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Chen Dapeng: 2019 China'S Clothing Industry Is Innovating In Difficulties And Pressures.

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Da Peng Chen

The industry is facing a great change in the past hundred years, and it also faces great opportunities in the past century.

Turning change into opportunity and motive force and turning to high quality development is the era mission of our generation of clothing people and the inevitable choice of industrial development under the new historical orientation.

2019 is a very unusual year for China's garment industry. It not only faces the complex and changeable economic environment and market pressure at home and abroad, but also suffers the baptism of the advent of the digital economy era. During this year, what kind of test has the industry undergone and what progress has been made in pressure and difficulties? Where is the development of industry in 2020? On the occasion of the new year, the reporter interviewed Chen Dapeng, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation and President of China clothing association.

Reporter: what did you realize in the past 2019?

Chen Dapeng: in 2019, the pressure of China's clothing industry is very large. It can be said that it is a very difficult year. The international environment is becoming increasingly complex, and the market growth momentum is insufficient. Especially the spillover effect caused by the negative effects of international trade friction has a profound impact on the development of international trade. Under such a big international environment, China's macro-economy is also showing downward pressure, the lack of consumer confidence and the sluggish market, coupled with the acceleration of the pace of consumer demand reform, has brought unprecedented challenges and difficulties to the development of the industry.

Under such a large internal and external pressure, China's garment industry as the most market-oriented industry, carry forward the spirit and will of hard struggle and bravely struggle, take the direction of high quality development as the direction, take the structural reform of supply side as the main line, and bear the burden and meet the difficulties all the way. We can see that although the overall growth rate of the industry is slowing down and the quality and efficiency fluctuate, the industry's basic market is firm and basically stable. Especially in the face of the digital economy baptism, China's garment industry has accelerated transformation and upgrading in the throes of pain, accelerated pace of adjustment and innovation, and continuously improved industrial quality. In this period of strategic restructuring and transformation, the industry began a new round of transformation and growth. "How to see the rainbow without going through the wind and rain" is a vivid portrayal of the industry today.

Reporter: what kind of test do you think Chinese garment industry has undergone in 2019?

Chen Dapeng: looking back on this year, the achievement is not easy, especially the acceleration of industrial upgrading. It is also a boost to the confidence of the industry. At the same time, it lays a solid foundation for the next industry remolding. In a sense, these difficulties are the activators of the industry's future development. In the process of dealing with stress, the industry has strengthened its organism and improved its ability.

As we have just said, in 2019, we first experienced the test of consumption change. Under the premise of low consumption, the upgrading of consumption poses a great challenge to us. "After 90" has stepped onto the stage of history and has become the main consumer group. From products to lifestyle, from brand to value proposition, their consumption demand presents personalized, intelligent, customized, young, and high cost performance and other diversified trends, which puts forward new requirements for industry supply. Of course, we should also see that although the growth rate of domestic sales has slowed down, the market base is very large, and the market demand is very large, and it is still on the track of growth. The key is that we must adapt to the requirements of consumption upgrading, enhance effective supply and meet the new market needs.

On the other hand, we have been tested by the transformation of business logic. In the era of digital economy, great changes have taken place in the way of interaction and connection between enterprises and consumers, including the way consumers acquire. Where the consumer is, what the consumer portrait is, how to find and serve the brand target consumer group, all of them pose new challenges to our supplier side.

At the same time, we are also undergoing the test of the transformation of industrial logic. Data has become an important factor of production, and the relationship between industrial resources and consumption is being reconstructed, and production paradigm and production relations have undergone subversive changes. Under the premise of the deep integration of digital technology and industry, the industry from the supply chain economy to the network economy, enterprise organizations also develop towards flexibility and synergy. How to adapt to this trend also needs an adaptation process.

Reporter: what good will the industry usher in in the new era?

Chen Dapeng: in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's garment industry has grown from small to large, and has built the most complete industrial system with the largest scale in the world and the supporting industry chain, thus realizing the rise of a large industrial country. In the new era, history has given new opportunities, new spaces and new directions to the development of China's garment industry, and has also provided new possibilities for the industry.

From a policy perspective, the state attaches great importance to the real economy and manufacturing industries. The real economy is the foundation of a country's economy, and the development of manufacturing industry is also the basic national policy of the country. In recent years, with regard to manufacturing, foreign trade and regional economic development, a series of policies have been put forward by the state to provide a good environment for industrial development. At the same time, as an important livelihood industry and a basic consumer industry, local governments not only highly agree with the new cognition of "technology, fashion and green", but also vigorously promote the development of the industry combined with the transfer of the Midwest, improving the quality of employment and helping the poor to get rid of poverty. This provides better external conditions for the development of garment industry, especially the industrial cluster.

Technically, new technology gives the industry new potential energy. Many bottlenecks and contradictions accumulated during the decades of development of the industry can effectively find new solutions and methods from the new technological level. The new generation of information technology, especially 5G, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and block chain, as important new production factors and social infrastructure, are reshaping the industrial form and structure, bringing great benefits to industrial upgrading and high quality development.

