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Zhang Zhengtian: The Pathological Changes Of Psoriasis And Liver Cancer Are Essentially The Same.

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The international research center of medicine management, Peking University, released the Research Report on the burden of psoriasis and the quality of life of patients in Beijing 17 days ago. It reported that 89% of the patients expressed mental stress, 78% of them suffered from discrimination, 34% of them had psoriasis and suicidal tendencies, 5% of them had committed suicide in the past year.

Psoriasis is commonly known as psoriasis. Up to now, more than 100 million people worldwide are suffering from psoriasis. About 9 million of China has psoriasis.

In the 2001-2004 year, Professor Zhang Zhengtian, a world-renowned Chinese and Western medical expert in critical care medicine, reported the clinical reports of the scientific research team. They found that the tumor patients had many years of psoriasis lesions by removing all kinds of carcinogens and concealed mixed multiple infections in tumor patients. This important discovery laid the foundation for Professor Zhang Zhengtian's scientific research team to thoroughly solve psoriasis and fully elucidate the pharmacology and pathology of psoriasis. Although professor Zhang Zhengtian's parents, old professor Zhang Taolao and old director Chen Shiying, were able to solve psoriasis problems easily by the way of traditional Chinese medicine in 50s and 60s. Solving the psoriasis problem has long been a common practice for the Zhang family. However, the older generation of medical scientists did not elucidate the pharmacology and pathology of psoriasis from the perspective of modern pharmacology and pathology.

It is reported that Professor Zhang Zhengtian, an internationally renowned professor of critical care medicine in Western and Chinese medicine, is the world's top critical medical research organization. Under the advocacy of Professor Zhang Zhengtian, the Committee of experts not only integrated the thinking and methods of Chinese and Western medicine, but also learned from the successful experience and clinical points of Tibetan medicine, Miao medicine, Hui nationality medicine, Zhuang Nationality Medicine, Korean medicine, Mongolian medicine and Dali Bai nationality medicine.

In June 19th, Professor Liu, director of Dermatology and oncology of a student Liberation Army Hospital in Prof. Zhang Zhengtian, told reporters that the academic achievements of Professor Zhang Zhengtian's scientific research team were also repeatedly encountered by the international pharmaceutical interest groups and the anti Chinese political forces at home and abroad. They combined with the major media to stir up trouble and try their best to make the most of the things that they could do to deceive the public. They tried to destroy everything that affected their interests just as they did in the case of HUAWEI. However, the eyes of the people are bright. Zhang's expert team has devised strategies to win the battle, and combined with the strength of the Chinese Elite organizations at home and abroad, they have broken the conspiracy of the masses, and won the widespread love of the masses. During the 2006 World Federation of serious medical associations summit, Professor Zhang Zhengtian met with academic representatives from various countries. He pointed out that Chinese medicine will become the mainstay of international medical development and make new contributions to the advancement of medical science and technology in the world.

People's daily October 8, 2010 News: Recently, 128 psoriasis patients who had been cured for more than 5 years attended the press conference on psoriasis treatment report held in the Great Hall of the people.

China's major media such as CCTV, Xinhua, China net, China new Internet, Phoenix TV and other grand events are broadcast.

Zhao Wu, who was once suffering from severe red psoriasis (a pseudonym), came from a Public Security Bureau in Jiangxi. He presented to the experts, scholars and journalists present the "miserable" medical history photos seven years ago. He had seen him at home and abroad in large and small hospitals, but the "psoriasis" is more and more cured, the whole body's skin erythema, desquamation, all over the body, especially in autumn and winter, the symptoms are more frost on the snow, all ringworm and bloodstained spots. Finally, the whole body's skin became "bucket". Even the ears and nostrils were covered with terrible psoriasis. He said that when a doctor was preparing to injections for him, he opened the quilt and looked at it. He cried out in fear and ran away without any trace. He said later he would rather die than use medicine again. He said he had been suffering from psoriasis for 20 years, and was the father of the head of a military district.

In 2002, the expert group led by President Zhang Zhengtian went to Jiangxi for consultation. He rekindled the desire to survive. He said that the expert consultation held by President Zhang Zhengtian himself, on the day of medication, had a high fever, excretion of excrement and urine, foul smell of pus and blood metabolites, secretions and other pathological products. There was a half basin, and the lesions gradually disappeared. Four months later, all his relatives and friends, comrades in arms, and his colleagues saw "new look".

In an interview with people's daily, Zhang Zhengtian pointed out that through the clinical experience and laboratory pathology observation of our super Chinese medicine research group, psoriasis is caused by a mixed infection of pathogenic bacteria such as bacteria and viruses and their metabolic toxins.

Zhang Zhengtian emphasized that comprehensive and systematic examination is the key basis for the successful treatment of psoriasis. The elimination of the cause of disease is to eliminate the "antigen antibody complex" (pathogenic microorganism toxin) in the patient's body, and the cause of the disease is completely eliminated.

