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The Domestic Four Needle Bed Fully Formed Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Is Going To Shake The Chinese Sweater Industry.

2020/1/13 11:58:00 196

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In January 9th, Expo Center Central hall, TST four needles, fully formed computerized flat knitting machine F8188 new product launch and market launch ceremony were held.

The wind is cold and cold, but it can not stop people from attending the meeting.

Thousands of people from all over the country gathered at the conference site to witness the start of China's four needle bed computerized flat knitting machine.

F8188 by Jinhua TST Technology Co., Ltd. Research and development, is the first domestic and independent intellectual property rights of the four needle bed full molding computerized flat knitting machine. It breaks the monopoly of foreign brands on the full needle computerized flat knitting machine, and fills the technical gap of similar products in China. Its unique design thinking, excellent product performance, high performance price ratio and good return on investment have aroused great interest and general praise from the industry.

   Chen Jiangen, President of Tongxiang Pu Yuan sweater industry association president, said in his speech: "honestly, I really didn't expect that the Chinese could build a computerized flat knitting machine with four needle beds, which was comparable to the world's first-class standard, and the price performance was so high. I was both surprised and pleased. I have a feeling that the spring of intelligent sweater manufacturing in China is coming! "

He also pointed out: "TST four needle version is fully molded." Computerized flat knitting machine The successful development has broken the technical barriers and market monopoly of foreign brands, and has the characteristics of high performance, high efficiency and low price. It is a fully computerized flat knitting machine that can be affordable, profitable and fast made by small and medium-sized sweater enterprises. I believe that the successful listing of the computerized flat knitting machine with four sewing machines will definitely become a priority for Chinese sweaters, and will promote the technological upgrading of China's sweater industry and promote the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing of Chinese sweaters. "

   Jiang Xudong, chairman of Jinhua TST Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the new product development process and technical features to the guests. He said: "in 2015, the TST team started the research and development of the fully formed computerized flat knitting machine. After 5 years of painstaking research and research, after more than 1800 days and nights, we experienced a series of failures. At last, we achieved a major technological breakthrough. We put forward a set of design ideas which are totally different from those of foreign counterparts, and creatively put forward the technical solution of the sole fully computerized flat knitting machine. Through years of repeated testing, trial and improvement, it was finally developed and put on the market. "

According to Jiang Zong, the technology and product features of the computerized four flat knitting machine are as follows:

Three innovations

Adopt the unique single slot double needle technology in the world.

The concept of upper and lower needle beds is introduced, which has the function of knitting needles on needles and needles separately.

The new double pin road design has the function of selecting needle and double degree.

Four advantages

Independent research and development: possess all core patent technologies.

High efficiency is fast: the cost recovery cycle is greatly shortened.

One machine and two uses: all molded, ordinary type can be woven.

Low price: 1/5 price for similar products abroad.

A doctor from the Department of textile and clothing science of Hong Kong Polytech University told Jiang Xudong, chairman of tester, at the press conference: "you are really great!"

A sweater industry veteran told the author that he was very optimistic about the future of China's fully computerized flat knitting machine market according to his systematic observation of the computerized flat knitting machine market.

The new conference has also attracted the attention of computer professionals. Several German colleagues also came to hear the news, and became interested in the products. They put down their posture, watched and took pictures, and studied with their counterparts in China.

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