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The Tide Of "National Tide" Is Increasing, And The New Forces Of The East, Such As Lining And He Wo Are Rising.

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"Chao Chao"Lining

A few years ago, the European and American tide brand dominated by Surperme was half of the fashion circle. But in recent years, the tide of the "national tide" has been increasing. More and more Chinese brands have been feeling strongly. Chinese traditional culture has been widely concerned. MadeinChina has become the pride of the country, and more and more young consumers are willing to pay for products with Chinese cultural elements.

The spring of "national tide" has come.

Under the influence of multiple factors such as its rise and mass media, the "national tide" has moved from the minority to the masses and from the domestic to the international.

A few days ago, Baidu joint people's Network Research Institute jointly released Baidu's "national pride" big data. Among them, China's brand increased from ten to 70% over the past 38% years. Domestic brands have changed from "rough", "three noes" and "OEM" ten years ago to labels such as "independent research and development", "core technology", "going to sea" and "cost-effective".

There is no doubt that Chinese brands are experiencing " Made in China To "China's pride".

According to a certain Online retailers Recent statistics released by the platform show that in recent six months, the "Chinese wind" has been searched 805 times per minute, which is 2.5 times that of the same period last year, of which 50% of the users came from "after 90" and "95 after".

In fact, as early as 2000, the tide card has entered China and brought about a brand culture atmosphere. As a result, the "national tide" started. In 2003, CLOT, the famous artist Edison Chan, became the first Chinese brand known to the domestic tide.

In 2008, with the Beijing Olympic Games, the brand name of the shoe brand raised the upsurge of national brand return. In 2010, in World Expo, Shanghai, Huili set up the first flagship store at the old factory site. And the same kind of shoes that swept the country in the 70s and 80s of twentieth Century, the accident has become a very expensive trend in Europe. It has been sent back to China from abroad. The story of "a city, a pair of shoes and a Shanghai" has spread from Shanghai to the whole country. The popularity of the national basketball shoes and the jump of the jump made the concept of "national tide" officially born.

When Lining flaunted the status of "chao chao" and appeared in New York fashion week, its theme "Enlightenment" combined with traditional elements of China, at the same time increased the design of modern fashion trend, changed the public's impression of the brand, and the trend of "national tide" began to rise gradually.

After that, a series of cultural variety shows, such as the poetry assembly, the national treasure, the new the Imperial Palace, appeared in the field of vision, and promoted the promotion of traditional culture at the breadth and effectiveness level. Against this background, fashion products with "Chinese culture" elements have gradually become the choice of new generation consumers to highlight their individuality and create personal attribute labels.

In 2018, the "chao chao action" launched by Tmall gave brands and enterprises more inspiration. It is understood that "chao chao action" is a brand new marketing line launched by Tmall for Chinese brands in 2018. In 2018, the "510 China brand day", Tmall chao chao, through the Tmall platform data, insight into the consumption trend of the contemporary young consumer groups, and released the five "national tide" consumption trends: reverse purchasing, old time net red, new oriental aesthetics, AI new species, and intangible cultural heritage.

Among them, the anti purchase products are Wei long hot strip and Ma Ying Long hemorrhoids ointment. The old brand is red like jumping shoes, Tongrentang health care products and rice flavor cake. The new oriental aesthetics includes Lining sports dress series and the hundred antelope skin care products, AI new species such as nuts intelligent cinema, intangible heritage such as Zhang Xiaoquan scissors.

Chinese brands and Tmall form a "national tide" alliance, creating a carnival of "national tide". It is reported that Tmall's "chao chao" total sales exceeded 210 million yuan, the number of buyers under orders exceeded 780 thousand, and five major trends led the brand to push the total sales volume of goods to exceed 9 million 140 thousand yuan, and the main force of its purchase was young group. From "made in China" to "smart" in China, Tmall's "national tide action" proves that old Chinese products can also be sought after by young consumers.

Conquer young people with attitude

Young people, who are the main consumers of consumption, have more cultural confidence than those in the past. The design of the national tide coincides with the spiritual needs and self-expression of these new generation. Nowadays, young people grow up in the environment where the reform takes off. They no longer blindly believe in foreign brands, but have a unique sense of fashion. In their eyes, local brands do not mean old-fashioned, low quality and cheap. They have many design highlights, which combine Chinese culture with fashion trends. Buying "national tide", using the "national tide" and drying the "national tide" have become a new way of life for the younger generation. Facing the new market environment and consumption changes, a group of textile and clothing brands that are rooted in Chinese culture and are guided by Chinese cultural values are expressing Chinese fashion culture attitude and life proposition to the whole world, gradually constructing a unique Oriental fashion culture system, and extending olive branches to young consumer groups.

