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2019 China'S Textile And Garment Industry Ten Major Industrial Parks (Platform)

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Textile And ClothingThe Ten Major Industrial Parks

At the beginning of the year, we looked back at the track of industry development from the perspective of media and released the "China's textile and garment industry's annual elite list" for tenth consecutive years. In the ten years, we launched the first annual "technology driven example", "fashion leading example" and "sustainable development example". It was jointly published with the "ten big news events, ten major figures, ten innovative enterprises, ten leading brands, ten characteristic clusters, ten big industrial parks (platforms), ten dynamic markets and ten big equipment pioneers".

In 2019, the regional development mode of textile and garment industry became more and more obvious. Local industries gradually deepened their own characteristics. Among them, targeted, professional and leading industrial parks (platforms) played an increasingly prominent role in contributing to the development of textile and garment industry in the local and even the whole country.

Ten major industrial parks (platforms)


Long hair international fashion center

Characteristic interpretation: "Chinese textile enterprises should build a supply chain ecosystem from a strategic level and create a new round of growth opportunities." Long hair international fashion center adheres to the industrial service tenet of "creative source engine, cohesive fashion collection". In 2019, we successfully constructed the textile and garment supply chain ecosystem with fast reverse as the core, playing an active role in upgrading the energy industry and helping the high quality development of the industry.

As a distinctive textile and apparel trade and Exhibition complex in Keqiao, the long hair international fashion center, based on Keqiao's industrial advantages and closely following the development trend of the industry, has created an offline space with display, office, trend, design, intelligence, trade and so on. It has established an ecosystem that is suitable for internetworking and new retail formats. It provides precise service for excellent Chinese designers, original ODM companies, R & D and quick response fabric suppliers, downstream brand enterprises and channel providers.

In the 2019 year, the international fashion center of Changfa based on design empowerment, gathered high-quality industrial resources, actively launched a series of fashion activities and industry forums, promoted the zero distance communication between the upstream and downstream of textile and garment industry chain, and enhanced the competitive edge of industry, especially the winning of the "innovation service platform of textile and garment industry in Yangtze River Delta", which will have an important impact on the upgrading of the textile and garment market and cluster in the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country.


Textile shoes and clothing industrial service platform

Feature interpretation: the whole industry service platform of textile shoes and clothing is set up in Shishi through the China Textile Information Center. Shishi Museum, Industrial Research Institute, inspection and inspection center and Shishi sub center of China Textile Information Center are set up in Shishi, namely, "one center, one hospital and two centers". From the R & D, design to purchase and quality management, the whole supply chain and one-stop service are provided to customers, thus forming differentiated competition.

The whole industry service platform of textile shoes and clothing was established in 2010 by relying on the China Textile Association inspection (Quanzhou) Technology Service Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou inspection center is based on serving the textile and garment industry cluster. The service enterprises involved more than 5000 textile, footwear, bags, accessories and accessories, and made positive contributions to the development and progress of Fujian's textile and garment industry. Through more than 9 years of efforts, the Quanzhou inspection center has won the honor of "national high-tech enterprises", "national public service demonstration platform for small and medium enterprises", "National Textile inspection and quality control technology research and development center", "national textile industry SME public service demonstration platform" and other honors, with 2 invention patents and 19 utility model patents.

The platform has 156 employees, and has a high degree of marketization in the daily operation process. In order to meet the needs of industrial cluster enterprises, it implements a 3 day working report system to provide efficient inspection services for enterprises and win the praise of customers.


Fuli, Hong Kong and Hong Kong

Characteristic interpretation: Fuli, Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Hong Kong is in the forefront of the times. It is positioned to create "one hand source of fashion brand exhibition and trade concentration", and relying on the core technology superiority of "data intelligence", to help customers "enjoy the canal and become a new business". The whole industry chain service, online and offline multi-channel matrix, and offline super high-end intelligent exhibition venues will form the whole industrial chain ecological system of Fuli.

At present, the industry of Fuli, the Hong Kong and the MTR port has been set up for the industry and service sectors, such as the fast trade edition, the trade and trade map, the Fu Tong Tong, the Fu Tong Tong, the billion order electricity supplier and RFSHOWROOM. In addition, Fuli, Guangzhou, Xi'an and other places will build industrial belts to promote the offline layout of the original brands.

In addition, the project of Fuli, Guangzhou, Huadu, is the 600 thousand square meter fashion exhibition and trade complex located in the 100 billion business circle, which radiate the core of the comprehensive transportation hub of every city in the big bay area and all parts of the country, and even the whole world. The project will usher in the first trial operation of the purchasing center in August 2020, and the value of the project will become more and more dazzling over time.

