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Hangzhou Released Five Years Of Action Plan For New Retail Development

2020/1/7 12:09:00 4

New RetailNew Retail DevelopmentNew Retail In Hangzhou

The general office of the Hangzhou Municipal People's government recently launched the five year action plan for new retail development in Hangzhou (2019 - 2023).

The plan shows that Hangzhou will support intelligent and experiential new business building, support real business intelligence upgrading, and provide up to up to 1 million yuan of support funds, and will increase policy support. It will give support to offline experience shop opened by electronic business platform with annual turnover of more than 3 billion yuan. Fee waiver.

The plan shows that Hangzhou will build an international e-commerce center city and new retail source, focusing on building more than 20 new retail demonstration blocks, 400 community wise stores, 4000 on-line payment equipment, and 10 new retail business facilities and experience areas in business circles, communities and rural areas, and promoting Hangzhou to become the new retail development experience and construction standard output area.

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