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VIP Enterprise World Service Website Publish Investment Information Material Collection Requirements

2020/1/13 11:14:00 7

Investment Information Release

World service website published information collection requirements for investment information

Respected VIP members:

The world clothing shoes and hats net publish the global investment information, we need you to prepare the following information, so that we can quickly release investment information for you, thank you for your cooperation.

   The photos required by investment promotion are:

1. LOGO original picture: PDF and JPG format, both must be original.

2. shop image: 6-8, not less than 600 pixels.

3. web page top banner large picture: two or more than two, width not less than 1000 pixels

4. display of clothing products: 10 -20 sheets with a width of not less than 1000 pixels.

   The words needed for investment promotion are:

1. Within 500 words of the company profile, the brand profile is within 500 words.

2, the advantages of joining / joining the investment policy

3, contact: company name, brand name, contact person, contact telephone, mailbox, company address,

   Our investment case is clicked to view:


World clothing network contact: Ms. Li

Mobile phone number 13828845282

Mail box Rwj282@163.com

Investment promotion materials PDF.pdf download

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