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Shanxi Coal Hospital Assets To Spend A New Mileage Of State-Owned Hospitals To Speed Up Stripping

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"Marry daughter! Reluctant to give up! " Recently, the new mileage hospital group announced the strategic investment of Shanxi Jinshan Group medical health limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as "Jinshan medical health") conference, Li Hong, chairman of Shanxi coal group.

Shanxi coal health care includes most of the medical assets of Shanxi coal group, including Shanxi Coal General Hospital, 6 local two and first tier hospitals, and 17 community health service stations. Li Hong was reluctant to give up because he had worked in the Shanxi Coal General Hospital for many years and had to "give up" because the state put forward "to ensure that the social functions of the state-owned enterprises were basically completed before 2020 and to solve the problems left over by history".

Although not willing to give up, but Li Hongshuang firmly believes that the restructuring of Jinshan medical health will be better and better. Lin Yanglin, chief executive officer of new mileage hospital group, told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter that the state divestiture state-owned enterprises to run social functions is to enable enterprises to better focus on the development of the main industry, while the social medical treatment mechanism under the background of mixed reform is more flexible. "What we need to do is to empower and revitalize the mechanism, so that we can better develop the medical group, including the Jinyang medical practitioners."

In July 2019, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Limited signed a three party strategic cooperation agreement with the new mileage hospital group. The new mileage was incorporated into the national system and became the platform for the national health system. Wu Lebin, Secretary of the Party committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out to the twenty-first Century economic reporter that the cooperation between the new mileage and the Shanxi Coal Group will also help transform and transfer the scientific and technological achievements, promote the development of clinical research, and help the brand building of medical groups.

The new mileage of flower fall

In 1958, Shanxi coal general hospital was established. In January 2006, the health department of the former Shanxi Coal Group merged with the General Hospital of Shanxi coal group. The Shanxi Coal General Hospital (Medical Group) was set up, with 1 general hospitals, 6 mining hospitals, 1 disease control centers, 1 occupational disease prevention centers and more than 40 mines (factories).

In May 2012, the Jincheng municipal government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Shanxi coal group to build a large hospital in Jincheng jointly with the Shanxi coal group. Based on the General Hospital of Shanxi coal group, the Jincheng general hospital was established. At the same time, the hospital hung two brands, and used the name of "Jincheng big hospital" in the Jincheng municipal government documents and in the propaganda and exchanges with the community. In the Shanxi coal group and the coal industry, the name of the Shanxi coal group general hospital was still used. After the expansion, the management rights of the hospital still belonged to the Shanxi coal group.

Since 2002, the six ministries and commissions of the former State Economic and Trade Commission jointly issued the "opinions on further promoting the separation of state owned enterprises from social functions". As an important non major industry, the Shanxi Coal Group's restructuring of Jincheng General Hospital (Shanxi general hospital) is also in the firing line.

In 2017, Shanxi coal group started the reform and reorganization of its hospital.

In May 2018, including the Shanxi Coal Group General Hospital, the old Shu Yuan mine hospital, Wang Tai hospital and other six mineral hospitals, the employees' Congress deliberated the plan for reforming the Shanxi Coal Group General Hospital (Medical Group), which cleared the biggest obstacle for the restructuring of the General Hospital of Shanxi Coal Group. In July 2018, Jincheng medical health company as an integrated platform was formally registered, and the registered capital and paid up capital were 300 million yuan. It was wholly owned by Shanxi coal group, and the legal representative was Zhao Ruifeng, President of the General Hospital of Shanxi coal group.

In March 2019, a special group to divest state-owned enterprises from social functions and solve problems left over by history held a meeting again to emphasize that "to ensure that the social functions of state-owned enterprises are basically completed before the end of 2020 and to solve historical problems."

In the end, Shanxi coal group chose a new mileage for equity investment in Jinshan medical health. "Through several years of restructuring preparations, the workers also have a deep understanding of the causes and direction of the restructuring, and finally passed the reform plan at the staff congress." Li Hong's two way twenty-first Century economic report reporter said that the stability of workers is the most important issue.