Win win cooperation, create business opportunities, Fuli, Hong Kong and Hong Kong port as a platform for industrial Internet platform and boldness, the use of their own data and intelligent advantages, the Chinese fashion industry into a new era of Commerce.


Gaoyang County Technology Development incubator base

Characteristic interpretation: in the Gaoyang developed by the towels industry in China, bang Chen science and technology incubation base has made positive contributions to the development of the whole industrial cluster. The small and medium sized enterprises settled in the base have become an important force to promote the transformation, upgrading and social progress of the local textile industry.

Gaoyang County Technology Development incubator base is funded by Gaoyang County's entrepreneurial guidance Limited by Share Ltd. The construction area of the incubation base is 19 thousand square meters, of which 5400 square meters of entrepreneurial space are available. The base was recognized as the "national textile and garment talents training base" by the China Textile Industry Federation in 2016. In 2017, it was recognized as the "provincial cross border e-commerce Park" by the Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce. In 2018, it was recognized by the general office of the Hebei Provincial People's Government as "the 2017 best platform for transformation and upgrading of foreign trade in Hebei". At present, the base has reached 60 enterprises, mainly covering research and innovative enterprises such as textile design and development, textile manufacturing, textile new materials research and development, e-commerce and so on.

The incubation base has a textile research and development testing center, which provides R & D, product design and process improvement services for the enterprises to be settled, and fully implements relevant policies. In 2019, it helped to carry out more than 5 docking activities between banks and enterprises, and signed a cooperation agreement with 12 senior business mentors and 3 high schools to provide business guidance services for entrepreneurs.


Guangzhou light textile trading Garden

Interpretation of the characteristics: the Guangzhou textile and light trading garden is developing the fashion industry in the bay area, bringing together more top resources, embedding more fashion elements, building a sustainable industrial innovation service system, creating a fashion innovation port for the Guangzhou garment industry, and building a new Chinese fashion landmark.

In 2019, Guangzhou promoted the transformation of 102 specialized wholesale markets in the city. Among them, the Guangzhou light textile trading garden was one of the benchmarks for the transformation of creative design and commercial complex.

From the rusty old factory buildings to the red brick Fashion Park, and to the future planning of the innovative and innovative port of the industrial ecology, community and sustainable development, the trading garden will promote the upgrading and upgrading of the local textile and garment industry step by step, and contribute to the new vitality of the old city.

As early as 2017, the Guangzhou textile and light trading garden was awarded the first batch of the first batch of "textile and clothing creative design pilot park" awarded by the Ministry of industry and information. In two years, the park actively follows the "creative design" main line, innovating and developing the pioneering position with the industry mode, successfully passed the review and appraisal of the Ministry of industry and commerce, and defended the title of the "textile and clothing creative design pilot park".


Henan Xiping Industrial Agglomeration Area

Characteristic interpretation: Xiping is a charming city that is popular because of culture and fashionable. The garment industry has been positioned as an advantageous industry by Xiping, and has formed a solid industrial foundation and an increasingly complete industrial chain. Under the leadership of Xiping county Party committee and county government, Xiping's industrial agglomeration speed and development level are admirable.

The clothing industry is a traditional industry and a dominant industry in Xiping county. In recent years, the Xiping industrial agglomeration area has planned 5.31 square kilometers of China Xiping Xiping garment town. Now there are 45 textile and garment enterprises and more than 5000 industrial workers.

In recent years, Xiping has won the honorary title of the national textile industry transfer pilot park, the national intelligent textile industrial park pilot project, the famous Chinese clothing manufacturing city and the famous clothing industry city of Henan province.

In the face of the new manufacturing era, Xiping is ushering in new opportunities, seeking new actions, focusing on employment and stimulating the internal driving force of Xiping's textile and garment industry; two is the innovation of "poly intelligence", leading the transformation and upgrading of Xiping's textile and garment industry; the three is "cohesion", and the brand cluster of the textile and garment industry in Xiping.


Shuyang intelligent Knitting Industrial Park

Characteristic interpretation: in recent years, Shuyang intelligent knitting industrial park has been continuously supporting the support of the park, making every effort to create the "five most" business environment of the province with the best policy, the lowest cost, the best service, the fastest service and the highest satisfaction of the masses, and strive to transform the textile industry into a new "industrial landmark" of Shuyang.

In 2015, Shuyang, Jiangsu, creatively planned and built the first intelligent Knitting Industrial Park in China, Shuyang intelligent knitting industrial park. According to the development orientation of "knitting intelligence and smart knitting in Shuyang", the Industrial Park implements unified planning and services, greatly saving the cost of production elements of the enterprises.