From the market perspective, we still optimistic about the future consumption potential. China is the most potential consumer market in the world, which contains immense space. Whether consumption classification, demand refinement, or entertainment economy, environmental protection fashion, rising tide of the country and other new phenomena are all the specific manifestation of market demand. The potential market is an important support for the development of the industry.

Reporter: 2020 is the year of "13th Five-Year" and the 14th Five-Year year of planning. How do you evaluate the achievements of China's garment industry in 13th Five-Year?

Chen Dapeng: "13th Five-Year" is an important period for the construction of a strong garment country, and also an important period of industrial transformation. In the background of the weak international economic recovery and the new normal of China's economy, our garment industry has clearly defined the new orientation of "science, technology, fashion and green", and defined the new orientation of innovation and development. With the vision of internationalization and the courage granted by the baptism of the market economy, it has innovating ahead of difficulties and pressures, showing the vitality and toughness of the industry. The whole industry is heading ahead with the leading technology, the first-class brand, the sustainable development of the ecosystem, and the talented clothing power.

Technological applications are progressing. Technology is the era, the productivity and the most important driving force of industry. The application of new technologies, such as information technology and digital technology, has accelerated the pace of deep integration of "two technologies". From the consumer perception, interaction, flexibility and intellectualization to the production paradigm, and even the transformation of the whole value chain of management, service and marketing, China's apparel industry has taken the lead in the world. New progress has been made in the industrialization application of mass customization technology. Intelligent modern factories have springing up, and the whole process automation manufacturing mode has been widely adopted. New technology has provided an important power lever for industrial development.

The operation mode is constantly innovating. Along with the deepening of Industrial Synergy, the "big and strong" and "small and fine" industrial ecology is gradually constructed, big enterprises are doing platforms, small businesses are specialized in doing fine work. At the same time, the platform platform of digital economy era brings opportunities and conditions for small and medium enterprises, and small and beautiful enterprises grow rapidly. At the same time, "Internet +" action accelerated the transformation of "Smiling Curve" to "whole process synergy", and spawned continuous innovation of modes and channels, and a large number of new species sprung up.

The essence of industry is completely regressive. After experiencing rapid development, the essence of industry gradually returned during the "13th Five-Year" period. China's clothing enterprises revisited consumer value comprehensively, focusing on consumers, focusing on product development, focusing on design creativity, with particular emphasis on the coordinated development of industrial chains. At the same time, the industry also takes the consumer experience as an important part of the whole industry value chain ecology, and the characteristics of the industrial nature development are very obvious.

The concept of development has been deepened. During the "13th Five-Year" period, the industrial values and development outlook became clearer, and the whole industry was more pragmatic and rational, turning to connotative development. The investment structure is more reasonable, and the proportion of investment in technology and R & D has greatly improved. Fashion creativity, endogenous driving force and innovation capabilities continue to enhance, new formats and new products continue to emerge. The concept of social responsibility has been deepened. Green development and sustainable development are becoming important competitive advantages and value sources for the industry.

The level of internationalization is improving step by step. In the view of globalization, enterprises are actively joining the international high-quality resources. On the one hand, through the cooperation with internationally renowned design, research and development, brand and other institutions, the integration of all kinds of intellectual resources can be realized. On the other hand, many Chinese garment enterprises join the international brand cooperative M & a team, so as to get R & D team, management team, marketing concept and market channel. At the same time, more and more independent brands have established sales channels in developed countries, which has enhanced brand awareness and international development level.

Reporter: what are your suggestions for the next development of the industry?

Chen Dapeng: in the face of the next development, I think we must have a clear understanding of this era and ourselves. We not only have the foundation and confidence that the industry has accumulated over the past decades, but also seize the new opportunities brought by the new round of technological revolution and consumption change, accelerate the pace of the development of high quality industries, and comprehensively sprint to the goal of clothing power.

We must embrace the new revolution in science and technology. New technology has become a new ecological condition for industrial development. Digital transformation is the only way for industrial development. This requires us to build a modern manufacturing system centered on digitalization, networking and intelligence, and promote the comprehensive renovation of manufacturing technology, manufacturing system and manufacturing paradigm. We need to use artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data and other technical means to improve the efficiency of resource allocation, realize the comprehensive connection between industrial chain and value chain, and form an industrial development system driven by data. At the same time, we should strengthen the combination of production, teaching and research, promote the synergy between the organization management mode and the intelligent manufacturing system, and form a scientific and technological innovation ecosystem suitable for the digital economy era, and promote the overall transformation and upgrading of the industry, so as to achieve the high quality development.

