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Xintang Clothing Trade City, Eastern Guangdong "Fashion + Fashion" Wild Hope

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If Guangzhou is now one of the most familiar and potential projects in the Xintang development system, the city of clothing trade will surely be counted.

Xintang clothing trade city insiders say, Xintang clothing trade city is also one of the favorite items of Xintang town clothing industry. Its predecessor is Xintang Cowboy City, itself has a very high reputation and reputation, is one of the famous clothing production and marketing centers in China.

Nowadays, with the development of economy and city, Xintang garment trade city has been actively transforming and upgrading. Not only has the business category expanded from jeans to knitted, women's wear, men's clothing, children's clothing and other clothing and clothing categories, but also from single traditional wholesale to e-commerce.

Xintang clothing trade city, founded in 2006, is located in Xintang Town, south of Zengcheng City, Guangdong province. Initially, it has an operating area of 150 thousand square meters, with shops between 5000+. Now it continues to invest and open up expansion projects. It will develop to 500 thousand square meters in three to five years, and shops will reach 20000+. In the end, Xintang clothing trade city will build a comprehensive market clothing complex with an area of 3000 mu, including clothing entity wholesale and retail, internet intelligent intelligence, electronic commerce net, clothing culture exhibition and trade, designer platform, entertainment and catering, network red live broadcast, photography base and so on.

Since 2016, the clothing trade city of Xintang has carried out lighting and lighting projects on the facade of A1, A2 and A3 of the original A district project, and improved the surrounding fence and guardrail greening project of the A1 and A2 buildings. The indoor decoration and lighting of the 2 floor of A1 building were upgraded to enhance the overall quality and make the shopping mall greet the public with a new image and new features.

The B area is an expansion project. The overlooking building plan is like this.

According to the overall planning of Xintang clothing trade city project, its business mode is avant-garde, clothing solid wholesale + electricity supplier base, cultivate brand image shop, experience store, intelligent warehouse delivery, create clothing sales complex; supporting facilities include high-end T display, employment incubation base, exhibition and marketing center, storage management center, Traders Hotel apartment, design and Research Center, conference service center, logistics distribution center and financial services.

How about the Xintang clothing trade city project? In the long run, Xintang clothing trade city has many advantageous advantages.

Regional advantages

In the outline of the development plan for the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, "enhancing the function of the international trade center" is listed as the core position of Guangzhou's urban development. Just now, Xintang clothing trade city is located in the core area of Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau. It is located at the intersection of Guangzhou Shenzhen Science and technology corridor and the Pearl River Innovation Zone. The location advantage is unique, outstanding and prosperous, and its business function will be greatly improved.

Transportation advantages

The Xintang town of Xintang clothing trade city is located on the North Bank of the lower reaches of the Dongjiang River. The west is closely linked with Whampoa city of Guangzhou, Guangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone and Guangzhou Science City. The South and the Dongguan city are facing each other across the river. It is an oasis between Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Dongguan, Dongguan, and the six big cities. The traffic condition is superior, plus the completion of the Guangzhou Guangzhou Shenzhen inter city railway and the opening of Metro Line 13.

Advantage of electric business

According to the data of Ali Research Institute, Xintang had the business volume of over 10 million yuan in 2014, and the number of active outlets reached more than 100 Taobao villages, ranking first in the country. It is understood that Xintang clothing trade city, more than 95% of the entity is combined with the wholesale business, and has driven nearly 2 million businesses around Taobao specializing in network sales, the electricity supplier atmosphere, strong results. For example, the past double 11, double 12, Xintang business volume of 100 billion yuan of electricity providers have more than 10.

Innovation advantage

Xintang clothing trade city is constantly exploring and learning for development, gathering Xintang's business and live broadcast. It has introduced live broadcasting institutions such as Hangzhou, Beijing and Panyu to create a red live broadcasting base and photography base, which will bring fresh vitality to Xintang's clothing industry.

In particular, the graffiti wall of the net red live broadcast base has attracted many tide people to come to punch cards and become net red punching cards.

Also equipped with high-end T display, conference service center, employment incubation base, exhibition and marketing center, storage management center, Traders Hotel apartment, design and Research Center, logistics distribution center and financial services and other facilities, so that the service of Xintang clothing trade city is more perfect.

In short, the expansion project of Xintang garment trade city will be built up to build Guangzhou into a large scale, high quality and full variety of products in the future. With the combination of wholesale and retail, Internet business, clothing exhibition and trade, clothing culture, it has the innovative, smart and new concept fashion experience base. It is also the most sensible choice for you to grasp business opportunities, develop business and invest in real estate.

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