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The Development Of Enterprises Must Choose Internet Red People With Different Abilities At Different Stages.

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Net Red First Stock

With the "double two" ending, one year, the most tense moment in the electricity supplier industry has ended. She had been resting for several days recently, but she still couldn't sleep well.
Wen is a network red man. He is also a product carrier who has 3 million 630 thousand fans on micro-blog. In the past 2019 double eleven, double twelve, the two day guided transactions were over ten million yuan respectively.
However, behind the bright appearance and attractive figures, it is mild anxiety. In order to get a good mirror, the weight of the standard is reduced to more than 80 Jin.
"What will happen if we get angry? How can we ensure our vitality? " You often ask yourself this question. Although born in 2000, it is less than 20 years old.
The competition of net red industry is realistic and cruel. The industry is gradually moving towards professionalism. The new net is growing hard. The fans' energy is limited. No one can guarantee that they can go on forever. The vast majority of net red is just like a meteor.
Internet celebrities are gentle.
Anxiety has become the moods of the industry.
It will become a stable red belt carrier, such as Han holdings. It is the largest e-commerce network in China. It has signed more than 146 net red active social media platforms. Like the Internet red, there is a general feeling of anxiety, such as Han holdings is also difficult to be calm in this industry.
Relying on "top traffic" network red Zhang Da Yi started, such as Han holdings into the public view, is known as "net red electricity supplier first share", was also the only one with ALI endorsement of MCN (multi-channel network product form) organization, and successfully landed in the US stock market in April 2019.
However, after listing, such as Han Holdings has been listed on the market due to losses, stock prices cut, Wang Sicong saw the decline, in the United States by class action and other hot search. In 2019, it was called the first year of live broadcasting business. Under the draught, it was very quiet, but the label "Taobao took the first person" posted on Zhang Dayi was already accepted by Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi.
People are talking about, Zhang Dayi is being forgotten, the most intuitive feeling is the extent of Li Jiaqi's exit, and the heated discussion of Zhang Dayi. On the data, WeChat index and micro-blog micro index two items, Zhang Dayi has been in the bottom position of three people lingered for a period of time.
However, if Feng Min, founder of Han holdings, said to Chinese entrepreneur, he will not miss the direct outlet of the direct seeding electricity supplier. He is also undergoing transformation, trying to change the self operated mode with cost pressure and inventory risk, and find a lighter and healthier business mode. At the same time, he is improving the efficiency of the supply chain, making a digitalized transformation, and exporting the supply chain capability to partners.
"Strategically, as I have already thought very clearly, what I spend most of my time on is the possibility of some new businesses." Feng Min emphasized. Now in front of him is how to copy the top network red? How to solve dependency? How to find new profit growth points?
6 to 8 months, the birth of a net red.
Feng Min, a typical Wenzhou businessman in the Internet world, is low-key and introverted. He rarely shows up. Another person in the electricity supplier industry is Shen Ya of vip.com.
Feng Min, founder of Han holdings.
Insiders like Feng Min told reporters that he often wore Nike's pullovers and sneakers, and even went out to attend the industry summit. At half past seven in the morning, Feng Min was still talking to people at three o'clock o'clock in the morning.
In 2014, Feng Min's own naughty brand "Li Bei Lin" performance growth began to slow down. He found that Taobao's internal traffic costs are relatively expensive, it is difficult to really touch users, while micro-blog can reach users at a faster and lower cost. Internet fan Zhang Dayi's Sina micro-blog fans were nearly 300 thousand, and she walked into Feng Min's line of sight.
One wants to cash in, one needs traffic, and the two can hit it off. In July 2014, the two sides opened the first Taobao store "my happy Wardrobe", and the growth rate was amazing. It took only one year to win the sales champion.
When most Taobao sellers still regard micro-blog as a widening information distribution channel, Feng Min has seen the great potential of the net red business, so he began to consider whether this matter can become a business. He needs more KOL (key opinion leaders) like Zhang Dayi.
In 2014, it was the first year of net economic business, such as Han began to invest a lot of money to hatch net red. From 2014 to 2015, Zhang Dayi's performance doubled every month, and the growth rate of other red shop was equally amazing.
In 2017, the special culture and empowerment net red were culturally independent. From the excavation and signing of the prime minister, to the personality sorting, content creation, Fan promotion, and cash realization of the red man, the net red incubation process has formed a complete system.
From the beginning of mining, such as culvert culture has a pan entertainment sector, mainly through online real-time attention, the initiative to find some potential vegetarian, and a small part of it is through the campus scout, looking for the potential to grow into a red man "good seedling".
