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2 Billion, How To Break The Ring Of Ali Fish?

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In 2019, "twelve hours in Changan", as a drama series, constructed a complete cultural and geographical space with the texture of the movie. By virtue of ingenuity, it pushed the industrialization of the Chinese drama to a new level.

In the play, twelve hours later, Zhang Xiao Jing stood on the edge of the high music tour, overlooking the whole city of Changan, and the one hundred and eight square arranged solemnly and solemnly on the rosefinch street.

The spirit of the Tang Dynasty brought a mental massage to all the people in twenty-first Century.

After the drama ended, the heat continued. Fire crystal persimmon, water pot mutton burst red. The hero's costume props are also frequently searched. The big sleeves of the Han costume brand "Hua Chao Ji" and "twelve hours of Changan" have risen 12 times in a few months. More people, because of a drama, began to understand Hanfu and fall in love with Hanfu.

As Wu Qian, vice president of Ali entertainment and President of Ali fish, said, "spiritual and cultural dividends are taking the place of traffic dividends and become a new driving force for consumption upgrading."

Under the empowerment of Ali fish, Hanfu is further breaking through the small crowd, making dreams with IP and breaking circles.

2 billion Hanfu rivers and lakes

The wind blows the immortals, and it is still like a neon dress.

In 2003, 19 year old Wang Yuliang and netizen Li Zongwei jointly developed Hanfu on Han Net. They compared the classic style, and assumed that the first Hanfu was made, the first person to make a modern self-made Hanfu.

In April 2004, Han Fu revival Sun Yi wrote a song and song "return to Han and Tang Dynasties". Two years later, the first Hanfu store opened to business.

"My first Hanfu was bought back in Han and Tang Dynasty." If the female college students entered the circle in 2014, most of the Han costume in the circle could only be tailored to the tailor's shop.

From 2015 to 2016, with the rise of traditional Chinese culture, Hanfu became a topic of conversation gradually, and gradually entered the field of vision. On Taobao and Tmall, Hanfu brand sprawled in a prairie fire, igniting the carnival of Han Chinese uniform.

He Yuanyuan, founder of Hua Chao Ji, feels that he chose the right platform at the right time. It is the most correct choice for him to start his own business in Taobao.

According to Taobao's second policy month, before 2018, Hanfu has been showing a "steady growth" momentum. Since last year, the search volume of "Hanfu" in Tmall has exceeded that of "shirts", and the number of Chinese clothes purchased has increased by 92% compared with 2017. Among them, 95 accounted for 48%, accounting for 24% after 90.

By the end of 2018, the consumption of Chinese Hanfu market had exceeded 2 million. Taobao data show that Hanfu has formed a market of more than 2 billion scale.

The explosive growth of Hanfu online stores and the establishment of festivals such as "China clothing day" in recent years to promote the Chinese traditional costumes have gradually broken the circle of Chinese clothing, and the audience has gradually expanded to different age groups.

Survive in crevice

Although there has been a "blowout" growth in Hanfu sales in recent years, Chinese clothing is still facing many difficulties to truly realize industrial development and change to mass consumption.

"Tradition also needs to be innovating. If we want to popularize Chinese clothing and let more people accept it, then it will inevitably need to evolve to some needs and habits in modern society." Chinese clothing designer Kyushu, Kyushu.

"The most prominent thing is homogenization and breaking the circle." Ali fish Xiao two Mo thought.

From the perspective of brand supply, the current Hanfu market is mainly supported by head businesses, and there is a serious fault phenomenon in the absence of waist businesses. The new Hanfu craftsmen and designers struggled to survive in the cracks because of publicity, inadequate exposure to traffic, small shops, and lack of complete supply chain.

At present, the proportion of Hanfu suits is less than 1%. How to attract more people to join Hanfu queue and introduce Hanfu into daily life has become an increasingly important topic.

