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Guangzhou Xinli Army "Black Horse" Breakthrough: "Post-90S" Head Said, Brand Future Value Outside The Market.

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Pearl River New Town CBD, reinforced concrete is filled with the commercial flavor of making thousands of miles, and the twenty-four floor of Fuli Yinglong Plaza. The company with unique taste has quietly arranged. This is the headquarters of HANSCOOL and MAGNLENS, a new fashion brand in Guangzhou. The atmosphere has a striking contrast with the simple style of the atmosphere and the huge traffic windows outside the office area.

Peng Han MARS, the head of the post-90s generation, told the Guangzhou Daily's all media reporters that it is never difficult to open up the consumer market for the two brands of the group. "Over the past 30 years, as a knitting supplier in the upper reaches of fashion, we have familiarize ourselves with the rules of the major domestic brands and find that only by creating their own brands can we achieve their own value better." In the face of various marketing strategies in the current market, MARS firmly stated that in the future development of the group brand, those initiatives to seize the market and disguise marketing will not be planned. "For us, the group's 30 years of successful practice and unique business philosophy values are worthy of inheritance and development. What I hope to do next is to break the old pattern of selling products only and rebuild the added value of brand extension."

MARS, Peng Han

What is HANSCOOL? What does MAGNLENS represent? Recently, all the media reporters in Guangzhou daily made an exclusive interview with Peng Han MARS, the second generation leader of Guangzhou Hans Cole Fashion Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "group"), trying to understand the Guangdong enterprise with a long history background of 30 years from the "post-90s" new generation of decision-makers, how to rely on the advantages of their own enterprises, "outstanding foreign forces" in the "cracks" between foreign brands and domestic capital, and with what unique business secrets, quietly and beautifully completed the beautiful turn from "fabric family" to "original brand". In this rapidly changing business market, how does the group lead the future of China's new fashion with two new force brands?

The secret of survival: no fear of fashion, high aesthetics and life aesthetics.

"Clothing has always been the Red Sea, integrating tradition and innovation, with huge scale and rules of the game. international brand I think at this stage, how to build up a real brand is a key priority. MARS told all media reporters that in the past, we used to stay in China or stay at a stage of product sales, and the value added by enterprises was very low. Only by creating their own brand, brand with unique value, constantly activating, improving and optimizing, can they monopolize the market and achieve free pricing in order to derive value or brand privilege.

Looking at the global fashion consumer market, Chinese consumers are getting more sophisticated in recent years. From defining market segments to emphasizing differential competition, MARS believes that in the current stage of rapid development of the market, survival is the most important and the only way to break through, because the logic behind the survival is not just to make a quick wave of money, or to stir up a business. "Brand means that the brand image from design to factory manufacturing, raw material supply chain to retail and the whole brand is interlinked, and the ring must be done well, so that it is eligible to win an entry ticket in the rule of survival." how to change from cultural innovation to change is a problem that all Chinese brands should think about. Because, for him, cultural innovation is very important to consumers, and technological change is very important to the supply chain and channels of enterprises, all of which will be indispensable.

HANSCOOL unique shop appearance

"The customized service we see in the market is actually a false concept. The real customization is a process that needs a lot of time and is constantly tailored to you by professional planner." MARS said that real high fashion should be a way of life. "We do not want to achieve a so-called advanced idea by making a concept, and concentrate on doing real things, such as advanced garments." 2019 spring and summer CHIC China International Fashion Week, HANSCOOL completed its debut in the 798 Art District of Beijing, and its independent shops in Guangzhou also settled in Tianhe and operated smoothly. "We are a company that has no employees to check KPI hard. I do not want employees to use short-term behavior to hurt the brand in order to reach KPI." MARS seriously told all media reporters that in HANSCOOL shops, if customers want to buy clothes that are not suitable for themselves, our customers will not be able to buy them. Dress Consultant It will tell customers that they are not suitable, rather than simply selling to achieve sales. "We are not in hard SALE clothes, but rather want to really interact with consumers. Let consumers feel that the brand is trustworthy."