We should constantly supplement the shortage and short board of the industrial foundation capability. The basic ability of industry is the foundation of scientific and technological innovation, mode innovation and high quality development. Although our industry is the largest in the world, there are still many shortcomings in many basic capabilities, such as lean management, lean manufacturing, design creativity, artistic aesthetics, commodity planning, supply chain management and talent development. If these industrial foundations are not rammed, intelligent manufacturing can only be a castle in the air, leading the trend of consumption and adapting to the changes of consumer lifestyles and consumption patterns. If the industry wants to go to the middle and high end, it must excavate the source of the industry, and do a good job on the industrial foundation system around products and services.

We must seize the new generation of consumer market. "After 80", "post-90s" and even "00 after" become the main body of market consumption, which determines the trend of future industrial development. They are Internet aborigines, generally accepted good education, lifestyles and consumption patterns are very different. Our products and services must meet the needs of their identities and values. Firmly grasp the changes of the new generation's life style and carry out targeted research and development, design and other work is an important topic for further development.

We should comprehensively enhance the soft power of industry. High quality development is not only reflected in science and technology, manufacturing hard power, but also internal support of soft power. This is an important symbol of measuring the competitiveness of the industry, and also the ideological and spiritual power of the industry. From the clothing industry, soft power is cultural creation and responsibility development. From product to industry, from fashion discourse power to cultural confidence, cultural creation is the key content of industrial value creativity. From the humanistic responsibility, market responsibility to environmental responsibility, and humanistic feelings, social responsibility is an important path and embodiment for sustainable development and the construction of a respected country of clothing.

We should further change the concept of development. To achieve high quality development, we must radically change the concept of growth driven by scale expansion, superficialization, formalization and utilitarian innovation, and truly turn to the core innovation capability and value creation capability promoted by innovation driven endogenous driving force, cultural creation and responsibility development. Especially in the era of digital economy, new technology is breaking the original industry boundaries and professional boundaries. Collaborative innovation, cross-border innovation, integration and sharing of integrated innovation, platform and ecological development concept has become an important condition for the development of the industry in the new era.

Reporter: in 2019, what priorities did the China clothing association do to upgrade and upgrade the service industry?

Chen Dapeng: in the background of digital transformation of industry, in 2019, China Garment Association closely linked to the new positioning of the industry, focusing on the new changes, new problems and new needs of the industry in the transformation, aiming at promoting the development of high quality industries and building a powerful country with targeted and valuable services. The work of the association in 2019 can be summarized as follows:

Promoting technological progress in the industry. The promotion of technological progress is the top priority of the association's clothing industry. In 2019, the association's scientific and technological work relies on the China garment intelligent manufacturing technology innovation alliance, vigorously promoting intelligent manufacturing. New progress has been made in the whole process automation technology and equipment of "three garments and two pants", and the automatic sewing unit has been continuously deepened. Especially, the issuance and implementation of the 9 group standard of CNGA clothing intelligent manufacturing series is of great significance to accelerate the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in the clothing industry. At the same time, it also held the Fifth China Garment Technology Development Conference, and established Haier garment alliance ecological alliance with China, and founded the China clothing science and Innovation Research Institute in Yi Shang Town. These efforts play an important role in promoting the application of industrial Internet and digital technology in the industry, and promoting the development of industry flexibility and intelligence.

Promote the upgrading of industrial clusters. Industrial cluster is the foundation of industry, representing the level of industrial manufacturing, technology application and comprehensive competitiveness. It is also an important force for regional economic development. In this year, the association completed the reappraisal of industrial clusters on the one hand, and 61 pilot units of innovative industrial clusters. At the same time, the association has also carried out strategic cooperation with industrial clusters. Through a series of services such as industrial cluster planning, personnel training, R & D design, social responsibility and industrial docking, the association has effectively promoted the upgrading and development of clusters.

Promote industrial upgrading. In the digital change, as the main body and core of the innovation of the industrial foundation, quality manufacturing is not only the source of energy to support the development of the terminal brand, but also gradually changes to the service form, showing more new possibilities for industrial channel innovation and business mode innovation. In order to adapt to this change, the association set up a fashion Alliance for quality manufacturing to create a fashion industrial park. After a year's operation, some achievements have been achieved, and the platform value of industrial empowerment has been initially displayed. It has played a unique role in promoting the integration of new technologies and manufacturing, and building a new industrial value ecosystem.

Promote industrial value synergy. In this year, the association has focused on strengthening upstream and downstream synergy and promoting industrial integration and innovation. The Specialized Committee activities such as China Apparel Association, Specialized Committee, China fashion conference, China International Clothing Fair (CHIC), China Fashion Forum, China professional wear industry conference and other platform activities are actively promoting domestic and foreign resource exchange and cooperation and the synergy and development of downstream industries.

Reporter: what's your new year's message for the industry in the new year?

Chen Dapeng: hardships and hardships. The industry is facing a great change in the past hundred years, and it also faces great opportunities in the past century. As long as we are climbing the spirit of Mount Everest, embracing this era of change, embracing new technologies and embracing new consumption, we are fully confident and capable of reaching the top of the great power with the spirit of innovation and perseverance.

Source: Chinese Fashion Writer: Liu Xiaoqing

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