Gentle is a special case.
In 2018, because of the dancing video of a parking lot, the 18 year old was quick and red in the chattering. It became the phenomenal net red of the ten day, which attracted a lot of public discussion. At that time, many companies found a gentle way. "Every day I receive different calls," she recalls. "I have to say that I am going to be proud of me. I promise that I will earn millions of dollars every year.
"I don't trust anyone, because every company says they can give you a lot of money, and everyone is trying to describe a good future for you." But only if the responsible person of the entertainment department flew directly to the modest old home in Henan, and communicated with her for a day, he said a lot about the precipitation of professional ability. "I think it is sincere, and there is a fate in it."
In the routine red man incubation system, when a vegetarian enters the company, he enters the 3 month internship and participates in the initial training. At the end of the process, he will comprehensively assess whether the contract is signed from the base of fans, activity, professional degree of red man, personal charm, psychological endurance and unique quality.
If the 3 month internship expires, it will carry out professional training for the signing net red, such as inviting outstanding lecturers in the external industry, excellent operators and designers in the company, etc. the training contents include photography and graphics, video clips, clothing matching, makeup skills, operation basis of electric business, and supply chain foundation.
Such a process is described as "precipitation".
At first, she was very gentle and introverted. She was not very willing to talk on weekdays. She could finish recording videos in two hours. She recorded eight hours in front of the device. She could split five sentences into one sentence. Looking back at the beginning, he said gently: "it is expression ability is not good, performance ability is not good, can not be released, until later to learn to perform, know new students, everything is getting better."
The incubation period of the whole net is 6 to 8 months. 8 months is long and short. Many net red chose to leave to make quick money.
As for the Chinese entrepreneurs, the business incubator has basically invested less in the 6~8 months, and the personnel have been covered in the normal labor cost of the company. The promotion effect of the Reds will only choose a small range of experiments to quantify the cost of capital. The initial investment of each net red is generally less than 30 thousand yuan.
Realisation is another thing. It will create red people on a real basis based on the characteristics of celebrities, continue to export content on multiple social platforms, and connect business resources such as brands, businesses and other businesses for commercial realisation.
"Real" is the key word. For example, Han Yu said to Chinese entrepreneurs, "the biggest characteristic of a red man is to keep her true face. We hope she can really show her good and aura, and the company is just helping to tap the beauty of the red people, stimulate her potential, and then help her in some ways of expressing beauty."
For example, fans like to call themselves "Henan little beautiful". She often greets and chatted with fans in Henan dialect.
The gentle micro-blog has two numbers, the big size shares the goods, the trumpet shares the life and some sentiment, demonstrates own real individuality and the personality. In her micro-blog, she often releases some videos of her daily life, such as shopping in the street, traveling with her mother and so on.
"Now, life is work and work is life." Gentle sigh on Chinese entrepreneurs. Her daily life is hard to escape from work, and like her peers, she will go shopping when she is under stress, but shopping is just a job for her.
"Even with such a limited number of vacation opportunities to travel together with my mother, I need to take pictures and make videos." She admits that she has already had occupational diseases. Although she is less than 20 years old, she has entered the industry for less than two years. "As long as she wears makeup and wears clothes, I have to take pictures."
From self run to platform, live broadcast must not be missed.
Zhang Dayi's "my happy Wardrobe" Taobao shop is the most typical self run mode. But this pattern implies cost pressures and inventory risks.
Feng Min said that today, Han is trying to find a lighter and healthier business model. And gentle is a representative of net red under the transformation mode.
Although it has become a "million bloggers" in only 4 days, it does not do self marketing brand, but chooses to provide marketing services for the third party, because self running means that it needs to take charge of all the affairs of the commodity side, from opening stores, goods, supply chain to logistics, and so on.
The platform service mode is similar to the MCN organization. Net Hong provides the marketing advertising service to the branding providers and earn commission. The core is not to be responsible for the "goods" problem.
For example, on a regular and regular basis, new shops are mainly located on Taobao light shops. Light shops are a new mode of Taobao opening in 2019. Similar to the small procedures, net red can concentrate the recommended commodities into a net red sharing shop, directly butt multiple shops, and the commodity supply chain is also responsible for each shop.
Reflected in the latest quarterly earnings report, the second quarter of fiscal year 2020 (7~9 2019 of natural year) has achieved the first non double eleven quarter single quarter profit under the non US accounting standards. Although the profit is only 2 million 480 thousand yuan, it has proved that its profitability is improving at least for half a year.
