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Children'S Wear Show: Enjoy The Famous Brand Three Yuan Yuyou 2020 Autumn Winter Clothing Conference, The Cute Fashion Show.

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Three Yuan Yi YouHumen ClothingHumen Children'S Wear.

From December 20th to December 22nd, the three children's brand of the three yuan children's Fair held 2020 autumn winter new products conference. Three Yuen you fashion Limited by Share Ltd was founded in May 2004, and is headquartered in Humen Town, Dongguan. It is a specialized enterprise that integrates research and development, design, production, sales and service of infant products. Three Yuan Yi you company has a professional R & D team, advanced manufacturing system, scientific enterprise management system and aggressive marketing service concept, and enjoys high popularity in China. San Bao Du Lun " San Mu Bi Di "Carter Bell And other well-known independent brands. In the domestic offline market, there are nearly 1000 sales outlets, all over, one, second tier cities, high-end department stores, shopping centers and prosperous business circles.

This 2020 autumn and winter ordering will be innovative, unique style, colorful and colorful application. Every product is designed by the designer's ingenuity. The ordering designer will carefully analyze the products for the customers, and the new products will receive the praise and support from the customers. Hundreds of dealers will come to the scene to enjoy the grand meeting. At the scene of the event, hundreds of autumn and winter new products were blooming, offering a stunning and luxurious fashion feast. The world's clothing and shoe net reporters will be there at the order meeting to give you a detailed account of the highlights of the order meeting.

At the new product conference, the president of the three Court, Yi you, made a brilliant speech. He talked about the development goals of the three Court friends.

President Tao Zhongmin's speech:

Distinguished leaders and guests, three new friends and family members of the court,

Good evening,everyone!

The winter solstice, spring tide, people gather wealth and strength!

Tonight, with bright stars and brilliant lights, we gather together in the "Bay Area fashion city, charming quality Humen", and appreciate it on the beautiful Taiping River. On behalf of chairman Cheng Jianzhong and all the staff of the company, I would like to extend my warmest welcome and sincere thanks to all of you.

Distinguished guests, friends and family, Humen, as a major textile and fashion industry, has formed Humen's unique ecological circle of textile and garment industry after years of efforts. In the future, with the integration of Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau, the construction of the Binhai New Area and the establishment of the first stage of the world textile and garment industry cluster, we will focus on the development of the "innovation driven technology industry, culture led fashion industry and responsibility oriented green industry" in the new position, new labels and new cognitions, and highlight the six major starting points of "innovation and innovation, consumer stimulation, brand cultivation, high-end publishing, park construction and platform services", vigorously promote industrial transformation and upgrading, accelerate the promotion of the clothing and apparel industry to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, and promote the development of creative industries, time industries, green industries and cultural industries, and promote the development of high quality industries, and constantly polish the brand of Humen clothing.

In Humen, the natural geographical advantages, the active planning of the industry, and the foresight and vigorous promotion of the government have built a high-quality soil suitable for the development of the garment industry. To this end, with the enthusiasm of the twenty-fourth China (Humen) international fashion trade fair and the 2019 Humen fashion week, and the creation of the "world-class textile and garment industry cluster area" enthusiasm, three yuan will always "forget the heart, remember the mission" to nurture and create a good baby product brand, constantly dig deep into the design and creativity, effectively enhance the added value of products, actively promote the integration of products and fashion, cultural elements, and use "growth thinking" to continuously stabilize the leading position in the baby industry.

Distinguished guests, friends and family, during the twenty-fourth China (Humen) international fashion trade fair and 2019 Humen fashion week, the company has made remarkable achievements. Today we take this opportunity to report to you:

First, the new brand shows good response. The company's 3 brand clothing, such as static display, is used to explain the different positioning and design styles of several brands to the exhibitors. It not only increases the market exposure of the brand, but also attracts dozens of intentional agents.

Two is the "annual award" captured in the bag. The company's brand "San Mu Bi Di" has been awarded the "annual award" by the "baby ska" media influence Committee of China's pregnant and infant industry.

The three is standard construction work. Shenzhen Ying Bo Inspection Technology Co., Ltd., jointly with the Guangdong footwear standard technology committee, awarded the company "leader of enterprise standards".

Distinguished guests, friends, family members, these achievements, on the one hand, can not be separated from your strong support and emotional concern, on the other hand, thanks to the persistent feelings of the company's development. That is, the theme of this order meeting is "source". Please allow me to share with you here. In his nineteen major reports, general secretary Xi Jinping put forward the idea of "never forget the original mind and bear in mind the mission". We say that we need to "forget our hearts and bear in mind our mission" in running a country and a state.

Mr. Cheng Jianzhong and I, the founder of the three Court in 2004, were the first to set up the "happy, comfortable, fashionable and tasteful" dress for every baby. In the past 16 years, we have always followed the spirit, concept and form of "three specialties" which are professional, dedicated and dedicated, so as to embody the mission of making baby clothes and practicing the mission of three yuan.

Distinguished guests, friends and family, we are a family. We share the same hair. Tonight, we have taken a train to go home, and will soon start a journey full of innocence, childlike interest and fashion.

For this "source", the company will actively adjust its development ideas in 2020, with a view to achieving more progress and progress in making good products and quality products for children. We hope to build a platform for Fang Hua's enchanting platform for the sake of family career.

First, adjust the business strategy, break the traditional whole industry chain management mode of the company, weaken the original production system of the company, concentrate on superior resources, focus on brand product research and development and marketing growth mode, change from heavy width to heavy depth, and establish a new and professional supply chain system.

The two is to optimize and integrate resources, integrate the existing high-quality resources inside and outside, and create a platform enterprise through the internal equity incentive and the external equity financing. The three yuan is friendly.

The three is to strengthen the financing ability. Under the premise of doing a strong business, we actively take the initiative to engage with Finance Companies. We will introduce venture capital in a timely manner, inject new blood into the company's cash flow, and reserve energy for our subsequent businesses.

Four is to enhance organizational capabilities, optimize the company's talent inventory, screen available and available talents, work out a matching training plan and incentive mechanism, and create a management team of three Yuan Yi you.

Five is the company's brand upgrading, deepening product brand positioning, identifying its differentiation and uniqueness, integrating with culture and IP, upgrading product marketing to scene marketing, exclusive brand, and accurate positioning of the consumer group.

In a word, in 2020, the three Yuan Yi you will embark on the road of transformation, and actively embrace the channels and innovate and upgrade the channels in the premise of returning to the original products. At the same time, we also firmly believe in the bright prospect of the baby market, and borrow the phrase that our costumes often say, "no matter how good the economy is, we believe that clothes will always be worn by people". As long as your families are willing to stand on the runway with the three Yuan Yi you, I believe we will surely achieve fruitful results in transition.

Distinguished guests, friends and family members, the pace of 2020 is getting closer and closer to us. The bell of the new year is about to ring. In the new year, three Yuan Yi you will be willing to spend time together with you in the same boat, never forget your heart and go forward. I wish you a prosperous business in 2020, a good source of wealth, a harmonious family, good health and everything goes well.

Finally, I would like to wish you three Yuan Yi you new product conference 2020: the fashion show is a great success! Thank you!

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