International vision: synchronizing the world's top design power

At present, there are two new brands that are sprouting up under the group, one is the brand HANSCOOL advocating the contemporary style, and the other is the leisure sports brand MAGNLENS, which is "follow the heart and love bravely". MARS said in an interview that he has built more international resources bridges from the source of product development, so that designers and artists who are more in line with our two brand style will join in our business. "For example, the brand design and R & D center has already been set up in the United States as the main force. It is also the former design director of NIKE and CONVERSE in the United States. It also has excellent designers from France and Belgium as designers of our quarterly cooperation series, so that their talents can be integrated into the new products of our series, and they will get a preliminary affirmative response in the Chinese market."

MARS also revealed that in the future, the group will, in the form of an open and cooperative way, integrate more beautiful culture and art into its products while continuing to maintain its high quality style while ensuring brand tonality. "From the point of view of channels, we are also planning overseas resources and plans, and we expect to start from China in the next 3~5 years and step into the international market."

HANSCOOL store image design takes the concept of "BOX" as inspiration.

"China's current electricity supplier is indeed a big disk, but for me, the electricity supplier is just a tool to facilitate the connection between the brand and consumers. For the long-term strategic significance of the future, it is not necessarily a key part." MARS pointed out that from the "Internet +" to "O2O" to "new retail" now, there are more and more new terms in Chinese business models, and innovative thinking is becoming faster and faster. Chinese brand The brand is now the soul of an enterprise, and the shaping of the brand expresses the company's values and the temperament of the enterprise. "If we are still too important to see the electricity supplier in the future, it is actually a kind of harm to the brand itself, such as excessive discount sales, which is actually an act of dishonesty."

"Today, without the rise of Chinese brands, there will be no strength of Chinese brands. From the perspective of a brand manager, we will think more about what to bring to consumers, or how to influence consumers from a good direction in life, take this as a central brand strategy, and then consider the root of the matter. We must upgrade from a foundry to create our own brand, change our channels, and update our marketing methods." MARS firmly believes that the market will belong to our Chinese brand in the next ten years.

Cultural integration: Aesthetic output without age restriction

If HANSCOOL's style is to advocate the unrestrained style of contemporary metropolis, MAGNLENS is more inclined to the young people who "follow their hearts and bravely love". MARS told special media reporters in particular that future cultural integration will break the age line, and that younger and younger is also a major trend. "Recently I was watching a rather unpopular movie" silver wing killer 2049 ", which tells a story about the future of the opening of the brain hole, which coincides with the theme of the brand new season. For MARS, the classic, elegant and artistic taste of constant output is of course necessary, but if product development can integrate into more styles of leisure and light sports functions, it may be more likely to get the empathy of young consumers.

HANSCOOL 2020 spring blockbuster

"China's cultural and artistic output is also benefited from the rise of China's business. Now more and more international brands or business models adjust product positioning or marketing methods to China's regions and culture, which also proves that China's clothing brand occupies a zero to one place in the international business market." MARS said that the new generation of China, or the group of young consumers known as Z generation, have relatively independent and subjective ways of doing things. They attach importance to maintaining the balance between life and work, or pay close attention to themselves, pay attention to the changes in technology and life around them, value the mission of a brand or whether there is a positive vision behind their brands. Therefore, for us, it is not enough to have good products, and the brand concept and culture also highlight the importance. For example, MAGNLENS is about to convey a sports theme concept of street basketball and extreme skateboarding next year, which is also the spirit of this courageous pursuit of inner love.

For future market or consumer's prediction, MARS thinks that visual language is very important. The visual language here refers to all aspects, such as brand VI, image blockbuster, product presentation, well-designed storefront and so on. "Websites with excessive visual elements will also reduce the conversion rate, clean and beautiful user experience, like search optimization, which is the weight of profit and loss." MARS told the all media reporters that from now on China, the net red economy has become saturated, and more and more people are beginning to resist the attention economy. The brand should also rethink, whether the so-called Red Sea of the flow has passed the flashy degree, and how to establish a valuable or real relationship is the basis for a long life.

Future challenges: a comprehensive coverage of life scenarios to solve the consumer's clothing pain points

The ability and experience of the international top brand supply fabric has provided excellent operational handling capabilities for our front end fabric development and process matching. In terms of management, I will give more prominence to service and communication trust, and trust and support for managers and employees, or staff members, or our colleagues in all external cooperation. We have no personal performance appraisal, no personal performance indicators, and no multi-level reporting and supervision relationship, so that a young team can enjoy the work that they love, and the extremely flat organization structure reduces communication level and efficiency and internal friction, so that the response speed of the decision making will be greatly accelerated. In the future, it will encourage competent employees to make quick decisions on their own. When asked whether the business model of the new brand was conclusive, MARS said it was not worried, because it was related to the so-called phased business objectives, and for the operation capacity of the enterprise itself.