In the meantime, "IP is actually a breakthrough in solving two problems with two birds with one stone".

The strong attraction of Chinese traditional culture, China is becoming stronger and stronger, Chinese people are more and more confident, the charm of traditional culture has formed a huge magnetic field, so that more and more Chinese people begin to pay attention to and love Hanfu.

In the era of Internet, whether it is the change of media, or the diversification and individuation of consumer demand, or even the iteration of age, it has decided the trend of transformation of copyright and brand direction.

The goal of Ali's entertainment is to form a good integration of the business value of the entire Alibaba group and the entertainment industry; enlarge the influence of the Ali business system through the entertainment industry, so that the latter can appreciate and gain more brand influence. Ali big entertainment President Fan Luyuan said.

Among them, Ali fish played an important pushing role through IP authorization.

  Break the circle

Three years ago, Ali fish officially set sail, which is seen as a positive signal for Ali to enter the global IP market.

The unique link business mode of "IP2B2C" enables Ali fish to build brand energy from upstream IP and downstream channels.

For example, Han Shang Hua Lian, "know whether or not", Hua Chao Ji, "twelve hours of Changan", "Liu Yan Xun Ling", "Chen Qing Lu", Chi Xia * "Kyushu" dimly recorded ", it is under the power of Ali fish, businesses have achieved good sales results and brand promotion.

Taobao shop "Liu Yan Xi Ling" and "Chen Qing order" joint name, for more than 3 months in the past five months, consumer favorite Hanfu top five, the character Wei Wei did not admire the exclusive custom set, in a month increased by more than three times.

In addition to the costumes, Ali has rich IP resources. Such as arts, literature, creativity, heritage, etc. In strategy, Ali uses these IP reserves to actively empower businesses, and also supports businesses in need in terms of design, supply chain and marketing.

While helping businesses to enhance their exposure and influence, the most important change brought by Ali fish is "breaking the circle", which has brought fans from different dimensions (IP). With IP planting grass, it has effectively promoted Hanfu culture, thus promoting the development of the industry.

"It's so hard to find a gay friend in this circle." Three years into the circle, said Huang Xuan. Nearly 80% of the members are girls. Today, the IP cooperation between "twelve hours of Changan" and "Chen's decree" has led to the rise of the Han clothing younger brother's army, and the number of men's Hanfu search has increased sharply, up by 200% over the same period.

IP dreams

At the same time, Ali fish and Tmall jointly run the trend toys category, it can also become an important aid for Han clothing "breaking circle".

For example, costume dolls / hand users can become potential users of Hanfu, Ali fish are also actively encouraging businesses to cross-border cooperation and diversification.

Not only in the breakthrough of consumer groups, but also in the way of consumption, Ali fish also have a lot of help.

Because the Hanfu production process is more complex than ordinary clothes and the production cycle is correspondingly longer, the production schedule of the famous Hanfu shop named "Ming Hua Tang" has been released until March 2021, and the customer service is dealing with the order information before September 3rd.

However, the general situation of "futures trading" in the Hanfu industry has formed a natural agreement with Ali's new product platform. We have opened up the new product of the "entering the Amoy" path, and the data of the new products such as transaction and evaluation on the platform can directly enter the electronic business platform of the Amoy department. In the future, we can help brands through crowds, pre-sale and various ways of interaction with consumers, and also expand the overall foundation of Hanfu groups.

In this way, the business of the various parts of Ali fish has formed a perfect closed loop, coupled with the ecological resonance with Ali's entertainment, Ali fish has not only contributed to a single brand business, but also has the ability and determination to embody the whole Hanfu industry.

"With the power of IP, the creation of new commodities, even the new" species ", fully empowering merchants, and then empowering the ecosystem, is the value of Ali fish. Wu Qian said.

The world is changing. The core is the core.

And this is also Ali fish, with IP dream, cultural break circle of the initial heart.

Source: Wang Fan, author of Internet business in the world

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