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Hengqin Macao Youth Entrepreneurship Valley Talents "Strong Magnetic Field" Effect Highlights 201 Macao Projects Landing

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Contributing author Julia Zhuhai Report

The development of Hengqin in Zhuhai was born in Macao and prospered by Macao.

Located at Hengqin port, Hengqin Macao youth pioneering Valley is fully equipped with 4 apartments and 4 comprehensive commercial office buildings. The park also has Peking University entrepreneurial training camp Hengqin base, Zhuhai enterprises overseas investment service platform, Hengqin cloud computing industry collaborative innovation base and so on.

The venture Valley is close to Macao, which integrates business office, business services and talent apartments. It has a three-dimensional incubator mode of "space carrier + Innovation Ecology + operation mechanism", providing a one-stop service for enterprises to "nurseries incubator accelerator". It is a comprehensive open business base for young people both at home and abroad.

Since its inception in 2015, the total investment has reached 1 billion 200 million yuan, and the youth pioneering valley with an area of 127 thousand square meters has already played the role of high-end talent gathering. Xu Mu, general manager of Hengqin gold investment incubator management Co., Ltd., told reporters that over the past four years, venture capital has introduced 94 high-level experts, including 5 academicians and 78 experts.

Highlights of high-end talent aggregation effect

In recent years, from Zhuhai to Hengqin New District has issued a number of policies, including tax incentives, rent subsidies, talent matching, entrepreneurship competition awards and so on, to encourage Macao talents to go to Hengqin to start their own business.

Take entrepreneurial Valley as an example, the Macao Youth Venture enterprises that enter the office provide rent subsidies for office premises in accordance with the "first pay and then fill" mode, with a subsidy ratio of up to 80% in the first year. Excellent Macao venture enterprises can get matching funds of up to 200 thousand yuan.

In 2017, Dr. Dong Cheng, a microelectronics doctor at Macao University, took the automatic nucleic acid detection technology based on digital microfluidics, and entered the Macao University Research Institute of science and technology in the entrepreneurial valley. In 2018, Zhuhai dickfurry Technology Co., Ltd. was formally incorporated, and is also the first company founded by Australian graduate student team.

"Traditional nucleic acid detection schemes used in the past are expensive, difficult to operate, and require high equipment and venues. Testing may take several hours to complete," Dong said. In comparison, the use of digital microfluidic chips can greatly reduce the detection time cost and reagent cost.

Dong Cheng pointed out that Future Ltd will focus on developing the field of medical diagnosis. The market prospect is very broad. The annual growth rate of the industry is more than 20%. At present, the scale of the relevant global market is expected to exceed US $70 billion, and the domestic market will reach 30 billion -500 billion yuan.

It is reported that the project is one of the representative projects of Macao cooperation with real estate research and research. With the support of Macao University, dickfurry Technology Limited has obtained the exclusive patent licensing and investment stake in Australia.

For Macao youth, the founder of the blue boat, Lin Qi Wen, set up his own company in Hengqin pioneering Valley, so that his career can reach a higher platform. "In the venture Valley, there are a lot of excellent entrepreneurs. Many of them are looking at the whole China and even the global market. If we do not get out of Macao, we will not know that the outside world is so big that we can have so much room for development."

As of December 10, 2019, as an important carrier for Macao cooperation, Hengqin Macao Youth Venture Valley has accumulated 376 projects, including 201 Macao projects, 48 high-tech enterprises, 24 enterprises have venture capital funds, and the amount of financing has exceeded 436 million yuan.

Create eco innovation circle

In 2018, The Upjohn Company, which was mainly engaged in the research of intelligent speech and language technology, won the title in the first China Hengqin science and technology entrepreneurship competition, and received a 100 million yuan free subsidy for research and development fees. The following year, The Upjohn Company CEO He Guotao made an astonishing decision to move the corporate headquarters from Zhuhai to Hengqin in the United States.

He Guotao said frankly that the decision is to see the great potential of the intelligent industrial chain ecosystem in the big bay area of Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau, and the industry ecology around the AI industry has seen a rudiment. In terms of industry, University and research, the company and Macao colleges and universities carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of voice technology chip. At the same time, there are a large number of upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises in big bay area, such as financial enterprises, automatic driving and artificial intelligence enterprises.

Hengqin has always been committed to creating a business environment that converged with Hong Kong and Macao. The establishment of the first law office in mainland China and Hong Kong and Macao jointly operated by Hengqin can provide three kinds of services across three legal systems. The outline of the development plan for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau has clearly pointed out that we should deepen the pilot work of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao joint partnership law firms, and study the practicing qualifications and business scope of lawyers in Hong Kong and Macao in the nine cities of the Pearl River Delta region.

Chen Yi, director of the Bank of China, Heng Qin, director of the joint venture law firm, told reporters that allowing the joint law firms to mark a substantive stage of legal cooperation between the three areas. It is understood that at present, there are 11 Macao lawyers and 15 Hongkong lawyers. "In the past, if mainland enterprises want to get legal services from Hongkong and Macao, they must go to two places to find local law firms, which is difficult for most of the mainland enterprises and natural persons."

In addition, in order to ease the "climate change" at the early stage of entrepreneurship, the Hengqin New District Administrative Committee has also customized "intimate service". Every week, it provides consulting services for business youth registration, tax accounting, policy and law, intellectual property rights, project declarations, human resources, investment and financing, and other professional consulting services for young entrepreneurs in Macao, and provides support for Macao youth in Hengqin innovation and entrepreneurship through activities such as entrepreneurship training camp and entrepreneurship competition.


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