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Chuxiong Prefecture Of Yunnan Province Joins Hands With Yiwen · Chinese Handicraft Workshop, And The Yi Embroidery Of "Deep Mountain Market" In Wangfujing, Beijing Is Shining!

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Yi Embroidery

Recently, as a market-oriented platform for tens of thousands of embroidered women to go out of the mountains and to bring the national culture to the world, Shenshan bazaar, in the hot consumption season at the end of the lunar calendar, has demonstrated the vitality of Chinese national handicraft aesthetics in a unique way of "seeing people, seeing things, and seeing life", which has set off a "rush to market in deep mountains" in Wangfujing Business District of Beijing.

On January 17 Shenshan bazaar, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province The curtain was officially opened. With the strong support of APM shopping center, Chuxiong Prefecture of Yunnan Province joined hands Yiwen · Chinese handicraft workshop It shows the national ingenuity of the Yi people, and makes the Beijing Consumers meet the beauty of handicrafts from the deep mountains and see the world-wide artistic value of Yi embroidery.

"Silk Road Yunchang · Colorful Yunnan ethnic costume competition Cultural Festival" and "clothing as a medium, thousand year Yi embroidery to the world" dynamic press conference.

Yang Zhengquan, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Yunnan Provincial CPC Committee, attended the conference and delivered a speech.

In the afternoon of the same day, a dynamic press conference was held at the scene of the Shenshan market Yang Zhengquan, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Yunnan Provincial CPC Committee ,  Xu Xiaomei, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Chuxiong Prefecture Committee and director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Yunnan Chuxiong Prefecture; Xiong Jianzhong, member of the Standing Committee of the Yongren County Committee and director of the Publicity Department of the county Party committee; Luo Jun, deputy to the National People's Congress and representative of the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Chuxiong Yi embroidery; and Li Jiyan, the representative of Shenshan xiuniang Attending the press conference, they introduced the historical origin, cultural value, market potential and development plan of the festival.

Xu Xiaomei, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yunnan Chuxiong Prefecture Committee and Minister of propaganda Attended the conference and delivered a speech. "The special activity of Chuxiong Prefecture in the deep mountain bazaar jointly carried out by us and Yiwen group is an important step to continuously polish the brand of Yi embroidery with long history of Chuxiong. It is also an important step towards a broader market through the platform of" Silk Road Yunchang · Colorful Yunnan ethnic competition clothing culture festival " She said: with the strong support of Yiwen · Chinese handicraft workshop, the special exhibition of Chuxiong Prefecture, with the theme of "building a dream in the deep mountains - thousand years of Yi embroidery", will comprehensively display and help promote the famous and excellent products of Yi Prefecture represented by Yi embroidery and clothing to better market, to the whole country and to the world, and to comprehensively improve the "Yi township of China · jadeite in Central Yunnan · prosperous Chuxiong" Its attraction, influence and reputation.

"Silk Road Yunchang · Colorful Yunnan ethnic costume competition Cultural Festival" and "clothing as a medium, thousand year Yi embroidery to the world" dynamic press conference.

After the press conference "Building a dream deep mountain -- Millennium Yi embroidery" deep mountain Fair special opening ceremony of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province The curtain opened in the national song and dance. The guests at the scene jointly unfolded the Dragon flag and sounded the Kaiji drum. The deep mountain market officially opened to welcome the guests.

At the opening ceremony The 74 year old Miao Yuzhen's grandmother The Dragon flag, which symbolizes the hope of poverty alleviation, was passed on to Li Jiyan, the representative of xiuniang in Chuxiong. As a contract embroidery mother of Yiwen · China handicraft workshop, Granny pan Yuzhen earned about 1.5 million yuan in the deep mountain market last year. She said, "in the mountains before, we embroidered and wore our own clothes, and there was no market. The deep mountain bazaar has made our Miao's handicrafts go all over the world, and let our hometown sisters live a good life by embroidery. I hope that xiuniang in Chuxiong can change her fate with her own hands. ".

Pan Yuzhen, a 74 year old Miao embroidery mother, handed over the Dragon flag, a symbol of hope for poverty alleviation, to Li Jiyan, the Yi embroidery mother.