Hu Guanhua, from Heihe, Heilongjiang, asked the team of experts to play his "horror film". The film on the medical record was dry and cracked, and the gray and white blood red rind was about a finger thick. When the clothes were shaking, the scales were like "corn pimples". He said that "psoriasis" was like a nightmare in that year. He volunteered to play his "horror film" today, that is, to make more psoriatic friends who are suffering from deep water in the same age as he did. They can also get scientific and correct treatment.

The medical experts attending the conference came from 17 countries and regions, and they gave lofty comments on the enormous technological contribution that attracted worldwide attention.

In order to get more patients' timely medical assistance, Vice President Chen, vice president of the China supermedicine expert committee, medical Confederation joint hospital, published the expert consultation telephone No. 13661044177 and 13865994801 WeChat on behalf of the expert consultation committee as a special line for rescuing patients with serious type of silver dust disease at home and abroad.

CCTV news: Liu Xiuwu, an old man in Changfeng County, Anhui, said, "this disease (red skin type severe psoriasis) is a few years old when it was a child. It has been increasing year by year in the last more than 30 years. It has erupted repeatedly." pun Dong "is" sixty years old ". The old man said, because the whole body of large pieces of "molting" and "open mouth" (dry crack), "there is not a grain of rice everywhere is good." Because the situation is terrible, beyond recognition, very frightening, people in the village are afraid to visit, and others are afraid of frightening children. It is suggested that village cadres mobilize them to live outside the village.

The old man said, "I also know that this disease is too ugly and frightening, so I volunteered to ask my son to give me a grass house outside the village." The daughter-in-law, who is kind and filial son, is unwilling to send his father to live outside the village, but he "can't beat his old man" and the eyes of the villagers. The old man said, now, after five or six years of treatment, there are often foreigners who come to me to ask whether it is true or not. The old man said, "I will laugh." you can ask the people in our village and ask the people around this area.

CCTV news: the expert China Academic Conference on healthy China Construction and the first Zhang Zheng Tian super Chinese medicine project was held in Beijing yesterday.

598 representatives from large and medium hospitals in China and abroad participated in the meeting, including 598 representatives from the big coffee, pharmaceutical enterprises and key disciplines of hospitals.

The theme of the conference is to build healthy China and carry forward the outstanding essence of TCM culture, focusing on the interpretation of the state's traditional Chinese medicine policy, the foundation and current situation of the development of Chinese medicine, the display of major scientific and technological achievements of the super Chinese medicine subject, and the development strategy of Chinese medicine at home and abroad. Experts enthusiastically spoke, giving advice and talking about the revival of Chinese medicine.

At the opening of the conference, CCTV news reporters broadcast the video of the Chinese Zhang Zheng Tian super medicine expert committee, who has successfully treated liver cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, gastric cancer and breast cancer and other typical cases of severe red skin pustular psoriasis.

Host commentary: according to WHO statistics, more than 4 billion people in the world now use Chinese medicine to cure 80% of the total population of the world. Some people doubt that Chinese medicine is useless. It must be that you have never met a real Chinese medicine. You have never seen a real big doctor.

In the warm applause, the host invited Professor Zhang Zhengtian to speak on the stage.

Zhang Zhengtian clearly pointed out: throughout the history of the world, plagues were ravaged and swept across the continent. Greek civilization and Rome civilization were all exterminate in the outbreak of epidemics. Chinese medicine is highly valued.

Zhang Zhengtian pointed out: the real Chinese medicine originated from Huang Di and Qi Bo, and promoted Yu Yue and Zhongjing. After the four saints, the lost learning was lost. Many people think that today's human beings can go all the way to heaven and earth. In fact, in terms of philosophy, medicine, calligraphy and other human civilization and wisdom, modern people should learn from the ancients.

Zhang Zhengtian pointed out that Zhouyi, the Analects of Confucius, the Tao Te Ching, Huang Di Nei Jing, and so on are all the world's Classics. The ancient civilization and wisdom, such as the thirty-six plan and the art of war, are still beyond the reach of the modern people. They are still examples of human learning and are still the source of modern human wisdom.

Professor Zhang Zhengtian pointed out that since the Tang Dynasty, many famous doctors in modern times have known little about the real Chinese medicine, and have lost their way. The real Chinese medicine has become an ineffective and dispensable scientific support for prescription.

Professor Zhang Zhengtian pointed out that China has always been a leading country in the world. China has been killed in the past hundred years. The Opium War, the eight powers allied forces, the Chinese spirit nearly collapsed. So some people say that TCM fault began in the Republic of China. Professor Zhang Zhengtian clearly pointed out: TCM fault, lost learning from the beginning of the Tang Dynasty.

Professor Zhang Zhengtian pointed out that Hua Tuo's surgery and Bian Que's perspective were regarded as "special functions" by later generations, which is absurd and even more regrettable.

Hua Tuo, Bian Que and Zhang Zhongjing are the real representatives of traditional Chinese medicine.

