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Interview With Designer Zeng Yan: Chinese Culture Nourishes Original Design

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"Chinese painting and Chinese culture have greatly nourished me." Alex Hua Tian, director of the design of fruit and pastoral custom brand of Shenzhen Creative Enterprise Design Co., Ltd., Ceng Yan, told reporters that she studied fine arts, learned Chinese painting and loved Chinese traditional culture since her childhood. Therefore, in the past more than 10 years, the traditional Chinese culture has given her endless original impetus.

Designer Ceng Yan

As a senior fashion designer and image consultant, Zeng Yan has been engaged in brand clothing design for more than 10 years. He has worked in several garment groups in Shenzhen. In recent years, he has devoted himself to the research and design of new Chinese clothing. He is good at integrating image design with costume design and flexibly applying to custom-made clothing design. In fact, these specialties make Zeng Yan play a great role in the Chinese custom brand "fruit pasture customization".

"Because there is a big difference between customization and simple product design, so I went to study the professional personal image design course, and obtained the international registration senior international image designer certificate." She said that over the years, she has always adhered to the original design, based on the rich traditional Chinese culture, combined with modern western style dress design techniques, creating a new style of Chinese clothing with a sense of fashion and elegance.

Zeng Yan's works

With the nourishment of Chinese culture, the original design of Zeng Yan is very delicious. The aesthetic foundation of traditional Chinese painting has greatly benefited her in costume design.

"Potential" is a unique form of Chinese painting composition. When I design clothing, especially the application of lines and patterns, I will pay special attention to their orientation, twists, sizes, movements and echoes. In a sense, she says, making clothes is also painting. Only painting is outlined on paper with ink and paint, while design clothing is painted on cloth with scissors, lines and needles.

"In ancient times, most literati expressed their feelings by painting and calligraphy, and the clothes we designed were actually expressing their attitude towards life." The understanding of life makes Zeng's clothes more meaningful.

Zeng Yan's works

She used clothes to express her "clear" attitude towards life: "for our needs in life, including material pursuits, we do not ask for much, nor do we have none. So my design rarely builds up elements.

She is best dressed in fashion personalized cheongsam design, with traditional Chinese style cheongsam elements combined with modern design techniques, traditional techniques combined with modern tailoring techniques, showing the new style of modern cheongsam, and showing the spirit of innovation with the times.

"Beauty is actually not simple, it is human accomplishment, it is the embodiment of perceptual quality." In particular, she mentioned that through communicating with customers in the process of customizing the clothing, she made a subtle exchange of these aesthetic views with everyone, hoping to bring the seeds to the hearts of the customers, and then germinate in the next generation, so that Chinese traditional aesthetics can be combined with modern life to achieve popularization.

Zeng Yan's works

As a senior designer, Zeng Yan has his own "height" pursuit for fashion design. "I think the height of clothing design, the simplest is beauty and harmony is beauty. It can make our wearer fit with the clothing from body, mind, temperament and appearance, so as to achieve the integration. This is the highest realm of clothing." She told reporters that once customers put on their clothes, they could not help saying, "this is the real dress." Let people merge with clothing. Beauty is the beauty of the whole, from inside to outside.

It is not easy to do this. This requires designers not only to understand technology, artistic accomplishment, but also to understand human nature, to read a lot of data, to constantly exchange learning, to communicate with customers, to practice continuously, and to bring ideas to customers.

Zeng Yan will bring surprises at the Fifth China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival. She revealed that based on Chinese style cheongsam elements and modern decorative techniques such as fabric and bead embroidery, or simple or complex, or shallow or deep, the modern Chinese costume of cheongsam and Western style dresses can be blended with fluent lines and layers.

"As a customized brand, our position is new Chinese, China is the world." She expressed the hope that through clothing, Chinese elements could be applied to the aspects of life, and the modern aesthetical life concept should be advocated by modern and fashionable way of thinking, harmonious product aesthetics, and individualized and humanized quality.

"The development of China's fashion industry is now facing a transition period, which is a great opportunity." She is looking forward to this fashion festival. "I hope to make a contribution to the revival of Chinese culture with the way of our fashion designers."

Such an idea has a realistic foundation. At present, Shenzhen is a world-class city of design. The clothing brand of Shenzhen is popular throughout the country. It is also located in the core area of the Da Wan district. It has unique geographical location and design basis. Shenzhen has the responsibility and obligation to rush ahead. "The Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association has held many fashion festivals consecutively. This is the responsibility and obligation to bring together more designers, learn from each other, promote each other, make progress together, and drive regional development."

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