The specific transaction amount was not disclosed by both parties, but according to the twenty-first Century economic report, the two sides were valuing the health of Jincheng based on their net assets, and the new mileage Hospital Group paid hundreds of millions of yuan. In August 2019, the property rights trading market in Shanxi put out a notice entitled "capital increase project of Shanxi Jincheng Group medical health limited liability company". It was disclosed that as at the end of 2019, the total assets of jincoal medical and health company were 297 million 738 thousand and 800 yuan, and the net assets were 29764.78. The revenue in the first half year was zero, and the net profit loss was 34 million 732 thousand and 200 yuan.

After completing the investment in Jinjiang medical and health, the new mileage hospital group will add nearly 2000 beds, of which nearly 1500 are the Jincheng general hospital, and the remaining two and first tier hospitals will have nearly 500 beds. Lin Yanglin revealed that the new mileage hospital group is also involved in and promoting the restructuring of another state-owned enterprise. The number of beds managed by the new mileage hospital group in the future will exceed 20 thousand.

Exploration of mixed transformation

"Follow up new mileage hospital group will give the Shanxi Coal General Hospital Strategic empowerment in the aspects of system and mechanism innovation, medical resources export, operation system innovation and brand value promotion", to help Jincheng general hospital to become a research center for transformation and integration of production, education and research, and a medical center for integration of prevention, control, treatment and rehabilitation. Lin Yanglin pointed out that "Empowering" and revitalizing the enterprise mechanism is also an important goal of restructuring.

In August 24, 2015, the guiding opinions on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises pointed out that by 2020, decisive achievements have been made in the important areas and key links of the reform of state-owned enterprises, and the state-owned assets management system, modern enterprise system and market-oriented operation mechanism that are more in line with the requirements of China's basic economic system and the development of the socialist market economy have been formed. The layout structure of state-owned capital has been more rational, and the vitality, control, influence and risk resistance capabilities of state-owned economy have been significantly enhanced.

At the same time, the reform of the state-owned enterprise system has basically been completed. The development of mixed ownership economy has made positive progress, the corporate governance structure is more sound, the survival of the fittest, the operation of independent and flexible, the internal management personnel can go up and down, the employees can enter into and out, and the income can be increased or reduced.

Lin Yanglin pointed out that in the future, the development of Jinjiang medical professionals will be more flexible to the market. If we want to mobilize the enthusiasm of the market, the subordinate branch will implement the partnership system, and intensify the operation through the company system, and then trust, build and invest more medical resources.

"In the future, we will build a center for transformation of research achievements, integration of prevention, control, treatment and rehabilitation, and a regional medical center based on radiation from Jincheng to more than 3000 beds in Shanxi. Lin Yanglin said.

It is understood that the Shanxi Coal General Hospital in the medical technology, medical strength, hardware equipment, medical environment, service quality and other aspects are in the advanced level of Shanxi Province, surgical system occupies the leading position in the county, the hospital has a total of 50 clinical and medical technology departments, including 4 key provincial disciplines such as Department of orthopedics, Department of Urology, and 27 Jincheng key specialties.

Wu Lebin further pointed out that with the support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and national holdings, the investment in the new mileage is more for the Shanxi Coal General Hospital, and the following will share the brand, academic and information resources of the national science and Technology University, and the next step will be to actively promote the Shanxi coal general hospital to become a subsidiary hospital of the National University of science and technology.

"Shanxi Coal General Hospital will gain more support in the future transformation of scientific and technological achievements. For example, more than 40 of the more than 100 Institutes of the Chinese Academy of sciences have studied in the field of health technology, many of them are doing clinical application transformation, including precision medicine, regenerative medicine, translational medicine, functional medicine and so on. In clinical research, hospitals will also get support from the application of the subject, the establishment of scientific research, and the combination of clinical foundation. In education, they can also cooperate with the national resources in the field of clinical medicine, and jointly train students, and even include the cross-border collaborative innovation under state holding, such as the Internet and the Internet of things enterprises." Wu Lebin pointed out.


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