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Environmental Inspector Is Not A Gust Of Wind And Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Industry Will Meet The Golden Growth Period -- Exclusive Interview With Wu Shunze, Director Of The Environmental And Economic Policy Research Center Of The Ministry Of Ecology And Environment

2020/1/1 16:27:00 112

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Entering the stage of high quality development, ecological environmental protection is also an important part of high quality development.

In the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, we proposed that we should uphold and improve the system of ecological civilization and promote the harmonious co-existence of man and nature. We should promote comprehensive administrative enforcement of environmental protection and implement the central environmental protection supervision system.

Recently, the economic news reporters interviewed Wu Shunze, director of the environmental and economic policy research center of the Ministry of ecology and environment in twenty-first Century. Wu Shunze successively served as vice director of the China Environment Planning Institute, deputy director of planning and Finance Department of the Ministry of environmental protection, deputy director of the Ministry of environmental protection, deputy director of the environmental protection department, and deputy director of the vertical reform office. He witnessed the reform and practice of China's ecological environment in recent years, and participated in the formulation of many plans and policies.

Inspectors are not a gust of wind.

Twenty-first Century: what institutional achievements have been made by environmental inspectors in recent years?

Wu Shunze: the environmental inspector itself is a long-term system. The inspector is a chain of interlocking systems and has laws to follow. It is not a gust of wind. The inspection includes many aspects: the preparation of inspectors, the presence of inspectors, the feedback transfer of inspectors and the rectification of inspectors after the completion of the inspection.

The inspectorate system is a ring of rings, which is recurrent every five years, including regular inspectors, special inspectors and looking back. From the beginning of the environmental inspection, the environmental inspectors have been institutionalized, and have put forward a pilot scheme. Now, on the basis of summing up their practical experience, the environmental protection inspectors have risen to the inner Party regulations. All inspectors are legally based and act in strict accordance with the law.

In the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, the inspection system was put into the responsibility part of strict ecological environment protection, and it is a measure to implement the main responsibility of the Party committee and the relevant departments in the protection of the ecological environment. In practice, inspectors are a link in the work of ecological environmental protection, and are closely related to other institutional measures. They are not alone. First, through a series of planning, responsibility books and other provisions, the responsibility of protecting the ecological environment of local governments should be specified, quantified and landed clearly, and the local government's monitoring power will be collected, the information disclosure and ranking will be implemented, and the inspectors will be supervised to check the completion of the targets, and finally, accountability and accountability. This is actually the connotation of the environmental monitoring and evaluation system put forward by the fourth plenary session.

The environmental inspectors have made great achievements because the inspectors have made the environmental protection teeth grow and become the hard strokes and practical measures to implement the responsibilities of the local Party committees and governments and their relevant departments in protecting the ecological environment. It is the responsibility to bear the responsibility. If we fail to take the responsibility, we must follow the law and pursue lifelong accountability. It is particularly important for our country to engage in ecological and environmental protection, especially the party committees and governments. The Party committee and the government take the lead step by step, so that the corporate society can follow up and form a benign interactive governance pattern.

The inspector is also a system. Besides the central environmental protection inspector, the reform has also realized the governor, the city and the county. At present, the departments of ecological environment of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government are commissioned by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to supervise and inspect the implementation of the responsibility for ecological and environmental protection in cities and counties. The reason why local governments feel relatively stressed is that in addition to regular inspectors, there are also environmental discipline inspection teams that are not resident. Environmental inspectors are institutional innovations with Chinese characteristics, which are consistent with China's national conditions and rooted in the soil of Chinese culture.

"One size fits all" is lazy politics.

"Twenty-first Century": the Ministry of ecology and environment emphasized in 2019 many times that "all sides are opposed to one size fits all". Why is there a "one size fits all"? How can we avoid "one size fits all" in environmental protection work?

Wu Shunze: the state stresses pollution control in accordance with the law, scientific pollution control and precise pollution control. It has always opposed environmental protection, and has thoroughly investigated "one size fits all". The problems faced by the local government are complex, including the one-sided pursuit of many environmental problems left over by economic development in the past. Environmental assessment accountability is very strict, some local governments in a short time to solve so many environmental problems is easy to "one size fits all", in specific operations, there are three cases.

First, local governments are not able to grasp the balance of multiple objectives. The workload of the local government is large and the tasks to be completed are many. The financial support needed to complete the environmental protection task may not be enough, so the inspector team has come to "one size fits all" and shut down polluting enterprises.

Second, environmental protection is very professional, sometimes the local capacity is not enough. The ability of precise policy is closely related to the level of local government governance and the basic conditions of the early stage, such as whether there are quantitative grading of the level of pollutant emission in the local government and so on. The ability of local governments to govern is uneven, and "one size fits all" is also a manifestation of lazy politics.

Third, shutting down polluting enterprises is also affected by culture or habits. How to achieve fairness for every pollutant discharge enterprise? It seems that everyone is shutting down is the most fair and the most controversial. Some of them stop and stop. They always feel as if they are in a state of unfairness. They are afraid to compete between enterprises.

In fact, "one size fits all" has a negative impact on small businesses. Small businesses are important reservoirs for social employment and are closely related to the livelihood of ordinary people. Because of the relatively high level of production and relatively high production scale, large enterprises will eliminate a number of scattered polluting enterprises and provide market space for large enterprises. They actually believe that environmental protection is the driving force for the development of high quality and the key to create a fair market competition order. A lot of small businesses that are affected by "one size fits all" are complaining, and the large enterprises with positive profits brought about by environmental protection are unable to speak, causing the public opinion to be one-sided. This is also a kind of culture.

At present, the Ministry of ecology and environment has intensified efforts to investigate and deal with the "one size fits all" act.

The environmental protection industry has emerged unicorns.

Twenty-first Century: the environmental protection industry has always been regarded as a sunrise industry. How do we view the current stage of China's environmental protection industry?

Wu Shunze: with the continuous improvement of the environmental protection system, the relevant legislation and law enforcement work in place, preferential policies are constantly enriched and improved, the industry space of the environmental protection industry has been gradually opened, and the potential market has become a real market.

The State encourages and promotes the development of the environmental protection industry. But now there is a big gap in environmental protection, and there is uneven regional distribution of solid waste and hazardous waste production and processing capacity. The environmental protection industry is still in the stage of continuous development and exploration.

As a sunrise industry, environmental protection is also driving economic growth, and the environmental protection industry is a new kinetic energy. Now, the two types of enterprises have a better development in the environmental protection industry, one is the large enterprises with strong comprehensive advantages, the other is the unicorn enterprises with core technology and specialized in the field of subdivision. These two leading enterprises have accumulated certain advantages in the early stage. With the continuous improvement of environmental quality improvement, many optimization policies have increased the cultivation of these two kinds of environmental protection industries.

In addition, due to the large demand for solid waste and hazardous waste disposal market in China, the shortage of enterprises in the small scale, the weak comprehensive processing capacity, and the unitary technology have caused insufficient supply. Therefore, we expect the environmental protection industry to be very high, and the boom of the environmental protection industry is also rising.

The development prospect of the environmental protection industry is very good. The development of the environmental protection industry will also become a hot topic. This is also a driving factor for the growth of the environmental protection industry. At the same time, with the rapid layout of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is bound to usher in a golden growth period.


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