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Dialogue With Audi Global Market And Sales Director: How To Balance Profits And Sales Volume

2020/1/14 11:54:00 0

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In January 10th, the three day fifty-third International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (International Consumer Electronics Show, hereinafter referred to as CES) officially ended in Las Vegas, us.

On this CES, the leading technology related to the automotive industry is still hot. In more than 300 thousand square feet exhibition area, attracted more than 140 companies including Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Fiat Chrysler, Ford, general motors, Honda, Hyundai, TOYOTA, Nissan and other auto manufacturers, as well as parts suppliers, aftermarket service providers, software and chip development, self driving technology companies.

In the face of the famous automotive technology show in the future, Audi brings the Audi AI:ME Q4 concept car, including the Audi concept car, the 12.3 inch touch screen equipped with the Audi concept, the Audi e-tron Sportback equipped with the digital matrix LED headlamp, the on-demand transparent screen and the 3D hybrid reality head up display system, the new generation MMI vehicle information system, the intelligent and convenient charging system, and many other forward-looking models and the upcoming mass production of intelligent technology. Audi also hopes to build a digital travel experience for the future through the application of forward-looking technology.

"All digitalization and electrification are well founded. They are contributing to individuals. The development of future travel is not a danger or threat to human beings, it enables us to have a better life. Audi AI:ME has a self learning process. Sensors and AI will make the car understand my mood and understand the important functions of my body. It adds value to the individual, which is the way technology should be. "

On January 6th, in response to a series of forward-looking technologies exhibited by Audi on this CES, Hildegard Wortmann, Audi's marketing and sales director, told reporters that Audi's "breakthrough technology" needs to serve customers and increase value for human beings.

With the advent of the era of global 5G commercialization, the automotive industry is ushering in a new round of change. In the new revolution, as the landing scene of many leading technologies, the car is also redefined: it is not only a vehicle but also a mobile space that carries people's multiple needs.

Therefore, from intelligent cockpit to intelligent driving to the future travel mode, numerous manufacturers are breaking through the border with their technological advantages and waiting for the outbreak of the market.

"This transformation process is very cost efficient." In the face of technological changes brought about by the "new four modernizations", the pressure of transformation of traditional car companies and the financial burden resulting from them, he said Audi needs to balance the relationship between reality and future, and to raise funds for the future while continuing its existing businesses. At the same time, Audi will cooperate with Volkswagen Group's electric superiority to meet the next challenge.

Balance profit and sales volume

Economic report twenty-first Century (hereinafter referred to as "twenty-first Century"): how to evaluate the sales champion of Audi lost the Chinese luxury car market in 2019?

He said: we certainly hope that enterprises can achieve growth, but they must be beneficial growth. It is meaningless to be busy just for sales figures. Therefore, if we find the right balance of sales and achieve a better profit, I do not mind selling quality instead of sales volume. But in terms of corporate profitability, getting the first is certainly important.

We must have a sustainable mode of success, sustainable relationships and sustainable technology. I think this is the right way of development for Audi, and it is also the direction I am working on. In 2020, I will ensure that Audi will gain both profits and sales in the right direction.

Twenty-first Century: how to balance the financial pressures and challenges brought about by the development of new technologies?

He shigman: the transformation process is very cost efficient. On the one hand, we must continue our existing businesses. On the other hand, we must raise funds for the future. Audi has a very strict and clear cost principle: only invest in areas of real importance and stop focusing on unnecessary things.

"Consistent development of electrification", "consistent implementation of mobile Internet", "consistent and sustainable development" and "consistent customer focus", any cost that Audi produces will be inspected and weighted according to this clear strategy.

In addition, in the field of automatic driving, we must carefully plan R & D expenditures to ensure that we are prepared at the right time.

Twenty-first Century: what are the advantages of Audi in the process of transformation?

He has the latest and most extensive product sequence in history. The average age of the product is 2.3 years old. We are the youngest of all competitors. Therefore, we must seize this opportunity to make profits.

In addition, Audi is part of the Volkswagen Group, which can take advantage of the synergy effect of one of the largest automotive companies in the world. Volkswagen Group has also made some changes, which are making the greatest synergy between different brands. With the expansion of the company and the integration of Audi in Volkswagen Group, any expensive technology can be used in the whole Volkswagen Group. Therefore, Audi can afford the cost of transformation.

Twenty-first Century: how does Audi achieve short-term profit targets?

He added: in terms of profitability, it is important to maintain a balance between cost and profitability. This requires very precise guidance, planning and very strong cost constraints. The whole transformation process is very expensive, so we must strictly control costs.

In China, for China

Twenty-first Century: how to see China's automatic driving technology route supported by intelligent network technology?

He has no technology that can be applied to the whole world. For Audi, the development of "in China, for China" is particularly important. Audi has also invested a lot of resources and energy in R & D, marketing and innovation research to enhance the local competitiveness of the Chinese market. Recently, Audi launched the first exclusive Audi Q2L e-tron in China. Audi is improving its competitiveness and providing more travel solutions for Chinese customers.

Twenty-first Century: how will Audi build its core competitiveness in the face of declining sales in the Chinese market?

He has experienced more than 30 years of brilliant history in China, but now we have to reinvent ourselves and move forward to redefine the core values of Audi and reinvent the brand to Audi. At the 2020 Beijing auto show, Audi will usher in a brand new life.

Twenty-first Century: how to cooperate with FAW in the future?

He has established a cooperative relationship with FAW Group for more than 30 years. I think this is an incredible asset for us. On this basis, we first need to achieve electrification. By 2025, Audi will launch more than 30 electric vehicles, of which 20 will be pure electric vehicles. Audi has invested a lot of R & D funds to achieve the goal of electrification. By 2025, five years later, all Audi factories will achieve carbon neutralization.

Twenty-first Century: the Chinese market is Audi's largest market and Audi's youngest market in the world. What's the difference in marketing?

He: Audi needs to learn for Chinese marketing. Audi has done a good job in technology, but brand and marketing must be more focused on the Chinese market.

There is no solution that suits all countries. Audi is currently studying and screening different agents and partners with the best competitiveness in the Chinese market. Moreover, we will no longer use any German institutions to disseminated in China.


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