhance the influence and reputation of Humen children's wear brands at home and abroad, according to the requirements of many children's clothing brand enterprises, we have jointly launched and applied for registration and establishment of Humen children's enterprise association organization group.

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