In view of the future management mode that is effective and close to the times, MARS is particularly firm. In his view, this management mode is the advantage of group competition. "For business objectives, I advocate that the brand should be carefully done, and the good feedback on the earnings report is the result rather than the goal. For the vision of the whole enterprise, the two brands have already set the sole goal at the beginning of the establishment, which is to realize the inheritance of the brand in the past century. MARS boldly said: in the next short-term plan, he hopes to let more people pay attention to these two brands, and also hopes to communicate with more consumers through the communication mode of brand tonality, passing on the idea and values that the group hopes to achieve, and get more resonance and interaction.

In the channel, for the brand HANSCOOL, which focuses on the contemporary style, its second direct stores will officially enter the representative SHOPPING MALL in April of 2020. MARS points out that the brand will pay more attention to how to express from the brand positioning and image, so that it can fit the idea of the design team and realize communication with consumers. "For HANSCOOL, all the brands that conform to the aesthetic and high style are our competitive products. For the market share, I hope that HANSCOOL can express a unique sense of existence and pay attention to the aesthetic expression of the current cultural characteristics, which is also the spirit of many brands lacking at this stage."

HANSCOOL provides product design for different scenarios.

But for young people Leisure sports brand MAGNLENS, MARS said that it plans to open the world's first offline store in May, and then will plan the overall channel plan. "Because this brand needs more young forces, this will be the first step that I have accumulated after taking countless steps." in MARS's view, consumers are more concerned about physical and mental health in recent years due to changes in the way of life, and how to make a product that covers all the life scenes is the pain that we want to solve. For example, the same clothes, whether riding bicycles on the road, busy commuting, after work leisure social activities or sports fitness, we can meet the consumer's style and functional needs, which is the original intention of MAGNLENS.


If there is a invisibility cloak of Harry Porter, the "post-90s" should be worthy of possession.

On the desk of MARS, there is a bottle of Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin, which is a light fragrance of citrus, which is very similar to his own gentle and elegant image. In the course of the interview, MARS broke the stereotype of journalists. He always stressed, "I don't need to be overlooked, and I don't need to be seen too much. I hope the fewer details I can read, the better." It sounds contradictory, but with the patience of MARS, it is logical and simple. "The most important thing for young people is to build their own strong self-confidence, and the true elegance comes from it."

In MARS's opinion, self-confidence is the key to your ability to hold up this dress. "We can't wear clothes to people. We must make people wear clothes and clothes because I am wearing clothes." For some commercially sensitive topics, MARS's openness is also a great shock for journalists, facing business pain and the key to winning in the future. "The concern of the enterprise can no longer be scale or profit, for example, many brands have just started well, and the worse they get, the 2 billion they earn this year is 5 hundred million, and 2 billion next year they make 3 hundred million. How to do that?" MARS has repeatedly stressed to reporters that this is a business thinking that needs to be broken. "If our focus is still on profit and scale today, they will always be a result. The problem is that for the brand, the result is only the result, it is not sustainable development, it should not be called the ultimate pursuit of the brand.

Except for the delicate ones. Perfume On the desk of MARS, there is also a book about the growth story of a low-key luxury brand in Italy called "Cashmere king". The title is "BRUNELLO CUCINELLI / THE DREAM OF SOLOMEO". MARS believes that the experience of the founder is not similar to that of the group brand. Brunello Cucinelli's experience of building a brand through courage and initiative is very much like my father's founding of a company. He is very philosophical and concerned about the value and pride of every product he sells. "In MARS's view, Brunello Cucinelli knows very well how to design top-grade cashmere cashmere products that are truly luxury products, and he also firmly believes in a logic that only those who have dreams can create opportunities and opportunities to have miracles, and the emergence of miracles requires concentration. Ultimately, only if you are interested in things can you achieve your focus. This is the wonderful place of life. Your goal or destination is closely related to your starting point."

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