Chinese clothing brands began to appear frequently in the international fashion week and constantly linked with the global design force. Chinese design is not only an interpretation and transmission of Chinese local elements, but also a continuous integration and innovation on the basis of tolerance and absorption of the world's diversified culture.

At the beginning of 2018, Lining took the series of "Enlightenment" series on the 2018 New York fashion week, autumn and winter show. The new products incorporating the elements of Chinese national culture unveiled crazily on social networks. After the fashion week, Lining's share price rose 9.88%, the biggest gain since January 8, 2017. Perhaps it is the commercial effect of seeing the first time on the international fashion week. In June 2019, Lining once again took the "line" as the theme and stepped onto the stage of New York fashion week. Lining, who was incarnated as "T old driver", has become a representative of the "national tide". The international fashion week's explosive concern for Lining has made it impossible to estimate the value of the fashion week.

The success of Lining is undoubtedly a successful case for traditional brands. Following that, Bosideng became the only Chinese down garment brand that landed in Milan fashion week in September 2019. With the theme of "starry sky, extremely cold and vast land", this show combines the patterns of stars, Aurora and bamboo forest landscape with fabrics that are soft, cold proof, moisture permeable and digital woven. It interprets the concept of integration of things with fabric and technology, blending Eastern and Western cultures, showing the charm of Chinese brand, and raising a wave of concern about Chinese fashion all over the world. At present, only more than 350 buyers have been stationed in Italy.

For young consumers, they pursue new and interesting products that arouse curiosity, which will stimulate the impulse to share. Sports brands understand and utilize the mentality of the younger generation of consumers, often achieve low cost but effective publicity effect. The brand wants to do business for young people. It needs to catch their heart of love, and can create many topics and publicity effects through "entering" social circles of young consumers.

In early 2019, Anta also changed its old school and launched a joint series with Coca-Cola to talk to consumers in a young way. In addition to the bright eye and the face value watch, the technology elements of shoes are also worth mentioning. Not only have special materials been used to enhance the shock absorption support, but also great improvements have been made in comfort and flexibility. Today, fitness has become a new fashion for young people. Today's joint venture with Coca-Cola not only brings light and comfortable sports sense to young consumers, but also caters to the idea of young people's pursuit of healthy life.

To understand young people is not a Pacific bird. Taiping bird focuses on youth culture, and describes China with the boundless creativity of Chinese youth and the barrier of Chinese culture. In recent years, transbird cooperation in Taiping has involved all fields, from Donald Duck to cat and mouse, from emoticons to tea, and from hungry to Bao Jie. In September 2019, Taiping bird appeared on the main agenda of the two international fashion week in New York and Paris. It displayed the trend of aesthetics designed by China and delivered four major design ideas: fearlessness, innovation, youth and integration, and the dialogue with the world, presenting a new chapter in the new generation of Chinese fashion culture. On the other side, Taiping bird redesigned its store, its style was simple and bright, and it was fashionable and atmosphere. It completely subverted the past consumers' impression of Taiping bird. Even to cater for young consumers, it also called its fans "bird people".

In addition to the "Taiping bird", which is a cross-border product of the younger generation of consumers, the local clothing brand ICICLE, which is rich in Chinese cultural connotation and has an emotional connection with it, is the core of the traditional Chinese culture, "harmony between man and nature" as the core of the brand.

In May 2019, the new 2019 show was held at the private shop in Paris, the new "made in China" and pursuit. environmental protection The idea of sustainable French life coincides and is deeply loved by the French people. In September of the same year, the brand opened a multi-storey flagship store covering women's clothing, men's wear, accessories, household goods, art displays and even books on George V Avenue, hoping to build a cultural space that can convey ICICLE's artistic life and humanistic ideas in Paris.

Surging waves, a series of innovations to satisfy young people's needs for quality, culture and personality, are promoting the continuous development of Chinese products. Only if we dare to break the shackles and seize the appetite of the young people, will we let the world see the Chinese tide brought by the millennial historical heritage and lead the world fashion trend.

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