As the initiator of this activity Xia Hua, chairman of Yiwen group and founder of Yiwen · China handicraft workshop Let's use more than 13000 years of traditional craftsmanship to lead consumers to better inherit and apply their traditional skills to different cities. This deep mountain fair "dream of deep mountain - Millennium Yi embroidery" was opened in APM of Wangfujing, which let urban consumers see the beauty of Yi embroidery inherited for thousands of years. In particular, I would like to thank the leadership of Yunnan government, the chambers of Commerce, associations and entrepreneurs who have supported Yiwen · China handicraft workshop all the way. They have spared no effort to promote the inheritance of national handicraft culture and help more deep mountain embroiderers get rid of poverty Towards prosperity. Thanks to all the ethnic groups in Wangfujing, we hope to see the products of Wangfujing in the year of 2020! In the future, we will cooperate with Chuxiong Prefecture deeply and cooperate with global designers to carry out the creative design of Yi's handmade products. We will be able to walk out a road of industrialization of data, productization, IP and branding, and jointly create the brand of "Millennium Yi embroidery", so as to let the beauty of Yi's handicrafts influence the world.

Liu Bing, President of Wangfujing chamber of Commerce At the opening ceremony, he said: the deep mountain bazaar closely combines the aesthetics of national handicrafts with the fashion needs of consumers, which is the best protection and inheritance of national handicrafts and the perfect interpretation of "industrial poverty alleviation". Wangfujing chamber of Commerce hopes to promote the development of national culture industry together with Yiwen · Chinese handicraft workshop, and let excellent national art present in Wangfujing business district. It is hoped that tourists from all over the world can enter the deep mountain market, understand the strong connotation of Chinese culture, and see the precious national craftsmanship and historical stories.

The traditional patterns of Yi nationality are on the oil paper umbrellas, surrounded by thousands of ingenious works in the mountains of Yunnan. The deep mountain bazaar outlines Chuxiong's cultural charm across thousands of years. It makes embroidery, weaving, hand-made silverware and other beautiful handicrafts find a new place in the city and meet a warm consumption era. Walking into the market, the "fair goers" can slow down in a wide range of sights, exchange learning skills with Yi embroidery women from Chuxiong, observe the vertical and horizontal texture of Yi embroidery for thousands of years, and experience a beautiful journey through ancient customs.

"Dream deep mountain - Millennium Yi embroidery" is a special site of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

As the market-oriented platform of Chinese national handicraft culture, Yiwen · China handcraft workshop continuously links the national handicraft art with the urban fashion market, and builds the ecological system of national handicraft culture. Since August 2018, Yiwen · China handicraft workshop has successively held nearly 100 deep mountain fairs, helping 237 small and medium-sized handicraft enterprises in Guizhou, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai and other regions to complete the marketization and fashion transformation, establish innovative development concept and market concept, cooperate with global designers to develop and Design National handicraft creative products based on the market and lead the market Tens of thousands of xiuniang have been able to undertake orders and achieve labor income, opening up the pattern of open cooperation with the world.

In 2019, with the strong support of the Yunnan provincial government and the Propaganda Department of the provincial Party committee, Yiwen · China handicraft workshop successively held several deep mountain fairs with the theme of Yunnan culture in Beijing, Hangzhou and London, so as to let Yunnan xiuniang's craft go out of the mountains and go to the world. Through the holding of China International Fashion Week, yunshang Hani national culture fashion show, and "dream of China, flowers and snow moon" Yiwen · da The London fashion conference will deeply deconstruct the ethnic culture of Yunnan, present the new vitality of Yunnan traditional aesthetics with modern design language, create local ethnic clothing brands, and bring the skills of Yunnan to a higher platform.

Xia Hua, chairman of Yiwen group and founder of Yiwen · Chinese handicraft workshop, sang and danced with xiuniang at the market.

Zhang'an Zhongyan, the ambassador of embroidered dream who has been in the market for many times in the deep mountain market, brought his members to the fair and gained a lot.

The "people who go to the market" drink the "bar door wine" of Yi people.

The "people who go to the market".

Yi embroidery is a good handicraft in the market.

This deep mountain market will span the lunar new year, go through the peak passenger flow of Spring Festival and Valentine's day, and last until February 16, 2020 。 In the next 30 days of scene display, as the content entrance of Chuxiong culture and "Millennium Yi embroidery" brand, Shenshan bazaar will bring a feast of Chinese traditional aesthetics for urban consumers, let the urban "street people" meet the long history of Chuxiong, understand the stories and legends behind the Yi costume festival, appreciate the unique charm of thousand year old Yi embroidery, and bring to xiuniang in the deep mountain It is an opportunity for inheriting skills and changing destiny by relying on crafts, comprehensively promote the development of cultural and creative industries and fingertip industries in Chuxiong, help enhance the brand influence of "Millennium Yi embroidery", and realize the value transmission of "let traditional Chinese handicrafts enter into life, integrate fashion, let deep mountain craftsmen earn income through labor, and get rid of poverty and become rich".

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