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Interview Designer He Tingting: Matter And Spirit Are Equally Important.

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Matter and spirit are equally important. This is WeChat signature of 90 fashion designer He Tingting.

A young man after 90 can see the world and life from the level of material and spiritual relationship. On the one hand, it represents her position on the real world. On the other hand, it also shows her rich inner world and the reflection and pursuit of a better life. Such philosophical thinking is obviously very precious to young people born in the 1990s.

Designer He Tingting

Is this behind her growth experience? Her answer confirms that life is the greatest teacher.

"I want my children to be accompanied by their parents." Beyond the material, she says, the power of the spirit is more lasting and richer. As a left behind child, He Tingting lived together with her grandmother from childhood. It is also this experience that gives her a deeper understanding of family ties.

He Tingting's design works

If life has given her rich emotional nourishment and sentiment, then Hunan garment industry college and Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology have given her professional accomplishment. Shenzhen yelant Garment Industrial Co., Ltd. has given her the stage to realize her dream and display her talent.

"Quality is the most important thing." He Tingting told reporters that she had a different understanding of school uniforms with her experience in designing children's clothes. "Fabric quality and comfort are very important and can not cause harm to students." The most important criterion for He Tingting to design school uniforms is to satisfy students' main needs instead of simply pursuing good looks. "On the basis of industry demand, we should inject fashion design and elements to make our uniforms more in line with public aesthetic standards." It is also because of the insistence on quality that the jart school uniform has become the designated manufacturer of Shenzhen student clothing and the Dongguan Municipal Education Bureau designated the winning school uniform supplier. Because of this simple design concept and pursuit of warmth, he, as the chief designer of the company, although he has not made a long debut, he has won the market recognition. Maria Montessori's educational institution's entire series of campus dress design, Huijia group's school uniforms design, and the costumes design for the movie "loud and clear clouds" are all produced by this post-90's hand.

He Tingting's design works

Surprises always come from prepared people. He Tingting revealed that at the Fifth China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival, the works series featured high-end, restrained, implicit and elegant style. "On the basis of the continuation of the traditional British style, it is designed to fit the ergonomics of the self styled edition, so that the activities of the wearer are not restricted." She said, the surprise is to subvert the stereotype of the traditional campus dress to the public, and let everyone have a new understanding of school uniforms. "Campus dress is no longer confined to campus activities, but also can participate in activities and life outside campus."

As a matter of fact, the design of this show is based on English style, sportswear and national style, combined with modern fashion elements, so as to truly convey campus culture through school uniforms and interpret the brand connotation of campus spirit.

The past China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival has attracted the attention of the global fashion world. This Shenzhen International Fashion Festival is a big coffee gathering. "Every year, outstanding brands and designers in the industry release new works and lead the new fashion trend. Looking forward to children's wear and school uniform industry, with this fashion platform, they can show themselves in the show as men's and women's wear." She expects more original style uniforms to appear before the public.

He Tingting's design works

The big bay Bay is linked to the world. She said that the fashion industry in Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau is targeting the whole world, and the fashionable and personalized original industry has become the new favorite of the times. From manufacturing in China to creating in China and then to Chinese brands, Shenzhen fashion industry has gradually got rid of its original footsteps and formed a unique style of Chinese style clothing. He Tingting said that China's brand world is shared, and China's creation and Chinese culture are the spiritual connotation of the whole industry development.

Entering the top ten fashion designers in Shenzhen is just the starting point. Facing the future, He Tingting is full of confidence. She said that we should continue to learn and accumulate, and strive to become an excellent independent brand designer after the age of 35.

About brands:

Shenzhen Yalong Garment Co., Ltd. is a professional international school uniform manufacturer specializing in production, marketing and processing. It is committed to building a famous first-class school uniform industrial center and a professional, efficient, high-quality and cost-effective school uniform. The annual production capacity of school supplies, clothing, shoes and caps and other series of student supplies is over 1 million 500 thousand sets.

The company took the lead in passing the ISO9001. ISO14001, OHSAS18001 management system certification, won the "SME credit rating AAA", "Guangdong province contract and trustworthy enterprise", "Shenzhen top ten school uniform enterprises" and other honors, all school uniforms, clothing, shoes and hats and so on are authorized by the national authoritative inspection agency and Shenzhen product quality supervision and inspection Institute, the safety and environmental protection index inspection center.

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