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Jiangsu Provincial Eco Environment Department Held The First Symposium Of The Ten Major Industry Associations

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2020 is the decisive year for the completion of the "13th Five-Year" plan, the goal of pollution prevention and control. How to accurately plan the new year's ecological environmental protection work? How to achieve the goal of tackling key problems in pollution prevention and control, and promote the high quality development of Jiangsu's economy and the high level protection of ecological environment at the forefront? Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Ecological Environment Department organized a symposium of trade associations, invited representatives from 10 trade associations such as textile, chemical, iron and steel, construction, etc. to listen to the opinions and suggestions on Jiangsu's ecological environment, and jointly explore the problems of protecting the ecological environment in the industry.

Bridge between government and enterprises

"Our association has complete scientific and technological resources and has established cooperative relations with relevant research institutes both at home and abroad." Zhang Wei, Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Light Industry Association, said that the light industry association has made many suggestions and suggestions for government departments' decisions. Some of them have been absorbed into the work report and hope to strengthen cooperation with the ecological environment department in the future.

Han Ping, President of Jiangsu Textile Industry Association, said in an informal discussion that he had been invited by the government as an expert to participate in the demonstration of the advanced technology standard of textile printing and dyeing industry. In this regard, he said, to play the professional role of industry associations, and government departments and enterprises to accurately enhance the technological progress of the industry.

"It is estimated that by the end of this year, all major iron and steel enterprises in the province will have completed ultra low emission transformation." Chen Hongbing, vice president of Jiangsu iron and Steel Industry Association, said that this year, iron and steel enterprises emerged a batch of ultra-low emission enterprises of the whole process and entered the list of pilot and demonstration enterprises in the Ministry of the province. At the same time, he also suggested that we should adopt systematic governance methods such as source transformation, process reduction, recycling and terminal treatment, improve traditional monitoring methods and establish various methods database and evaluation system as soon as possible.

As a social intermediary organization between governments and enterprises, trade associations have been playing an active role in industry management and industry development, especially in improving management system, rationalizing management mechanism, regulating industry behavior, strengthening industry supervision and social supervision, training environmental protection talents, etc. At the symposium, representatives from 10 trade associations expressed the hope that the government departments could listen more to industry and enterprises when formulating policies and plans, improve operability and effectiveness, and lighten the unnecessary burden of enterprises.

It is understood that since last year, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of ecology and environment has held a symposium on key enterprises, and organized a symposium on behalf of the industry associations in conjunction with corporate environmental reception day.

"This year is our year of environmental protection".

"Opportunity is scarce." Han Ping said that in the past, the textile industry association had not had much contact with the ecological environment department, but this year he was nicknamed the environmental protection year of the industry.

In May, he received the invitation from the Provincial Department of ecology and environment, and participated in the "beautiful Jiangsu, seven colors Convention" activities with representatives of 6 other industry associations and associations. He took the lead in making public agreements, fulfilling the responsibility of environmental protection, and regularly organizing industry self-discipline "physical examination", leading the whole society to take practical action to help pollution prevention and control, to serve the development of high quality, and to build a new Jiangsu with "strong, rich and beautiful".

In August 15th, because an industry was asked to stop production, he also took part in the enterprise environmental protection reception day of the provincial ecological environment department.

The change came from a lecture. In September 5th, the Provincial Textile Industry Association organized a green forum to invite relevant personnel of the provincial environmental protection office to give lectures at the scene. Han Ping introduced that lecture, so that he really realized the grim nature of Jiangsu's ecological environment problems, and apologized for his irrationality at the beginning.

"The goal of the industry association and the government is to achieve the high quality development of the industry and contribute to the blue sky and white clouds." Han Ping said. After the lecture, he intersects with the ecological environment system more and more. Subsequently, he also put forward a solution to the eco environmental department on the issue of pollutant discharge permit. In this forum, he also made suggestions on 3 aspects: industrial planning, technological progress, and governance standards.

Han Ping shared the same feelings as Zou Honghai, vice chairman of the Jiangsu Fisheries Association. After the institutional reform, the fishery industry faced with the dilemma of no governance standard in terms of ecological environment protection. In the process of speeding up the formulation of standards, they encountered many problems that had not been encountered before. They also had more and more close ties with the ecological environment departments in the process of solving problems.

No limit on service, bottom line.

As the president of Jiangsu Chemical Industry Association, Zhao Weijian opened the door to the forum and expressed his concern about how to sort out the chemical industry chain and how to develop enterprises outside the chemical industrial park.

For some furniture enterprises, after using waterborne coatings, the technical requirements are higher, more work is done, more goods are returned, and the cost of production is high. Wang Chuanwei, vice president of Jiangsu Furniture Industry Association, expressed the hope that the ecological environment department will introduce corresponding technical standards and incentives to raise the enthusiasm of enterprises in pollution control.

Secretary General of the Jiangsu Pig Industry Association, Mr Kay Kay, said that the discharge tube does not mean no matter. I hope that the ecological environment department will give more support to the management technology and guide the local authorities to strengthen supervision over pollution prevention and control.

"For the common goal of high quality development, we find the greatest common divisor, the largest intersection, and open up a new chapter in finding common problems and solving problems." The head of the Provincial Ecological Environment Office said that the provincial Environmental Protection Office plans to complete 100 standards in order to improve the quality of the enterprises. It is hoped that the industry associations and the ecological environment departments will work together to speed up the formulation of standards.

It is understood that since last year, the provincial Environmental Protection Office has launched ten high quality development services, heavy pollution weather emergency management and exemption mechanism, green finance and a series of policies and systems, and has made remarkable achievements in promoting the development of high quality enterprises.

"There is no limit to our services in promoting the development of high quality enterprises, but enterprises must keep the bottom line." The head of the Provincial Ecological Environment Office said that the list of tasks should be listed and the work plan should be worked out for the problems raised by the trade associations. From next year, a two month communication mechanism with industry associations will be established to accelerate the transformation from environmental protection to development and to encourage development, so as to achieve a win-win situation of economic development and environmental protection.

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