The industrial park is mainly based on smart knitted socks, extending to the upper and lower reaches to knitted fabrics such as nylon, Bao Fusha, fabrics, knitted underwear, garments, etc., fully manifests intelligence in the aspects of design, equipment, products, logistics, management and so on, and has built the modern generation Park which integrates the production and the city with bags.

At the same time, the industrial park has also reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the famous Textile Universities of Donghua University and Wuhan Textile University. It has established the Shuyang technology transfer center of Donghua University and the Shuyang Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of Wuhan Textile University, providing all-round support in the field of new product development, platform construction and personnel training.


Taishan colorful woolen industry gathering area

Interpretation of the characteristics: Taishan colorful woolen industry gathering area locates the local industry, makes full use of regional conditions and resource endowments, scientifically compiling the overall planning of the characteristic towns and the gross industrial development plan, and fully promotes the industry to concentrate on the park, the production improves to the intelligence, and the product develops towards the high end.

The project of Taishan multicolor wool industrial gathering area is located in West Zhang Zhuang Town, Xintai City, Shandong, with a planned area of 2.92 square kilometers, and a planned investment of 4 billion 755 million yuan in five years. The gathering area signed a strategic agreement with the Chinese Wool Textile Association, China's national investment Nanjing wool market, Donghua University and Michel (International) Co., Ltd. to jointly build "Mao Tai industry big data center" and "Mao Ye industry research base" to accelerate the development of Mao's industry.

In May 2019, Western Zhang Zhuang town organized entrepreneurs to participate in the exhibition study in Pu Yuan, and made practical exploration and Research on the selection of new technology and new equipment. In October, Xi Zhang Zhuang participated in the 2019 China Home Textile Conference. In November, they participated in the sixth fifth session of the Chinese Knitting Industry Association, the ninth executive director's enlarged meeting and the knitting manufacturing site meeting.

The gathering area has always been committed to guiding the small and micro enterprises in the region to develop intensively, centrally and centrally, and to foster the transformation and upgrading of enterprises to modernization, high-end and fashion.


Cloud Town

Interpretation of characteristics: in 2017, the town was first included in the first batch of textile and clothing creative design pilot park by the Ministry of industry and commerce. After 3 years of development, the town encouraged the development of flexible manufacturing, fashion design, trend publishing, e-commerce, brand operation, intelligent logistics and other projects, and stepped out of the new path of interconnection and fashion industry.

The town is located in Changshu, with the goal of creating a modern service industry gathering area led by the textile and fashion creative industries. In the 3.62 square kilometers of the town, it focuses on exploring "enterprise park", promoting urban renewal and building the southern gate of the city. Meanwhile, the town focuses on the ecological reconstruction of "upgrading of production and upgrading", and accelerates the gathering of high-end elements such as textile and clothing brands, platforms and talents.

In 2019, the cloud town was built around the "enterprise park", and completed the reconstruction of the characteristic Park, such as recalling fashion, public science creation, swordsman creativity and so on, and started the transformation of the urban sports park, sewing equipment market, blue sky Creative Park, etc., basically locking the transformation plan of "Zhen Yi Wen Chuang" and "Tong He Ke Chuang".

Focusing on the ecological reconstruction of "industrial upgrading", the town of cloud clothing focuses on introducing brands, electricity providers and direct seeding organizations to help the Internet innovation platform grow bigger and stronger, build the soil suitable for the development of designers, and actively integrate into the integration process of the fashion industry in the Yangtze River Delta, and increase personnel services.


Smart fashion lifestyle integrated innovation platform

Interpretation of the characteristics: the world's first smart fashion lifestyle integrated innovation platform, created by Di Shang Group, passed the review of the textile and clothing creative design pilot park (platform) launched by the Ministry of industry in 2019. Today, the platform integrates high-end supply chain, customer demand side, fashion cross-border resources, etc., with more than 500 enterprises serving each year, and 2000 creative research and development dealers.

Relying on its strong design and development resources, smart lifestyle lifestyle integrated innovation platform has gone global in its way of operation. It has set up a global smart lifestyle lifestyle Innovation Alliance, a global smart lifestyle lifestyle cross border creation alliance, an independent designer cluster and ODM service platform, Showroom, e-commerce platform and many other functional blocks.

In the upgrading of supporting service functions, the group has the fabric center of the national textile fabric hall, with more than 500 thousand samples and information in the museum, and over 50 thousand kinds of updates every year.

The platform also makes full use of resources such as design masters and academician studios, and cutting-edge designer incubator platforms, so as to achieve on-site teaching and network interaction of world-class design masters, academicians and design teams, and cutting-edge designers.

Next, the group will take the lead in the field of digital design and industrial Internet construction, providing an ideal environment for the development and incubation of 5G products, and also lay a good foundation for the development of platform in the era of big data.

* this list is sorted by alphabetic alphabet.

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