In the second quarter of fiscal year 2020, there are several core data in the second quarter: 924 million yuan in total transaction volume (GMV), 460 million 400 thousand yuan in self operation, 464 million yuan in platform mode, and over self in the platform mode; in the net income of 273 million yuan, service revenue increased 85% to 64 million 800 thousand yuan year-on-year; transaction income was 207 million 900 thousand; platform service revenue became the future growth point; the number of net red signed increased from 133 in the last quarter to 146, and the increase was mainly in the waist net red.
These data are a response to the year's transition from self run to platform.
Feng Min admitted to the Chinese entrepreneur that the main contradiction is that the development of front-end traffic is faster than the development of the supply chain. Therefore, the company lets its net red traffic flow to serve the third party brand, including "cooperate with Taobao's large supply chain, and achieve more cash realisation by way of light shop".
Now that the shoulder shoulder and waist net red increase more, platform service revenue growth is also faster. Looking back, if we want to say that in the past strategic exploration process, such as passing through what detours, Feng Min attributed this detour to "our open strategy, namely the platform mode of cooperation with the third parties, should be able to go a bit earlier."
Such as Han Holdings CEO Sun Lei used the word "Pyramid" to describe the red man structure. He hoped that in the future it would be a richer three-dimensional structure. Different brands could find solutions to commercial reallocation here. The red men at different stages could also find their own paths here, because self-employed, joint ventures, advertising and light shops needed the red men with different abilities.
Zhang Dayi has only one. For the hard copy of the "top net red", Feng Min is thinking of this: "an era to achieve a person, the top-level traffic is not simply duplicated, now will be compared to a football training camp, we have a very scientific way to enable some talented people to become professional players, but we can not guarantee everyone to become Messi, but we have a definite assurance that we can make good players."
In 2019, it was called "the first year of the live broadcast of the electricity supplier". Under the draught, the culvert returned to the spotlight. However, when Zhang Dayi's aura was no longer, the two live broadcast of Vic and Li Jiaqi became one of the hottest products.
If the Chinese insiders explain to Chinese entrepreneurs, in recent years, Zhang Dayi has turned more work to "behind the scenes". Almost half of her time in a year is abroad. Behind the scenes, product selection, product planning, photo taking and other work should be done in an intimate manner. She hopes that the role of her "brand man" will slowly fade away, and eventually the brand will continue. At present, the live broadcast is only an auxiliary mode of Zhang Dayi. It is far from the focus of the work. Zhang Dayi will participate in the live broadcast of the store once or two times a month.
Zhang Dayi, the Internet red man.
In the new headquarters building, such as Han holdings, 8 to 12 floors are all office spaces, including 8 floors and 9 floors for Zhang Dayi. In 2019, Zhang Dayi's IP cooperation in 2019 broke 500 million, an increase of 180% over the same period, which is still a well deserved cash flow.
For example, Zhang Dayi has already hatched 4 private brands, and all 4 brands need to be involved in management. "So if we broadcast like Li Jiaqi, we really have no energy," he said.
Feng Min thought that if Han had found his own way, "in the net red KOL stepped on a draught, like a small boat swimming in the sea, there is no need to go to the Arctic Ocean again, maybe capsize." The Arctic Ocean refers to the field of direct seeding.
But Feng Min also saw the heat of the discussion on the live broadcast. He didn't think he would miss the draught.
"It's just that the opportunity cost for us to do this before is too high." Feng Min said frankly. As the original Internet red is better at photos and short video forms, live broadcasting is actually a branch of net red recommendation. Previously, if the content quality is very important, Feng Min now realizes that content quality and content frequency are very important.
"Before I had to do more than 8 points, only two times, I got 16 points, but now I may be able to send 6 points of quality content, for example, the content of live broadcast must be lower than the short video quality, but if I publish 4 times, I will get 24 points."
But live broadcast as a completely different form of content distribution still needs to be spent. Although she has begun to try live broadcast, she has not yet seen the complicated knowledge of live broadcasting.
Continuous 6 hours of live broadcast, one can not make mistakes, two emotions can not have too much ups and downs, can not rest, and try not to go to the bathroom, "video recording, saying wrong, no matter, you can cut off, you can rest, but before the live broadcast, I dare not drink water, as soon as I leave the camera, the live room will drop people." Mild emphasis.
Whether or not we have grasped the draught, the new year is a good start for culvert.
In the first year of 2020, the red hot economic stocks of A share continued to boom, which continued the surge of the previous year and became a market explosion again. Such as Han Holdings has also gradually improved the stock price downturn in recent months, from the post market slump to the low of 3.06 U.S. dollars, to the 3 day of January 2020, the U.S. stock closed up 157.8% to 7.89 U.S. dollars, January 2nd, such as culvert stock price once saw 9.29 U.S. dollars, a nearly 9 month high.