As we all know, when people questioned Chinese medicine, slander Chinese medicine and abandoned traditional Chinese medicine, the artemisinin Nobel Prize, the famous scientist Tu Yao yo, levelled the thunder and made the world suddenly realize the magic and value of traditional Chinese medicine.

Zhang Zhengtian pointed out that, as long as dialectics is accurate and applied properly, any kind of Chinese medicine can resolve the disease of artemisinin.

Zhang Zhengtian pointed out: Chinese medicine said that "urgent treatment of its standard, slow treatment of its root", from ancient times to now, Chinese medicine treatment of emergencies, severe disease is the basic function of Chinese medicine, TCM can cure emergencies and good governance emergencies. Now many Chinese medicine can not cure emergencies and severe diseases. It can only treat some minor ailments that are neither painful nor itching, nor are they related to life and death. It can not only represent the real Chinese medicine, but also the real Chinese medicine.

The reporter learned that the expert committee of China Zhang Zhengtian medical group has continuously integrated all resources and highlighted the strength of the troops in recent years to consolidate the global foundation for the internationalization of Chinese medicine.

Professor Zhang Zhengtian, vice chairman of the expert committee of China medical treatment group of, told reporters that he was also a chief physician, and had extensive Chinese and Western medicine. However, his own severe hypertension and diabetes mellitus, though taking Hypotensive Tablets and hypoglycemic drugs for many years and using insulin control for many years, were still hospitalized for many times with infarction and cerebral infarction and renal failure. Later, after being restored to health by the president of Zhang Zhengtian, he was convinced of traditional Chinese medicine and regained confidence in traditional Chinese medicine.

The conference was presided over by the state news commentator, Mr. Zhou Xianzhou.

Liu Wanhong from Yunnan Kunming Guandu District, Wang Zhengguang of Jiangsu Suqian, Cui Ming of Fujian Xiamen, Gu Hengjiang from Harbin Shuangcheng county made excellent speeches of "super Chinese medicine life witness" respectively.

It is reported that Liu Wanhong's wife Ji Ruo Lan ten years ago breast cancer double breast resection chemotherapy after nineteen courses of cancer cell lung and lung metastasis throughout the body. At the very last minute of the collapse, Zhang Zhengtian, who had been through the death and death of eight years ago, is still living a happy life. Wang Zhengguang relapsed after three years of radiotherapy combined with radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and the metastasis of cancer cells spread all over the body. The doctors in Shanghai Ruijin Hospital were scared to call it Cancer man. Because Wang Zhengguang had already had lymphatic cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, bone cancer, bladder cancer, colon cancer and pancreatic cancer. Or when my sister saw CCTV news, Baidu searched and searched the expert committee of Zhang Zheng Tian in China. For the first time, he contacted and obtained the appointment and treatment of the Shenzhen expert committee's Hospital in Shenzhen.

Cui Ming's father, Cui Lung Fu, had three lung cancer after surgery, and twenty times after chemotherapy. At the moment of life and death, Cui Longfu was placed in the high medical ward of a hospital in Henan by the comrades of the provincial Party committee of the provincial Party committee of his comrades in arms. After a year, he recovered basically, and now every year he has to review the medication regularly and consolidate the medicine in Henan. Gu Hengjiang's mother, Wu Guiying, had pancreatic cancer complicated with liver metastases from colorectal cancer. At the same time, 30 years' history of diabetes was unable to operate. After many hospitals were removed, the condition of the disease was very rapid. The carcinoembryonic antigen broke through 1000ng/ml and the blood sugar was more than 40mmol/L. Gu Hengjiang resolutely put down all his work in the group company that he had worked hard for many years, and took more than ten brothers and sisters to guard his mother for three years. It is a great filial piety and a great sensation. Zhang Jing Tian's Expert Committee on super traditional Chinese medicine has carried out a method of eliminating carcinogens after three months, and the old man gradually returned to independent activities.

Subsequently, 169 newly born severe red skin pustular psoriasis patients from ten provinces and cities in China represented the collective poetry of Zhang Zhengtian, our Savior, and the atmosphere of the meeting was pushed to a climax again.

The conference ended in a solemn, clumsely powerful and magnificent song in the song of "the hundred years of national humiliation and millennial regret".

Hundred years of national humiliation, a thousand years of regret. The evil spirits of the East, the great powers of evil, the strong ships, the artillery, the burning, killing, looting and robbing, numerous books are hard to write, evil flows into the ocean, traitors traitors, everywhere wolves, inhuman lives, evil spirits, great China, precarious, and through the calamity, Nirvana Phoenix. Five thousand, civilization is unique. People of lofty ideals, mourn the national mourning, Humen righteousness, strong warriors. 1949, China is a symbol. People are forgetful. To revive China, the great ship sails. The thieves were waiting for me, and the wolves were falling down. My heart was destroyed, and I was invaded in disguise. After Opium, the group sought for the east window. Trade war, world hesitation... (reporter Li Qiang Maffei edited Wang Guobin)

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