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Textile People! Make Full Use Of Masks To Produce Masks And Protective Clothing.

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TextileMask And Protective Clothing

In the face of epidemic medical masks, protective clothing has become the most headache and urgent problem. At this critical moment, there are more and more textile and apparel people in the production line to work overtime, overtime masks, protective clothing and other medical supplies, quickly replenish the front line.

It is understood that China Textile Federation has masked thousands of production enterprises, including masks, protective clothing, disinfecting wet wipes and key raw materials, etc., and contacted the 300 key enterprises one by one, and proposed that the member enterprises resume work and resume production during the Spring Festival. At present, more than 60% enterprises have started to resume production. The daily output of various medical masks is over 14 million, and the daily output of medical protective clothing exceeds 40 thousand.

Taihe new material
In the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, Taihe new material group takes the initiative and takes the courage to play the role of giving priority to the production of medical and health supplies raw materials spandex filament. While protecting employees, employees are given up to take a vacation, make full use of their strength, and make continuous production for 24 hours.

At the same time, Taihe new material group will give full play to its advantages in the sales network channel of chemical fiber industry, timely connect with downstream customers' needs, vigorously alleviate the shortage of medical materials caused by the soaring demand, and ensure the high quality supply of emergency materials. It is learned that the mask manufacturers in Hubei Province, which are specially provided for rescue, can not produce masks because of insufficient supply of raw materials, and wait anxiously for many days. As soon as they are in urgent need of production of raw materials, the Taihe new material group will arrange special cars to produce spandex filament for medical supplies and supplies in 3 batches to the Hubei masks production base in January 30th. A total of 150 million ear mask can be used to produce about 3 medical masks. After understanding that a medical protection material enterprise in Guangdong is badly in need of mask materials, Taihe new material group immediately arranges spandex raw materials to downstream enterprises to ensure the raw material supply of Guangdong protective materials manufacturing enterprises.

Inter China 3502
As a new type of coronavirus infectious disease protection clothing production backbone enterprise in Hebei Province, the 3502 Party committee of Jihua has attached great importance to and acted quickly to create a strong organizational backing. The two party branches of the professional clothing research institute and the security power department have taken the initiative to prepare for the war and play the role of the branch Battle Fortress. The party members have volunteered, prepared for technology, raised materials, and prevented and controlled security.
In the afternoon of January 30th, the research institute produced 2 protective clothing. In January 31st, after the other two protective clothing materials arrived at the factory, the research institute quickly produced 2 protective clothing with different materials. In January 31st, all the technical personnel of the professional clothing Institute bought instant noodles waiting for work, and some of the workers were standing by at home, ready to go into battle. In the morning of February 1st, 20 sets of protective clothing materials were finally brought to the factory, and the tailoring personnel were quickly put into production.

Shandong Ruyi
On the morning of February 2nd, in the protective clothing production workshop of Jining Jianda medical equipment Technology Co., Ltd., 10 textile technology backbone members from Shandong Ruyi group were skillfully producing protective clothing, and cloth quickly changed from the production line to finished product.
Masks, protective clothing and other items are urgently needed for epidemic prevention, while medical consumables manufacturers are unable to produce overtime. After learning about the shortage of manpower and equipment of the kinder medical equipment company, Ruyi group organized a volunteer service team composed of skilled textile workers, immediately rushed to the medical aid production to increase the production and supply of protective clothing.

"At 10 a.m. on January 31st, we received a notice of assistance in production. Around 11:30, 40 employees came to the health care company. Because the scale of the enterprise is small and can not be used so much, we have left 10 technical backbone to help them fully speed up production. Wang Chenglong, a staff member of Ruyi group, Shandong, said: "our employees are skilled enough to come into production. We will work overtime to produce more quality products.

Seven cards in China
In the face of the huge gap of protective clothing, China Qipai recalled more than 100 employees in January 26th after receiving the task instructions. After the first industrial protective clothing sample was sent to the relevant units for inspection, the company immediately deployed more than 30 professional equipment, opened 4 production lines, and put into large quantities production, which lasted for 7 days, and the first batch of materials were released smoothly.

Hong Zhaoshe, chairman of Qipai company, said that it is not difficult for clothing enterprises to change their production protective clothing, especially during this special Spring Festival holiday this year. To this end, in the fight against the epidemic situation, Jinjiang tax bureau took the initiative to act as a precise policy. In addition to solving the production problems for enterprises, the twelve measures of the provincial taxation bureau were implemented to fully support the smooth transformation of production enterprises in Jinjiang.

Elegant jade
Fight against the epidemic, Ya Ying people in action! In the epidemic center, they saw the shortage of materials in the first-line hospital. The central China branch began to organize fund-raising fundraising. In a few days, Wuhan, Nanchang, Changsha, Xi'an and Northwest China joined the fundraising, and 146 people participated in the total fund-raising of 34970 yuan. They were all used to buy Medical masks and sent them to the local hospitals in Wuhan.

Since January 25th, the group has taken the lead of the party members to respond to the call of the district government, and has dispatched 43 volunteers from the production and supply chain, including sewing workers and tailoring workers, to support Shiyuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd., and put it into the production of protective clothing.

Search group Limited by Share Ltd
Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "search special") announced yesterday (February 11th) evening that in view of the grim situation of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and the huge development prospects of the future medical device industry, the company agreed to invest 200 million yuan in its own capital to set up a wholly owned subsidiary, Dongguan search special medical supplies Co., Ltd.
The notice shows that the legal representative of Dongguan search special medical supplies Co., Ltd. is Lin Chao Qiang, whose registered address is No. 8 commercial road, Changping village, Dongguan road. The business scope includes research and development, production and sale: medical sanitary masks, protective clothing, gauze, non-woven fabrics, general labor protection supplies, hygiene products, paper products, wet tissues and raw materials, medical devices and related products, chemical raw materials and chemical products.

In the raw materials of the company's supply chain management business, some of them are raw materials for producing medical protective products and non-woven fabrics. This investment is also in line with the company's overall development strategy, which helps to optimize the company's industrial chain structure, enrich the company's product varieties, and effectively enhance the company's core competitiveness and market influence. The medical device industry is a strategic emerging industry supported by the state. In the future, people's awareness of health protection is increasing. The demand for medical devices and protective products is more intense. China's medical device industry is growing rapidly, and the potential of the project market space is huge.

From small to masks and large to geotextiles, the textile industry chain has a heart to fight against "epidemic". I believe the epidemic will pass away, and we will overcome it.

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