Rebuild the supply chain and build a moat.
"I think the strategy has already been very clear, and what I spend most of my time on is the possibility of some new businesses." Feng Min is very determined.
The vision is to create a platform for creating Chinese fashion brands. In addition to tilting the service platform of the light business, Feng Min told reporters that, while strengthening the efficiency of the supply chain, we should transform the digital direction and export the supply chain capability to our partners.
If Han started from a factory, Zhang Dayi opened a shop on Taobao, forming a mode of Supply Chain + net red shop. Sun Lei also said: "thanks to our previous mail order and Amoy brands, we have a deep understanding of the electricity supplier industry. Therefore, we have been relatively complete in selecting the logic of the product and organizing the whole supply chain."
From the net red economy era, the supply chain of e-commerce has overturned the old paradigm of traditional clothing enterprises, and the supply chain has a faster response capability. The supply chain of the traditional clothing industry is mainly based on the futures mode, and the enterprise usually orders 6 months ahead of schedule.
For franchisees, not only need to pay half a year in advance, but in case the forecast is wrong, it will also bear the risk of overdue sales and inventory backlog. If we sell well, the stock of the brand is not enough, so there will be a demand for replenishment.
The Internet companies represented by such enterprises have adopted a completely different "fast reverse mode". The core of the model is to set production in demand. According to the Internet traffic rules, we should understand the consumption characteristics of different groups and drive the production in the rear area according to the market demand.
For example, to the "Chinese entrepreneur", the "product pre-sale" of the electricity supplier is a typical fast and reverse mode. On the other hand, it gets the consumption data and starts to link production and shipment with the supply chain. Zhang Dayi had a skirt, which was originally intended to sell only twenty thousand pieces, but the skirt had been sold to more than ten thousand pieces and became a ten or twenty time explosive product.
Fast response requires many styles, small batch and short delivery time. It needs to start from the raw materials of the product, to the whole sales system of stereotype, fixed amount, quantity, pricing, and warehousing end.
How fast is the supply chain fast? In the most exaggerated time, we can finish the development, production and production in two days. From the pre-sale to the arrival of goods, the whole process can be completed in the fastest 3 days.
Such as Han company's clothing sample room.
Compared with traditional clothing enterprises, such a cycle is very short, but because the longer the pre-sale time, the higher the refund refund rate, the greater the inventory risk.
If we tell Chinese entrepreneurs, only about 20 of our core teams were independent in early 2019. In July, we opened up from July to December, and we already had 60 million yuan in revenue. In 2020, there will be plans to set up an independent company.
"China's traditional clothing enterprises have great demand for this piece, such as Metersbonwe, Semir, tri color, and then JEANSWEST, and the advanced version of Jiangnan cloth and clothing, which are our customers." In the eyes of Mr. Han, this is a very imaginative business in the future.
In order to build up a supply chain capability moat, a data operation system, layer cake, has been developed. The system can analyze about 1000000 images on the network everyday to predict the next trend. Layer cake can also play a role in specific style output. All links of the entire supply chain are digitalized on the platform of layer cake, such as fabric procurement, logistics, warehousing and so on, all of which can wired data feedback.
The supply chain is pursuing "fast". Net red needs to think about how to extend its "life cycle" at all times. It has become a bottleneck for the company to feel that it has become more difficult to make breakthroughs and progress. "Some people feel that maintaining the status quo is already very good, but in my view, maintaining the status quo is a step backward, because the net is so red, so keeping the status quo is retrogression, even a little progress."
As to where the boundary of net red is, it is mild to feel that I am also an ordinary person, just because fans have added aura to it. "I can't say I am net red. I should be like a star. But I hope that when I was 50 years old, I could still create value, why Li Jiaqi and Li Ziqi could be so angry because they were creating value."
In 2020, when she was 20 years old, she was still the youngest group in the net red industry. But she was worried and worried. What would she do next time?
Mild and not very fond of Hangzhou City, compared with the old home, it often rains here. When I first came to the cult, I was sent to the theater to study for a month. It was very interesting to learn. She said, "when I go, I don't want to come back."
In the cultivation of red men, if we believe in long term doctrine and grow together with the red people, even if we have the ability to cash in, we will never abandon anyone who has potential in the future. As for the Chinese entrepreneurs, the Future Ltd will let her continue her studies as long as she has plans for this aspect.

Source: Cheng Lu, author of Chinese entrepreneur

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